Kim Chae Won Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | October 2, 2023

Kim Chae Won Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Kim Chae – won popularly recognized among her fans as Chaewon is a South Korean singer. The 22-year-old singer is the forerunner of the girl gang Le Sserafim. She has also been a part of girl produce 48’s reality competition series.  Kim is also a songwriter who has successfully made a place in millions of people’s hearts. The adorable singer is not only known for her amazing voice but also for her killer body figure. So, let’s shift the focus to the Kim Chae Won workout routine and Kim Chae Won diet plan precisely.

Kim Chae Won Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Kim Chae Won Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Kim Chae Won Body Stats 

Body Stats Units 
Height 1.63 m or  5 ft. 4 inches
Weight 49 Kg 
Age 22 years 
Chest 32 inches
Waist 28 inches
Hips  30 inches

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Kim Chae Won Workout Routine

Kim the beautiful Korean singer has amassed a great fan following on all social media platforms. She has gathered around 4.7 million fans following her Instagram handle & similarly many more on other social media handles. But let’s catch a close glance at the Kim Chae Won workout routine in-depth. 

Kim has a slender and curvy body image for which she adheres to a special workout regime & food routine. Kim Chae Won workout routine entails a variety of exercises. Mostly her workout regime is occupied with cardio exercises, core workouts, and stretching exercises. She goes to the gym five days a week & spends around 60 to 70 minutes practicing these workouts.

Kim Chae Won Workout Routine

Kim Chae Won Workout Routine

All the fitness geeks and her fanatics, we are presenting the explicit Kim Chae Won workout routine for you all. This is what she does, to maintain her fit & healthy body figure. Let’s catch out: 

Workout Training – 

An important tip to follow before beginning the workout training is to perform a warm-up session of 10 to 20 minutes to get all the body muscles active & also for optimum benefits. 

Cardio Workouts: 

  • Sled Work – 

Reps – 10-12 ( alternate push-pull set ) 

Enner practices pushing & pulling a weighted sled as it helps in conditioning the body. 


  • Russian twist –

This exercise is included in the Valencia regime as it helps tone up the oblique muscles ( side torso muscles ) and strengthen the core muscles. 


  • Jumping rope – 

This cardio exercise is the best & most proven way to intensify your agility & timing. 

Kim Chae Won

Kim Chae Won

Core Workouts: 

  • Oblique or side crunches – 

This workout is done to improve the core and side muscles’ efficiency, flexibility, and strength. 


  • Isometric push-ups 

These push-ups are a great way to enrich core and upper body strength. 


  • Medicine ball planks – 

This exercise focuses on improving core strength by using the instability of the medicine ball.


Stretching Exercises – 

  • Bending Windmill Stretch – 

This is one of the great full-body stretching exercises. It works well on the gluteus maximus, upper legs, shoulders, and core. 


  • Sit-ups – 

This is an incredible & simple way to develop the abdominal muscles.  


  • Lunges – 


It is one of the best ways to achieve toned legs & buttocks. Apart from this, lunges also work well to promote functional movement and challenge your balance. 


  • Dumbbell Rows – 

This workout can be called one exercise with several benefits. Emma uses a dumbbell of moderate weights to perform this exercise which in turn helps her to strengthen various muscles of the lower body. 

That’s all the information we have collected about the stunning singer Kim Chae Won workout routine used to inculcate in her daily life the maintenance of a curvaceous and toned body figure. Kim always performs her workout training sessions without any misses. So, one of the best ways to build a curvy and fit body image like hers is to practice a couple of various exercises to train the entire body’s muscles. 

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Kim Chae Won Diet Plan

Kim Chae Won diet plan is based on natural nutritious and healthy meals. Kim always follows specific food habits to maintain her health & physique. She used to include a high quantity of protein, fibers, vitamins & minerals. Her diet is mainly low on carbs, fats, etc. She used to drink a lot of water throughout the day to remain properly hydrated. 

She never intakes fatty foods, dairy products & alcoholic beverages in her everyday diet plan to remain fit and energetic. 

Here we are going to check out the singer Kim Chae Won diet plan that she regularly follows to remain fit and healthy.

Kim Chae Won Diet Plan

Kim Chae Won Diet Plan

Is Kim Chae Won a Vegan?

No, Kim Chae Won is not a vegan.



  • Fresh fruit smoothie bowl 
  • Banana Bread with Salted Peanut Streusel
  • Seeded Granola and Golden Milk Latte



  • Tuna egg salad stuffed peppers 
  •  Spicy peanut tofu Buddha bowls 
  • Hearty hamburger soup 



  • Fresh fruit juices 
  • Dried nuts & seeds 
  • Protein shake



  • Some Quorn chicken slices 
  • Spicy Mexican rice
  • 2 Bacon rashers 
  • Lettuce, sweetcorn & some coleslaw.  

So, that’s all the information we have related to one of the prettiest singers Kim Chae Won diet plan. She used to follow specific eating habits to keep her body image slim and well-toned. If any of you wants to achieve a body figure like her, then keep in mind the innumerable benefits of a clean & healthy diet regime in your daily lifestyle along with proper hydration.

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