Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 5, 2022

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Taehyun or Kang Tae Hyun is a popular South Korean singer and songwriter who was born on the 5th of February, 2002. Tomorrow X Together or TXT – the famous singer’s Korean boy group introduced Taehyun as its fourth member on January 17th of the year 2019 under the agency Big Hit Music. 

His 1st official debut video was a teaser for the questioning movie – “ What Do You Do?”. In this film, he was launched for the 1st time and all the teaser pictures were posted on various social media handles. So, let’s have a look at the charming & prominent K-singer Kang Taehyun workout routine and Kang Taehyun diet plan in a detailed manner. 

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kang Taehyun Body Stats 

Body stats  Units 
Height 5 ft. 10 inches or 177 cm
Weight 65 Kg 
Age 20 years 
Chest 44 inches 
Waist 32 inches 
Biceps  17 inches 

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Kang Taehyun Workout Routine 

The most widely recognised TXT band member Taehyun has an adorable personality & amazing physique. His extraordinary talents have made a special place in the heart of people worldwide. Kang Taehyun has a huge fan following base of 1 million on his Instagram account and many more. So we thought why not share the most popular singer Kang Taehyun workout routine in brief? 

Taehyun has a striking body image. For maintaining his slim & well-toned body figure, he used to sweat out hard during his workout training session.  Kang Taehyun workout routine is comprised of a diverse types of exercises to tone up various parts of the body like strength exercises, core & cardio workouts. Taehyun used to devotee 45 to 60 minutes every five days a week to maintain his fit, well-toned and slender body figure. 

All those who admire the impressive body image of Taehyun & look up to him for fitness guide, here is the Kang Taehyun workout routine well-curated by Korean fitness experts. Let’s have a look at it

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine 

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine


Strength Training

Before starting with the workout training session, one should do warm-up or stretching properly for 10 to 15 minutes for better outcome of the exercises. 

Reps. Count –5 to 12 

No.of sets – 3 to 4

Rest interval -60 seconds or 1 minute


Kang Taehyun Workout Routine includes:


Upper body workouts 

  • V-up curls 
  • Shoulder presses 
  • Underhand row 
  • Ball rollout 
  • Lateral lunge
  • Glute bridges  
  • Two-way bicep curl 
  • Alternating rear flyes 
  • Upward push-ups 
  • Tailbone angle 



Lower body workouts 

  • Reverse lunge
  • Sumo squats with frog hop
  • Hip thrusters to bicycle crunches 
  • KB swing 
  • Dumbbell raises 
  • Single leg deadlift 
  • Cheerleader arm circle 
  • Inverted row 
  • Hip thruster ham walk 
  • Quad stretch 

Cardio Training  


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

No.of reps – 15 to 20 

Rest duration – 30 seconds 

  • Reverse crunch and leg lifts 
  • Push up jacks 
  • Lunge jumps with knee-ups 
  • Forward-reverse lunge and squats 
  • Back extensions Y-raise 
  • Narrow push-ups 
  • Triceps dips to alternating leg kicks 
Kang Taehyun Workout Routine

Kang Taehyun Workout Routine


Low-Intensity steady state training (LISS) 

No.of reps – 10 to 12 

Duration – 40 seconds 

  • Quiet jack 
  • Side crunches 
  • Deadlift with overhead reach 
  • Scapula pinches 
  • Reverse lunge knee drive 
  • Right 3-way taps 
  • Curtsy lunge row


Cardio Training 

  • Mountain Climbers 
  • Arm crossover
  • Front squat plus push
  • One-arm dumbbell snatch 
  • Shuffle jump tucks 
  • Jumping Jack 
  • Cherry pickers 
  • Pivot punch 
  • Kneeling thruster  
  • Static stretch 


That’s all we know about the famous TXT boy Kang Taehyun workout routine. By following this aforesaid workout regime he has developed & maintained a well-toned and lanky body image. So, for all those fitness enthusiast and his fans, if you wish to attain a fit & healthy body figure then do try to include these amazing exercises in your every day lifestyle. 

This is all about Kang Taehyun workout routine.

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Kang Taehyun Diet Plan 

Kang Taehyun diet plan is rich in traditional Korean cuisines & drinks. His entire diet is well-balanced with an apt amount of protein, fibres, and nutrients. To stay slim and fit, he used to minimize his calorie intake, diary products usage and so on in his every day diet routine. He takes a lot of fluid in the entire day to remain hydrated and intoxicated. By properly following energy balanced diet plan he maintains his attractive body image. 

Let’s check out closely the Kang Taehyun diet plan in detail to exactly identify what he eats in a day. 

Kang Taehyun Diet Plan 

Kang Taehyun Diet Plan


Is Kang Taehyun a vegan?

No, Kang Tae Hyun is not a vegan. 


Kang Taehyun Diet Plan includes:


  • Korean braised tofu (Dubu Jorim) 
  • Caramel Frappuccino 
  • Kimchi egg skillet with oyster mushrooms 



  • Soybean paste stew 
  • Egg fried rice (Gyeran Bokkeumbap) 



  • Honey butter chips 
  • Tteokbokki  
  • Sorghum pancakes (susu bukkumi) 
  • Fresh fruits juices 



  • Korean walnut rice porridge 
  • Grilled tuna 
  • A bowl of mixed green salads 

This is all that details we have about the popular Korean songwriter Kang Taehyun diet plan. He used to consume only nutritious and fibrous diet which are well-balanced to provide all the necessary elements to the body. So, if you want to live healthy start eating nutritious meals and avoid junk foods & drinks. 

This is all about Kang Taehyun Diet Plan. 

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