Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 9, 2022

Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Kelly Clarkson is a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter; she is also the first person to win the American Idol show, and she has never looked down since that time. These days Kelly is always doing some expositions like The Voice, American Idol, The Kelly Clarkson Show, etc.

Although the singer is mostly known for her fantastic transformation, she showed last year. If you want to know the secrets of the Kelly Clarkson Workout and Diet Plan, keep reading.

Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Kelly Clarkson Body Stats

Height 1.61 meters
Weight 75 kg
Age 38 years
Breast 36 inch
Waist 30 inch
Hips 37 inch

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Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine

The Shape interviewed Nora James, who is the trainer and the person who got Kelly Clarkson into Shape again. So we will be talking about some of the things that Nora James shared Kelly’s routine. In that interview, Nora spoke about how Kelly wanted to feel good and look good; there was not any target that they wanted to reach or any weight loss goal. The aim always was to make Kelly healthier and feel energetic and better.

When Shape asked about the workouts, Nora told them that there were no specific workouts in the routine. Every day it was something new. Kelly’s trainer always explained how boring it was when she used to do the same exercise; that’s why she always tries to surprise her client with something new. Although she did state that mostly, the workout would be boxing-related and strength cardio-related.

Nora also explained how good a strength cardio routine could be to get your heartbeat higher and burn more calories as well as to build muscle; you will feel like you just got out of the treadmill.

According to Nora, the singer Kelly used to work out an hour in the beginning, and then it turned into two hours of training almost every day. When she was on tour, the trainer used to go with her and give her a workout so she can stay fit.


Kelly Clarkson Full-body weight loss workout

Nora also shared a workout with the Shape that they have posted. I will explain the exercise a little bit, but if you want to get full details about it, click right here, and it will explain how to do every task in brief. Now for this workout all, you would need a mat, boxing bag, boxing gives, a water bottle, and a medicine ball. The exercise will be in supersets, and you can go to your highest limit for each use.

  • Ball pushup hand to hand, 25 to till failure
  • Mountain climbers, 50 to till failure
  • Crazy eight lunges, 25 reps
  • Jump squats, 25 to till failure
  • Boxing Cardio burst, for 3 minutes
  • Squats with jumping jacks, 25 reps
  • Erase the band, till failure
  • Boxing cardio burst, 3 minutes
  • Rest for a minute to three minutes
  • Repeat whole set three to five times

This is all about Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine.

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Kelly Clarkson Diet Plan

Kelly Clarkson diet plan mostly contains healthy eating stuff that includes healthy fats, low carbs food, lean protein food, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein shakes, smoothies, etc. She doesn’t give in to junk food or sugar foods that much, but yeah, sometimes she is allowed to give herself a treat. The diet carries a lot of other foods, but most of the time her full-day meal will look like this;

Kelly Clarkson Diet Includes:-

Kelly Clarkson Breakfast Meal

  • Egg white omelets
  • Spinach or fruits
  • Hot sauce or a slice of whole-grain bread


Kelly Clarkson Lunch Meal

  • Medium size salad
  • Chicken or fish
  • Sometimes dessert


Kelly Clarkson Dinner Meal

  • Fish
  • Quinoa with veggies



  • Lots of nuts, almonds, and seeds
  • Protein shake
  • Fruits

This is all about Kelly Clarkson Diet Plan.

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