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By | November 17, 2019
Joe Wicks Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Joe Wicks Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hello, We are going to discuss JOE WICKS WORKOUT ROUTINE and JOE WICKS DIET PLAN. Joe Wicks was born on 21 September 1985 and also known as “The Body Coach”. He is an English fitness coach, Author and Tv show Host, and presenter. Joe Wicks has many degrees in fitness and also he studied sports science at St. Mary University after attending a state school and technology college.

Joe Wicks even has his own Tv show by the name of “The Body Coach “ who has also authored the best selling book lean in 15:15 minute meals. He also created the famous 90 days SSS plan in the fitness industry. Not only this he has a great fan following on social media which makes him clearly the social media star has more than 2.7 million followers alone on Instagram is not a baby thing.

Joe Wicks has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and 750 k followers on his youtube channel. In this article we focused on Joe Wicks workout routine, Joe Wicks fitness regime, Joe Wicks meal plan, Joe Wicks body stats, Joe Wicks workout videos, Joe Wicks gym tips, and Joe Wicks Instagram Photos.

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Joe Wicks Physical Stats

Age  33years 
Height  5 feet  8 inches (172 cm approx..)
Weight  125 lbs( 78 kg approx..)
Hair Brown
Eyes  Black
Sexual Orientation Straight

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Joe Wicks Workout Routine 

Joe’s main coaching philosophy is; “exercise for less time and more intensely.” He’s a powerful advocate of useful coaching, High-Intensity Interval coaching, furthermore as bodyweight workouts.

However, this doesn’t mean Joe avoids weight coaching. He still incorporates a weight coaching session many times per week, simply to retain his muscle mass, and strength.

Joe Wicks has many workout plans and also his many workout routines like for fat loss and toning your muscles have reveled in his youtube channel you can visit that also.

But here below I am providing his original workout routine and some other workout routine too: –

 Warm-up or HIIT Workout that Joe Wicks perform 

  • Incline treadmill sprints, three sets of 30secs
  • Burpees, three sets of 30secs
  • Mountain climbers, three sets of 30ses
  • Shadowboxing, three sets of 30secs
  • Press-ups, three sets of 30secs
Joe Wicks Workout Routine 

Joe Wicks Workout Routine

Here is given his day training schedule for weight training split. Joe Wicks Workout Routine includes:

  • Monday: Chest and back

  • Tuesday: Arms

  • Wednesday: Rest

  • Thursday: Legs

  • Friday: Rest

  • Saturday: Shoulders

  • Sunday: Rest

Now we are going to reveal the Joe Wicks 2 weeks of fat loss and body toning program. So, it’s good news for people. This is all about Joe Wicks workout routine.


How To do This 2-week fat loss and body toning Workout 

Over consecutive fourteen days, you will do 9 workouts with 3 rest days. On exercise days you may alternate between a classic Joe Wicks cardio shred, upper body shred and lower body shred days.

‘High-Intensity Interval coaching, also referred to as HIIT, is my favorite sort of exercise and it is the only coaching technique for burning fat,’ Says Joe  Wicks. 

‘Not only will it get your fat burners dismissed up like nothing else, however it additionally boosts your metabolism and can get you super match by up your vessel fitness.’

2 Week Workout routine for Fat Loss and Toning

  • Day 1: Cardio Shred
  • Day 2: higher Body Shred
  • Day 3: Cardio Shred
  • Day 4: Lower Body Shred
  • Day 5: day of rest
  • Day 6: Cardio Shred
  • Day 7: day of rest
  • Day 8: Cardio Shred
  • Day 9: higher Body Shred
  • Day 10: Cardio Shred
  • Day 11: Lower Body Shred
  • Day 12: day of rest
  • Day 13: Full Body Shred
  • Day 14: Full Body Shred

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Joe Wicks Diet Plan

Joe Wicks Typically suggest the diet plan that is given below, Joe Wicks Diet plan Includes:-

Joe Wicks Diet Plan

Joe Wicks Diet Plan

  1. After waking up – 250-300ml cold water from the refrigerator
  2. 1st Meal – three whole eggs hard-baked in vegetable oil, spinach, and mixed vegetables
  3. 2nd Meal – Salmon cooked in vegetable oil, sliced red onion, carrot, radish, red cabbage, lemon, pepper, salt, and cooked Sesamum indicum seeds
  4. 3rd Meal (post-workout) – Salmon hard-baked in vegetable oil, butternut squash mash, sweet potato, greek food
  5. 3rd Meal (on rest days) – chilly and Coconut prawns hard-baked in vegetable oil, with balsamic vinegar and aubergine

This is all about Joe Wicks diet plan.

 Supplements( If you want to use ):

  1. Pre-workout – 5g of seasoned BCAAs
  2. Post-workout – 5g of seasoned BCAAs, 25g of Whey protein, Vitamin C
  3. Snacks – e.g. 25g of almonds or cashews, protein shake, or a boiled egg.

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Joe Wicks Workout Video


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Joe Wicks Instagram Photos

Joe Wicks HD Photo

Joe Wicks HD Photo

Joe Wicks Instagram HD Photo

Joe Wicks Instagram HD Photo

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks Gym HD Photo

Joe Wicks Gym HD Photo

Joe Wicks ABS HD Photo

Joe Wicks ABS HD Photo

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