Jared Padalecki Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 3, 2021

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Jared Padalecki is an actor known for his movies and TV shows like Supernatural, Walker, House Of Wax, Friday The 13th, etc. The actor has gained immense popularity worldwide, and even on Instagram, Jared has over 5 million followers.

However, the actor also gets recognized for being one of the hunkiest guys in the Hollywood industry. Jared has a very incredible and ripped body shape, and currently, he’s in his best form. So if you also want to know the Jared Padalecki workout and the Jared Padalecki diet plan, then keep reading.

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jared Padalecki Body Stats

Height  6 ft 4 inch
Weight 90 to 94 kg
Age 38 years
Chest 44 inch
Waist 33 inch
Biceps 16 inch

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Jared Padalecki Workout Routine

Well, Jared is quite a fit person and will change his workout and diet if required for the role. Jared gained around 35 to 38kg for his role in the supernatural; according to the sources, Jared got helped by a professional world champion of bench press. So yeah, changing the workouts is not that hard for the actor. However, around six years ago, Jared went through a shoulder surgery that took a whole lot of troll at his shoulder.

That is why now the workout Jared usually does is a little different. Jared likes to work out in his home gym, which has all the equipment he needs to work out. I searched and found an article where Men’s Health interviewed Jared a couple of weeks ago about his workout routine. In that interview, you can read all about his workout and training, including the diet.

So the article tells us about how Jared keeps his training consistent and does a certain amount of workouts. That is probably the best way to keep your body healthy and fit for a long time. Instead of doing regular, intense workouts, you should focus on getting an hour to an hour and a half workout daily. There were no specific exercises mentioned in the article, but Jared stated that he changed how he does the heavy exercises.

Instead of doing barbell workouts with heavyweights, Jared mostly focuses on doing those exercises with a dumbbell. Also, Jared uses an infrared sauna for his recovery of muscles after the training. So now, let’s see a routine that you can follow to get a body like Jared. We will do half an hour of HIIT cardio in the morning and an hour of weight training.

Jared Padalecki workout includes:

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine

HIIT Cardio

We will keep it simple for the HIIT cardio routine and do an air bike and treadmill training that will be super quick and tiring. I love a HIIT cardio routine because it helps you work your cardiovascular muscles super fast and gives you a tremendous fat-burning workout. So in training, you will be working out 15 minutes each on a bike and treadmill and switch from a moderate pace to a sprint every other minute.


Weight Training

I don’t think I should give you a challenging workout in weight training, as Jared stated that he keeps it minimum but consistent. So train a single body part every day and focus on doing 6 to 8 exercises with three sets on every body part. However, if you are looking to get swelled and bulky a lot, focus on four sets of 6 to 8 reps and lift your max on each exercise.

That’s all for the Jared Padalecki workout routine.

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Jared Padalecki Diet Plan

Jared Padalecki Diet Plan

Jared Padalecki Diet Plan

The Jared Padalecki diet also got mentioned in the interview. Jared told Men’s Health that he doesn’t consume any carbs like bread, rice, or pasta. However, he will occasionally have pizza, just not with olives; instead, Jared puts some berries.

Jared also stated that he likes to eat healthily and doesn’t crave unhealthy foods. Jared will eat a chocolate cake if he wants, but currently, Jared doesn’t want any. Jared enjoys foods like fruits, veggies, eggs, oats, etc. Jared’s go-to meal when he’s hungry and working is a sandwich, and when he’s tired and needs protein, he goes for the option of microwaving a chicken breast with Cholula. The cheat meals are more like not super unhealthy, but half healthy and unhealthy.

That’s all for the Jared Padalecki diet plan.

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