Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | November 22, 2021

Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Jimmy Kimmel is an American television comedian, actor, writer, host, and producer as well. He is better known for the television shows named Jimmy Kimmel Live! (a late-night show that broadcast on ABC in 2003), The Man Show (1999) and Win Ben Stein’s Money (1997).

You should know that Jimmy Kimmel is one of the guys who hosted the Primetime Emmy Award 3 times in the year 2012, 2016, and 2020 and 2 times the Academy Awards in 2017 and 2018. Not only Jimmy Kimmel is known for his weight loss journey too as his maintained gentle personality.

There is no doubt that Jimmy Kimmel’s physique attracts people that’s why we all are here for revealing the secrets behind Jimmy Kimmel workout routine and also for Jimmy Kimmel diet plan.

Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jimmy Kimmel Body Stats

         Height     6 ft or 183 cm
        Weight     83 kg or 183 lbs
          Age         54
         Chest    41in or 104 cm
        Biceps    13.5in or 34 cm
        Waist     33in or 84 cm

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Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the busiest men in the television industry. He is counted among the honest people in the television industry known for his late-night shows and hard works. We all know Jimmy Kimmel’s fitness, talent, and the hard work he puts into his job, but you might be unaware of the fact that he weighed for most of his adult life and was shocked after seeing his 208 pounds weight, in 2010 due to his poor eating habits. During his adult age, he use to eat wings, pasta, and steak that leads to that unhealthy Jimmy Kimmel.

Once a Dr. named Dr. Oz comes on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live where he told about the poor eating habits of unhealthy, fatty Jimmy Kimmel. He said that Jimmy Kimmel once lacks exercise and was non-serious about his health and fitness.

But Dr. Oz brings realization to Jimmy’s life from then he started his new journey of being fit and healthy. So now it’s a perfect time to reveal Jimmy Kimmel workout routine which includes: 

Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine

Jimmy Kimmel Workout Routine

Jimmy Kimmel Weekly Workout Routine:

  • Cellular Work Out

Autophagy: a process in which old cells are broken down and new ones started arising and this will take place only when our body will be in a fasting state. In this period of fasting your body has no work of digestion, so our body gets enough time to clean our body and build new cells.

  • Exercise the Muscle Between Your Ears

Intermittent fasting is excellent to boost our brain. It does cleaning and building new cells in our body along with boosting the production of Human Growth Hormone which in turn stimulates fat burning, improves muscle development, and reduces inflammation.

  • Excellent ‘Exertainment’

Jimmy Kimmel has newly expanded into the all-important fitness sphere with his ‘Hottie Bodies Humpilates,’ a hybrid fitness form that mixes two favorite Jimmy’s exercises: Pilates and humping.

He is doing simple motion with an exercise ball in Pilates.

That’s all for Jimmy Kimmel’s workout routine.

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Jimmy Kimmel Diet Plan

Once in a show, Jimmy Kimmel admits that he loves eating food. He is a crazy man living his life in his own style enjoying every moment of his life.

Till now we know his 208 pounds weight gain story but after Dr. Oz, he managed to lose almost 30 lbs restricting his intake to 2,000 calories per day.

For his diet, he had 2 protein shakes during the day and a small dinner, but as we all know about his foodie nature he switched to a 5:2 diet, the form of intermittent fasting. In this diet plan, he had in a week 5 days of eating normally and 2 days of foods with 25 % of calories restrictions. Jimmy Kimmel loves this diet plan as most of the days in a week he loves enjoying eating food whatever he wants without feeling deprived.

Jimmy Kimmel Diet Plan

Jimmy Kimmel Diet Plan

On his restriction days, he loves taking coffee, egg whites, pickles, and oatmeal. On fasting, Kimmel said that fasting introduces quality food in his life and health.

Jimmy Kimmel’s success story is all possible because of Dr. Oz and Jimmy Kimmel’s dedication. You can find more information about Dr. Oz through this article.

Is Jimmy Kimmel vegan?

No, Jimmy Kimmel is not vegan.

That’s all for the Jimmy Kimmel Diet Plan.

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