ENHYPEN Jungwon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | December 10, 2020
Jungwon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jungwon Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Jungwon is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and the leader of the new K-pop group ENHYPEN. I’m sure you must have already heard their songs and the debut videos. Jungwon, the 2nd youngest member in the group and holds the position of a leader, which currently he’s doing pretty well. However, there are many things about this teenager idol that fans from all around the world love. Jungwon is cute, friendly, and hot when he needs to be, and that attracts lots of female attention. So if you want to know the Jungwon Diet Plan and Workout Routine, then keep on reading.

Jungwon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jungwon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jungwon Body Stats

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 58 kg
Age 16 years
Chest 38 inch
Waist 29 inch
Hips 14 inch

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Jungwon Workout Routine

As he’s an idol, the constant activity and workout to stay fit are quite necessary. Jungwon mostly exercises with his other members only, and they all do training together for most of the things. The workout routine of Jungwon is relatively standard as a routine followed by almost every other idol and their group members. However, for an average person, it’s still going to be a hell of a way that will burn a lot of your calories. So let’s check the kinds of stuff that Jungwon does to stay in shape.

Jungwon workout includes:


Dancing is something that all of the K-pop idols have to learn while training for their debut and even after the debut till the end of their career. An average K-pop idol does two hours of dancing, and the ENHYPEN group is just like that. They all do over two hours of dance practice almost every day, and all of that does burn quite a lot of calories.

Most recently, when they were training, they were doing it every day. That’s why it’s no surprise that they didn’t get fat, and all of them have such a slim and lean body structure. Jungwon doesn’t do anything else much other than this, at least not in my knowledge yet. This exercise is enough to keep him fit, as he’s just 16 doesn’t need that many workouts to stay lean.

So if you also want a body like Jungwon, you can do an hour to two hours of dance practice five days a week. If not, you can burn that amount of calories with exercises like; yoga, palates, cardio, etc. Try to aim for burning 800 to 1k calories a day for five days a week. Also, on your rest days, make sure to stay active, as Jungwon is always busy even on rest days, he’s doing something.

That’s all for the Jungwon workout routine.

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Jungwon Diet Plan

I searched quite a lot about ENHYPEN group members’ diet plans. However, there was no strict diet for them; maybe they are just restricted to eat junk foods and foods from outside. In the training camp, they are whatever the production selected for them by thinking about their nutrition and making them in the best shape.

We all know K-pop is famous for idols trying extreme diets to just debut, but this doesn’t look the case for ENHYPEN. They all enjoy kimchi and other Korean foods, and sometimes soft drinks and sodas. There’s isn’t anything specific I can tell you; all I will say is that you can start by going to a calorie deficiency.

Try to eat not more than 350 to 400 calories in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also have two snack meals in your day; just make sure to eat less than 150 calories in that snack meal. Again, drink as much water as possible for you to drink; this will also help your body to get lean and fit.

That’s all for the Jungwon diet plan.

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