Kat Graham Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2020

By | March 20, 2020
Kat Graham Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kat Graham Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Kat Graham one of the stars from the vampire diaries TV show, she’s an actor, singer and professional dancer as well. Kat Graham has done a lot of amazing scenes and acting in the vampire diaries and deserves whatever she has right now.

She is really famous and doing great in her career. The most important thing and factor that makes her successful is her amazing body shape and fitness.

Kat Graham Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kat Graham Workout Routine and Diet Plan

There are lots of people that want a body like Kat Graham, so let’s see Kat Graham workout routine and diet which will give you a body like kat Graham.

Kat Graham Body Stats

Height 1.57 Meters
Weight 123 Lbs
Age 30 Years
Breast 34 Inch
Waist 23 Inch
Hips 33 Inch

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Kat Graham Workout Routine

Kat Graham workout routine mostly revolves around her everyday dancing routine continuous for hours. She is addicted to her dance routine and this covers most of the workout as in the vampire diaries, she learned dancing a lot with some professional dancers.

In that period she got so addicted that she literally danced for hours until she couldn’t move her legs. This is the secret behind her flexibility, toned legs, lean and curvy body.

Kat Graham Workout Routine

Kat Graham Workout Routine

She said that dancing is what keeps her going every day and gives her the freedom to get the body she wants and stays flexible as well. So while dancing for hours her calories burn a lot which gives her a great cardio workout as well.

Kat Graham Workout Includes –


One of Kat Graham’s most important exercises is going for a run or a jog in the morning after she gets up. She likes to run a lot but not in the gym but in the park or anywhere outside in nature, she runs about 2 to  5 miles.

According to kat Graham, fitness apps are the future of the fitness world as people will start working out at home and feel really good with many simple exercises. That’s why she doesn’t really go to the gym, she does some exercise but in her home only.



Kat Graham exercise routine consists of some home exercises to get her body in more shape. So she does a combination of Burpees, squats, planks, push-ups, kickbacks, side planks, and resistance band training. All these exercises are just to get her muscles in shape and not make them bigger in size.

So that is all that she does in her daily workout routine, but this all is way too much if you see the calories she burns every day. Especially during her dancing routine she really goes insane on that. So if you need a body like Kat Graham then make sure you dance a lot and run a lot.

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Kat Graham Diet Plan

Kat Graham diet isn’t really something that you should have on a daily basis if you are not burning as many calories as she does. She doesn’t really like to compromise on her food, Kat Graham does eat healthily but she also eats what she wants to eat.

Kat Graham Diet Plan

Kat Graham Diet Plan

She even said that she’s a big foodie and just loves eating, she follows food blogs more than any other blog ever. The diet also consists of drinking lots of water throughout the whole day.

Kat Graham Diet Includes –

*Not a consistent diet plan*


Kat Graham usually eats yogurt mostly as she has to move to places early because of her schedule.



For snacks, Kat Graham goes with Protein bars or granola bars.



For lunch, Kat Graham eats like truffle, Mac and cheese, etc.



Kat Graham eats chicken, ramen, etc.

Her favorite healthy snack is wasabi snap pea crisps and she loves to have smoothies in her snacks as well. Her cheat meal is chocolate chips cookies.

This is all about Kat Graham Diet Plan.

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