Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | June 1, 2019

Hello, We are going to discuss Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Before going to discuss the diet plan of Kanika Kapoor and the workout routine of Kanika Kapoor, let’s know about her.

Kanika Kapoor was born on 21st August 1978 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is an Indian playback singer, singer and voice artist. She was born at Rajiv Kapoor (business-person) and Poonam Kapoor’s house. She has a brother named Sasha. Kanika Kapoor was married to Raj Chandhok from 1997 to 2012. They have a son, Yuvraj and two daughters whose names are Ayana and Samara.

Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kanika is a famous Bollywood singer who does not need any introduction. Because she made this charm with a dedication to her efforts, dedication, and music, now she is a more promising singer of Bollywood today. She has sung many hits. Their journey in Bollywood started in 2012.

She earned popularity from the song “Baby Doll” for the film “Ragini MMS 2”, and the song was filmed on “Sunny Leone”. People prefer the “Baby Doll” song, before the release date it receives 10 million views on the video song. And then she sang many Bollywood hits. On November 13, 2015, she sang a welcome song “Hello Namstey” for PM Narendra Modi, where “Modi Ji” was a guest of honor for the function that addressed the Indian community in England at Wembley Stadium (London).

Here in this article Kanika Kapoor latest diet plan, Kanika Kapoor workout routine, Kanika Kapoor daily life routine, Kanika Kapoor fitness regime, and Kanika Kapoor beauty secrets are explained in detail. first, let’s start with what is a meal plan of Kanika Kapoor throughout the day.


Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine

About the latest workout routine of Kanika Kapoor, Although Kanika Kapoor is not such a gym person, she still exercises 5 times a week. Kanika Kapoor’s workout routine includes-

Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine

Kanika Kapoor Workout Routine

  • Her 20-minute cardio exercise begins her workout
  • Kanika Kapoor makes squats and lungs after cardio
  • She also follows resistance training with lightweight
  • Her workout ends with “10-minute total body workout routine” in which there are 3 main exercises – Spider-Man Push-Up, Prone Scissors, and Double Crunch. It targets the whole body from arms to feet.
  • When she is not in the mood to go to the gym, she likes to dance and play some tennis.

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Kanika Kapoor Workout Tips

Kanika Kapoor Beauty secret

About Kanika Kapoor fitness regime here are fitness tips given by Kanika Kapoor

  • If you do not want to go to the gym then do some physical activity at home
  • Stay away from alcohol and other aerated drinks
  • Drink plenty of water daily


Kanika Kapoor Diet Plan –

About the latest diet plan Kanika Kapoor, She believes that diet is an integral part of life to be healthy and fit. Kanika Kapoor’s diet includes five small meals a day.

Kanika Kapoor Figure HD Photo

  • Her diet includes low fat, proper carbohydrate, and adequate protein food.
  • Kanika Kapoor adheres to a strict diet plan called ABCDEF to stay in shape.
  • ABCDEF goes to avoid alcohol, bread, carbs, dairy, extra dessert, and fat. She does not eat any food.
  • She likes to cook healthy food at home and often prepares dinner for her and her husband, too.
  • Kanika Kapoor loves to eat egg whites, lean meats, and fresh vegetables.
  • Candy is her weakness and she always has some candies in her bag.
  • During the shoot, he does breakfast at the granola bars and apples. This is all about the diet plan of Kanika Kapoor.

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