Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Jeanne Goursaud is an actress known for her roles in movies like Der Schweinehirt, Bullyparade, The 15:17 To Paris, Due Drei!!!, etc. However, she has gone globally known with the Netflix war show called the Barbaren, and it’s yet to be released. Many people were talking about the show and excited to see Jeanne Goursaud in this incredible war drama.

However, it’s not just her acting that made her fit for the role; Jeanne’s excellent fitness and that ripped body with abs makes her perfect for the part of a barbarian. So if you also want to know more about the Jeanne Goursaud workout and diet plan, then keep on reading.

Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan and Workout Routine
Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jeanne Goursaud Body Stats

Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 52 kg
Age 24 years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch


Jeanne Goursaud Workout Routine

Jeanne is an actress that has done many different things in her career, from romance to action movies and shows. For all those movies, she has to keep herself in healthy and fit shape, and just because of that, fitness: she seems to fit in the role of the Barbarian in the upcoming Netflix series.

Jeanne has gone through strict training, mostly to play this barbarian role. Jeanne has done different kinds of training that include learning how to fight, using a sword, riding a horse, and handling a knife. Jeanne also shared a post of her doing knife tricks on her Instagram account.

Now, for her main routine that Jeanne follows, well, about that, I was not able to find much. There was no information about the training at all, I found it for a while but none. However, I found this image on her Instagram account where Jeanne is wearing a workout outfit and holding a medicine ball, and by looking at her body shape, you can say that she must be going to the gym.

Although that’s just a guess, there are different things that she can be doing to get that fit body shape. So I won’t debate what Jeanne does and doesn’t; instead of that, let’s see a routine that you can follow to get a body like Jeanne Goursaud. We will be working out five days a week and training for two hours every day.

Jeanne Goursaud Workout Routine
Jeanne Goursaud Workout Routine

Jeanne Goursaud workout includes:-


Duration: 30 minutes

We will start the routine with some cardio to get our body warmed up and loosen up for the actual workout. It helps you lose some calories while assisting the blood in reaching every body part. Now, you can do any cardio routine that you want. However, I would recommend doing a mixture of high-intensity interval running for about 15 minutes, with 10 to 15 minutes of water rower.


Weight Training

Duration: an hour

Training days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

In the weight training routine, we will follow a simple lower body and upper body workout. You will be focusing more on the lower body and less on the upper body, so let’s get started.


Monday Lower Body Workout

Set: 3

Rest time: 30 to 50 seconds

  • Weighted squats x 15
  • Leg press x 15
  • Weighted lunges x 15
  • Leg extension x 15
  • Leg curls x 15
  • Calf raises x 15


Tuesday Upper Body Workout

Set: 3

Rest time: 30 to 50 seconds

  • Barbell curls x 15
  • Dumbbell curls x 15
  • Cable rows x 15
  • Shoulder press x 15
  • Tricep pushdown x 15
  • Chest press to pec flyes x 10 each


Wednesday Lower Body Workout

Set: 3

Rest time: 30 to 50 seconds

  • Hack squat x 15
  • Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift x 15
  • Crusty lunge x 15
  • Banded squat walks x 5 laps (20m walk each lap)
  • Glute thruster x 15
  • Glute cable kickbacks x 15 on each leg


Fight Training

Duration: an hour

Training days: Thursday and Friday

We can’t deny that she does a lot of fight training during the past few months because of the movie, which does help her achieve that incredible fitness. So you can also join any gym or just do any kind of martial arts training at your house for an hour; it will work your cardiovascular muscles and help you burn a lot of calories.


Core Workout

Duration: 30 minutes

Training days: Monday To Friday

If you want to have ripped abs like Jeanne, then you will need to work on your core as much as you can. So for that, you can just follow this routine.

Set: 3

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Suitcase crunches x 30
  • Toe touch crunches x 25
  • Bicycle crunches x 20
  • Leg raises x 15
  • Side plank drop x 20 each side
  • Low plank x till failure
  • High plank x till failure

That’s all for the Jeanne Goursaud workout routine.


Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan

Jeanne Goursaud’s diet plan is not known as there is no information about her diet at all. I know that she eats healthy foods and food containing high protein, and once in a while, she enjoys her cheat meals.  I don’t exactly know what foods she is eating, but I can still provide you with a plan that will help you get that body shape. However, make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day for the best results.

Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan
Jeanne Goursaud Diet Plan

Jeanne Goursaud diet includes:-


  • A slice of wheat toast
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Juice



  • Protein smoothie with berries, almond butter, and banana 



  • Salmon, or turkey
  • Veggies
  • Salad



  • Quinoa or chicken
  • Veggies
  • Salad

That’s all for the Jeanne Goursaud diet plan.

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