Kangana Ranaut diet plan and beauty secrets

By | July 29, 2019
Kangana Ranaut diet plan and beauty secrets 2019

           Hello, we are going to discuss Kangana Ranaut diet plan and beauty secrets, Before going to discuss diet plan of Kangana Ranaut and beauty secrets of Kangana Ranaut, let’s know about her. Kangana Ranaut is an Indian film actress and model. She was born on March 23, 1987, at Bhambla in Himachal Pradesh, India. Her mother, Asha Ranaut, is a Sanskrit teacher, and her father is a businessman.

Kangana Ranaut diet plan and beauty secrets 2019

Kangana Ranaut diet plan and beauty secrets 2019

Kangana is worth noticeable for her work in the Indian Bollywood film industry. She debuted in 2006 with the Bollywood film “Gangster”. Kangana started her career as one of the highest-grossing actresses in India. Three-time national award winner Kangana Ranaut is a versatile and one of Bollywood’s best actresses.


For her roles in ‘Fashion’ ‘Queen’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, she won National Awards. She is one of the most fashionable celebrities who are publicly known for expressing her honest opinion. Kangana Ranaut is one of the established and most paid actresses in Bollywood. With the release of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, she successfully tried her hand in the direction of a big-budget film.

Kangana Ranaut beauty HD Photo

Kangana Ranaut beauty HD Photo

Kangana Ranaut is actually the child of destiny. Coming from humble means, today she is the most qualified means of Bollywood. She has played almost all the big brands with fantastic pizza.

Due to being extremely versatile, she carries with any grace and style very gracefully. When inquired, she described her style as bizarre. She is the most beautiful Kangna! Let’s know about Kangana Ranaut beauty secrets and Kangana Ranaut diet plan that helps her to look more beautiful and gorgeous.


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Kangana Ranaut Beauty Secrets –


Kangana has a sensitive and very white skin. let’s know what is the secret of her beauty. Kangana Ranaut skincare routines include scrubbing, cleansing, moisturizing and toning. She completes her beauty care once a month regularly with facial cleansing.

Kangana Ranaut beauty secrets

Kangana Ranaut beauty secrets

Kangana Ranaut removes her makeup properly every time. She can not go outside without blush and lip balm. Armani and Lip balm, Inkle Bronzer and Bobby Brown are her favorite make-up brand and mac for eye-colors for base makeup, channel, lipstick.


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Anyway, Kangana is blessed with high and chained cheekbones, which makes her face look sharp. So, the blush looks very good on her face and color. She likes to wear light make-up for the day and a classy bold for the night.

Kangana has been seen wearing a red and pink shed in lipsticks during many awards nights and promotions, even if neutral clippers suit them. When she applies those neutral shiny hair colors she looks great.

She follows a proper hair routine for her curly and bouncy hair. Kangana takes deep conditioning, hair treatment three times a week. She uses a good hair protector to reduce curly hair and increase glow.


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Kangana Ranaut Diet Plan –

About the “diet plan of Kangana Ranaut”, we have given important points below.

Kangana Ranaut diet plan

Kangana Ranaut diet plan

  • Kangana Ranaut drinks a minimum of 12 glasses of water daily to detoxify her body and to keep herself well hydrated. This is the main thing in Kangana Ranaut diet plan.
  • Breakfast: In breakfast of Kangana Ranaut diet plan, She takes oatmeal and porridge. It is also considered as a snack to keep her heart and body fit. Both oatmeal and porridge are whole grains that help promote metabolism and also help with weight control.
  • Mid-time snack: Kangana likes to drink protein shakes or juice in pre-lunch. It also caters the body’s protein needs and promotes vital vitamins.
Kangana Ranaut Body Figure HD Photo

Kangana Ranaut Body Figure HD Photo

  • Lunch: She sometimes eats dal, 2 chapatis, boiled vegetables, legumes, and some curd.
  • Evening time: 1 cup of green tea
  • Evening Snack: Seasonal fruits, salads, nuts which are good for health and give fiber to the body that maintain a good digestive system.
  • Dinner: She makes boiled rice or 2 chapatis, grilled chicken and tofu.


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