Keri Russell Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | May 4, 2023

Keri Russell Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The diplomat actress Keri Russell is rocking the show with her outstanding looks. Keri is now starring in the Netflix show The Diplomat. She is playing the role of Kate Kyler, and guess what? It is perfectly suiting her personality. Keri is an American actress and has played a remarkable role in many movies and shows like Felicity, The Americans, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and many more. She has also been awarded a Primetime Emmy and two golden globe awards. Russell deserves every ounce of her success, but awards are not the only thing she has won. Russell has also won millions of hearts through her acting and looks. 

Keri Russell is known for her looks in the movies and shows. Her fashion sense and personality have made many of us fall for her. Keri Russell is a mother of 3 but still looks like a teenager. What is the beauty secret of Keri Russell? If this is what you are thinking, let me tell you Keri pays keen attention to her body. Thanks to her workout and diet, Keri Russell can stay so fit at the age of 47. Well, diet and exercise play a vital role in aging. Proper diet and workout can make you look younger and fitter like Keri Russell, so let us dig into Keri Russell’s workout routine and diet plan that even you can implement in your daily routine.


Keri Russell Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Keri Russell Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Keri Russell Body Stats:

Height 5 feet 4 inch
Weight 52 kgs
Age 47 yrs
Breast 34 
Waist 25
Hips 3

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Keri Russell Workout Routine

Keri Russell is fond of action movies and has played some roles too. Mission: Impossible III, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers, and The Americans. Keri’s role in the Americans was of a spy; to prepare for that, she underwent a heavy training schedule. However, the movie was a great success, and fans went mad to see her performing action scenes so smoothly.

Workout is necessary for an ordinary person, and for Keri Russell, it’s more like a necessity. Her workouts back her bold looks in the movies. All those curves are because of the stress she breaks in the gym. Keri Russell is also good at portraying action. Keri even stated that working out relieves her stress, so she never skips working out. Keri follows a balanced workout routine that focuses on strength and conditioning. It is more intensity-based training; however, it’s not high. She likes to work out intensely, but she does rest in between sets. Her workout schedule includes hitting the gym and doing cardio to know Keri Russell workout Routine. Keep reading.


Keri Russell Workout Routine

Keri Russell Workout Routine


Keri Russell Workout Routine includes:


Heavy bike rides are fun for Keri Russell. Biking has always been amusing, and many still, even after years, like to paddle around the corners rather than just using a motor vehicle; yes, we can count Keri as one of them. Biking or cycling helps train the core and leg muscles like calves and some minor quadriceps; however, biking is mainly done to increase stamina and enhance heart health. Doing some bike rides sounds like a perfect idea.



Keri Russell also shared that dance is her permanent working-out technique. She likes dancing as it makes her feel alive and helps burn calories.



Keri Russell goes to the gym to stay fit. The gym comprises a lot of equipment. It has three sections: cardio, CrossFit, and weight training. As Keri does a strength and conditioning workout routine, she focuses on cardio and resistance training.


Keri Russell Workout Routine

Keri Russell Workout Routine


Band training

Keri Russell shared that it was 20 years back that she learned this technique from her former trainer. Band training is referred to as a resistance band. A resistance band is a good piece of equipment for resistance training without any external weights.


Survival training by Avital Zeisler

Keri is a splendid spy; I am talking about her role in The Americans to portray her best self on screen. Keri did a lot of workouts to fit into the role alongside celebrity trainer Avital Zeisler. her training schedule for The Americans includes, 

  • Striking Squats
  • Elbow Striking Abs
  • Lunging Defensive Knees
  • Self Defense Pushups
  • 360 kick.

That’s all for Keri Russell Workout Routine.

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Keri Russell Diet Plan

Keri Russell is not interested in dieting. Yeah! Surprisingly, Keri has some awesomely toned abs and is not much more of a diet follower. She even said doughnuts are her favorite. She can go on eating without even counting them; however, that is her occasional behavior. Even though she doesn’t follow a diet, she does follow a proper eating routine. In the morning, she wakes up and takes lemon with warm water. Even though she eats a lot, she prefers having small portions. This tells us that Keri Russell follows a quantified nutrition plan. 


Keri Russell Diet Plan

Keri Russell Diet Plan


Is Keri Russell a vegan?

No, Keri Russell is not a vegan.

That’s All For Keri Russell Diet Plan.

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