Kazuha Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | April 17, 2023

Kazuha Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Rising K pop Girl Group, formed by Source Music released a trailer for their first studio album titled’ Unforgiven’. They have shown immense growth in the last year and have already crossed 1 million pre-release orders for ‘Unforgiven’. Fans are celebrating this feat and took to social media to show their excitement for the first album. Best known for projects  ‘ANTIFRAGILE’,  ‘FEARLESS’, and ‘ The World is my Oyster’; the girl group with its five members has truly made huge progress in just one year of debut.

All the members have a huge following and bring their own flavor to the group. All the members are extremely and we have extensively covered the Workout Routine and Diet plan. One of the members who has intensely got praised for her physique is Kazuha. 

Kazuha is known for her posture and great dance moves and toned Abs along with her singing talent. So, in this post, we have compiled her workout and diet plan to give you some tips from this Korean beauty.


Kazuha Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Kazuha Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Kazuha Body Stats

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 58 kgs
Age 19 years
Shoulders 28 inches
Waist 22 inches

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Kazuha Workout Routine

Kazuha is of Japanese origin, having been born in Kochi she quickly moved to Osaka, Japan at 2 years of age. She is not particularly comfortable with the Korean language but works hard to get it right. The K-Pop idol was a ballerina before she debuted with Le Sserafim last year in May.


Kazuha Workout Routine

Kazuha Workout Routine


Kazuha Workout Routine includes:


As mentioned, Kazuha has been training in Ballet dancing since the age of 3 years and is a pro at it. This training already gives her a toned body that’s extremely flexible. Having been trained in an art form from a very young age has many benefits for your body. It improves metabolism and the natural resilience of your body and has long-term benefits in terms of fitness and cardiovascular health.

Kazuha is the only member of the group who can perform a vertical split. She even has a record for a split of 45 cm. All of this is a result of her intense practice for almost all of her life in Ballet Training. So, Ballet Training has definitely helped her a lot in getting a beautiful toned frame.



Every K-pop idol has a very intense dancing practice. Dancing is something that comes with the job and Kazuha is no exception. All the members of Le Sserafim have intensive dance training for hours at a stretch. But most of our readers are not training to be a K-pop idol, so you can tweak the routine according to your comfort and fitness levels. Dancing is a part of the exercise routine of most of the celebrities that we have covered. This is because dancing is an easy and efficient way to maintain weight, tone the body and bring flexibility. Moreover, Dancing has many mental health benefits, given the fact that it leads to the release of dopamine and other happy hormones.


Workout with other Le Sserafim Members

The workout routine of all Le Sserafim Members is defined by the company. They have to do 100 Jumping Jacks, followed by a lot of Burpees, Squats, variations of Planks, and Crunches. Kazuha can do longer planks than her fellow members. Most people are obsessed with KAZUHA’s Abs.


Kazuha Abs Workout

Kazuha has shared several of her workout equipment, which are also shared by other members of her group. Here is a video of all of her equipment which she shared with her fans. But Kazuha also does a list of other exercises specifically for Abs which she has picked up from several YouTube fitness content creators. 

Here is a list of  exercises she does specifically for Abs

  • Leg Raises x40
  • Individual Leg Raises x20
  • Bicycles x20
  • Rainbow Plank x40
  • Side Plank Crunches x20 for each side.

Further, Kazuha maintains an active lifestyle and does Horse Riding which again burns a lot of calories and builds balance and strength in the upper body.  

That is  all for Kazuha Workout Routine.

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Kazuha Diet Plan

Kazuha swears by regular eating. She is not a fan of dieting trends and always tries to have a healthy routine. She takes a balanced diet and doesn’t have very hard and fast rules about diet plans. In a recent vlog, Kazuha showed us her daily routine including Workout and meals throughout the day.

In the vlog, she shared her favorite snack, which she prepares in a somewhat unique way. She dips dried mango chips into Yogurt overnight and enjoys it as a snack. This seems to be her favorite snack.


Kazuha Diet Plan

Kazuha Diet Plan


Is Kazuha Vegan?

No, Kazuha from Le Sserafim is not vegan.


Regularly eating small portions

Japanese people are well known for their longevity and activeness. They achieve this by having a small proportion of meals several times a day. Kazuha being Japanese isn’t an exception. Throughout the vlog eats several things but in small portions. Eating several times has proven to improve metabolism and help in weight loss. She likes to have vegetable cheese wraps, Iced lemonade for breakfast. Lunch is salads and dips with bread and toast.

For snacks, Kazuha had a packet of potato chips and Chilsung Cider Zero which is a carbonated drink. This is not the best option for snacks, but a small portion would not hurt. The next thing Kazuha had was Egg Bread and then Sushi. Being Japanese, Kazuha loves sushi prepared in traditional methods.

That is all for Kazuha Diet Plan.

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