Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 28, 2022

Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Jorge López Astorga is an eminent Chilean actor born on the 30th of October, 1991. He got his first breakthrough role in a Disney Channel American Telenovela series Soy Luna in 2016-18. After this, he portrayed the character of Valerio Montesinos a drug addict in the Netflix series “Elite” in 2019-20. 

Recently in 2022, he is a part of a TV series “ Summer Heat” where he depicted the role of Diego. The 30-year-old Chilean actor has gained popularity through hard work, dedication, and passion he has shown his acting, looks, and body image. So, here we are going to share the enthusiastic actor Jorge Lòpez workout routine and Jorge Lòpez diet plan in detail. 

Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Jorge Lòpez Body Stats

Body stats    Units 
Height 1.81 m or 5 ft. 11.5 inches 
Weight 73 Kg
Age 30 years 
Chest 42 inches 
Waist  36 inches 
Biceps  17 inches 

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Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine 

Jorge Lopez has amassed a huge fan following on all of his social media accounts through his charming personality, adorable body figure, and acting skills. If we look at the number of fans following his Instagram handle it’s around 9.7 million people who follow him, comment and like on his pictures, and so on. Let’s take you all to the amazing actor Jorge Lòpez workout routine in detail.

Jorge Lopez is an eminent star personality and has an eye-catching body image. He workout rigorously to maintain his striking & well-toned body figure. Jorge Lòpez workout routine consists of varied forms of exercises such as strength training, core workouts, and cardio exercises. He workouts five days a week for 10 to 15 minutes at least. 

For all the fitness enthusiasts and his loving fans, here we are presenting, in brief, the eminent actor Jorge Lopez workout routine which is a great inspiration and expert-curated workout schedule. Let’s have a look and try to follow it. 

Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine 

Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine

Strength Training

Warm-up or stretching is compulsory before starting with the workouts for 10 to 20 minutes. 


Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine includes:


Chest and Back 

No.of reps –  6 to 8

No.of sets – 3-4

  • Dumbbell bench press
  • Dumbbell bent-over rows 
  • One-arm dumbbell rows
  • Military Push-ups 
  • Dumbbell pullovers 
  • Seated cable rows 
  • Dumbbell incline press 
  • Lat pulldowns 



Legs and Lower Back 

No.of reps – 10 to 12

No.of sets – 4 to 5 

  • Dumbbell squats
  • High knee strikes
  • Heel taps
  • Turbo twenties
  • Dumbbell lunge
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Goblet planks
  • Barbell back squats
  • Trap bar deadlift
  • Bulgarian split squats



Arms and Abs 

Reps count – 10 to 12 

No.of sets – 4 to 5 

  • Alternating biceps curls 
  • Triceps overhead extensions 
  • Seated dumbbell curls 
  • Bench dips 
  • Concentration curls 
  • Dumbbell Kickbacks 
  • Planks to forearms 
  • Snatch grip deadlift 


Cardio Training 


Low-intensity cardio exercises 

Duration – 1 minute

  • Side to side shuffle 
  • Step touches 
  • Knee smashes 
  • Front Kick with Runner’s lunge 
  • Squat to jab 
  • Bear crawl push-ups 
  • Squat kicks 
  • Shoulder taps
  • Curl and press 
  • Squat runner 


Core Training 


  • High ball plank – 20 reps 
  • Pushups oblique tuck
  • Cross-body MT climbers – 30 reps 
  • Renegade row to twist – 10 reps 
  • Starfish hold 
  • Gorilla squats 
  • Ball slams 
  • Reverse lunge knee-ups 
  • Kneeling medicine ball chest pass 
  • Squat thrusts 


This is all the details we have about the outstanding actor Jorge Lòpez workout routine that he follows religiously to attain an impressive & fit body figure. He workouts rigorously to maintain his fitness and health in a balanced manner. So, if you are looking up to him for his fitness then do try to follow up his workout training sessions to achieve a great physique.  

This is all about Jorge Lòpez Workout Routine.

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Jorge Lòpez Diet Plan

Jorge Lopez diet plan is comprised of traditional Chilean foods which are full of fiber, protein, and nutrients. To stay hydrated, he drinks a lot of water throughout the day. He strictly averts the use of processed or junk foods, alcohol, dairy products, high amounts of sugars, fats, and carbs to keep his diet schedule away from unhealthy and extra calories foods. 

Let’s more closely look into the prominent actor Jorge Lòpez diet plan to know more about it.

Jorge Lòpez Diet Plan

Jorge Lòpez Diet Plan


Is Jorge Lòpez a vegan?

No, Jorge Lòpez is not a vegan. 


Jorge Lòpez Diet Plan includes:


  • Ulpo 
  • Scrambled eggs 
  • A slice of toast 
  • Orange juice 



  • Manjar 
  • Chaquican 
  • Carbonada 



  • Sopaipilla  
  • Completo 
  • Pebre



  • Pastel De Choclo 
  • Arrollado huaso (pork roll peasant style) 
  • Chapalele (Potato bread with flour)  


That’s all we know about the popular actor Jorge Lopez diet plan that he follows to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He consumes only nutritious, fiber and protein-rich meals to get all the essential macro and microelements required for proper growth and development of the muscles. If you are looking up to him for your fitness diet routine then must incorporate healthy foods in your everyday life. 

This is all about Jorge Lopez diet plan.

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