Janelle Brown Weight Loss

By | March 11, 2023

Janelle Brown Weight Loss: Sister wives fame Janelle Brown is living the best time of her life. Janelle Brown is an author, entrepreneur, and mother; she has also become the hottest topic on the internet. Well, most people know her to be the second wife of kody brown; however, she divorced kody in 2022. Janelle has been part of the TLC reality show sister wives. The show was about the life of kody brown and her four wives, including Janelle. The show was a great success earning a lot of recognition in the reality show industry has given kody brown and his wives massive fame. However, the show was about the struggle for societal acceptance of the family. The show turned out well, and Janelle became one of the beloved contestants. Her fans used to root for Janelle and always wanted her on the screen. The way Janelle managed things was mindful, apart from the show. 

Janelle is also a fantastic author. Her novel “pretty things” have been bestselling in the new york times. Janelle is always good at empowering people, and her recent 100 lbs weight loss story is also very empowering. Janelle’s picture speaks of her weight loss. We can see her slimming down and enjoying the best days of her life, so now let us dig into Janelle brown weight loss diet plan and workout routine.


Janelle Brown Weight Loss

Janelle Brown Weight Loss


Janelle Brown Weight loss Body Stats:

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 80 kgs
Age 53 yrs
Breast 42
Waist 36
Hips 40

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Janelle Brown Weight loss Workout Routine:

Bestselling author Janelle brown was also haunted by depression. She is a mother of six children, so weight problems were often for her Janelle is a firm believer that physical well-being can cure mental well-being, even at the time of  “sister wives” Janelle never opened up about her weight to anyone over time, Janelle has realized the importance of physical well-being that’s why 53 years old Janelle started looking after her health, and now she looks much younger and prettier.

Janelle has lost up to 100 pounds. This unbelievable transformation has helped Janelle become a more robust and better version of herself; however, the weight loss didn’t happen overnight. Janelle worked hard on herself to lose this much weight. Her workout mainly consisted of weight training and cardio, and it has turned out well for Janelle. To learn more about Janelle brown weight loss workout routine keep reading.


Janelle Brown Weight loss Workout Routine

Janelle Brown Weight loss Workout Routine


Janelle Brown Weight loss workout routine includes,


Weight lifting/ Gym

Janelle Brown has loved lifting weights. It was back in 2020 when Janelle started lifting weights, and after a while, she started feeling good about her body and said she was now ready to wear her bathing suit again. Weight training has played a massive impact on Janelle brown. Her weight training workout routine mainly targeted all the muscles. She used to hit the gym six days a week, which tells us that this busy celeb followed the traditional Push pull-legs workout routine. Janelle is in love with squats. She has even shared her videos of squatting on Instagram. If you also want to train like Janelle, don’t worry. A health yogi is here with an optimal weight training plan.


  • Monday/Thursday (push day)
  1. Flat benchpress (3×12)
  2. Incline dumbbell press (3×12)
  3. Cable crossover (3×12)
  4. Dumbbell lateral raises (3×12)
  5. Dumbbell overhead shoulder press (3×12)
  6. Triceps skull crusher (3×12)
  7. Triceps overhead extension (3×12)


  • Tuesday/Friday (pull day)

  1. Deadlift (3×12)
  2. Wide grip lat pull down (3×12)
  3. Seat and rowing (3×12)
  4. Bent over rows (3×12)
  5. Facepulls (3×12)
  6. Dumbell shrugs(3×12)
  7. Biceps preacher curl (3×12)
  8. Incline biceps curl (3×12)


  • Wednesday/Saturday (leg day)
  1. Weighted squats (3×12)
  2. Leg press (3×12)
  3. Leg extensions (3×12)
  4. Leg curl (3×12)
  5. Sumo squats (3×12)
  6. Hip thrust (3×12)
  7. Calf raises (3×12)



Cardio has impacted Janelle’s weight loss by 50 percent. Janelle is consistent when it comes to the gym, and that has helped her a lot. She used to do elliptical and treadmills in the gym. Nowadays, sedentary have killed activity levels, which is the leading cause of obesity. That’s why increasing activity levels is necessary to lose weight; if you want to lose weight, then cardio is needed.

That’s all for Janelle Brown Weight loss workout routine.

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Janelle Brown Weight loss Diet Plan:

Janelle Brown is an owner of a fitness brand. But Janelle was less into fitness. As a mother to six, Janelle has always neglected her health, but now it’s different. Despite such a big family, Janelle is now prioritizing her health. Her diet compromise of a lot of veggies. She even shares pictures of herself cooking a veggie meal filled with broccoli and many other healthy vegetables. Instead of boiling, she steams the platter. Her diet is flexible and compatible.


Janelle Brown Weight loss Diet Plan

Janelle Brown Weight loss Diet Plan


Is Janelle brown a vegan?

No, Janelle brown is not a vegan.

That’s all for Janelle Brown Weight loss diet plan.

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