GOT7 Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | June 25, 2022

Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Shutting down all the rumors of disbandment, GOT7 is finally back together with a straight hit album called” NANANA “after a break of a year.

The fans and the whole K-pop audience had been waiting for this news and now that it’s here, the celebrations don’t seem to stop. The announcement of a new album under the tag of GOT 7 was made in May 2022 with a press conference that saw all the members sharing the stage and laughing.

GOT 7 is considered one of the most successful KPoP boy bands of the era. The members of GOT 7 carry a charm of their own and each of them is admired and loved by the fans. With the attention moving to this boyband, we at healthyogi tried to seep out some good workout and dieting secrets of your favorite member Kim Yugyeom.

Yugyeom is the youngest member of the band even though he carries a very mature look and has composed some of the most loved beats by the band. So, this post will focus on Kim Yugyeom’s workout and Diet Plan and we will try to analyze and gain some insights from his daily fitness routine.


Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Kim Yugyeom Body Stats

Height 6 feets
Weight 68 kgs
Age 24 years
Shoulders 30 inches
Biceps 14 inches

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Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine

Kim made his debut on the KPop stage under GOT 7 in 2014 at the young age of 16 years and since then, he has remained relevant and continuously grown. Kim Yugyeom Workout routine focuses on a lot of movement and a little weight training for lean muscles and toning.


Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine

Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine


Kim Yugyeom Workout Includes:


Kim Yugyeom has been nicknamed ‘Dance machine’ for his incredible stamina and near-perfect dancing skills. In a recent video, shared on Instagram, Kim is involved in Hip-hop dancing; and he does it quite well. He is a choreographer too.

Additionally, he has won several dance reality shows and events which testify to the place that dance holds in the life of this KPop star. Hip-hop dancing is both aerobic and aerobic exercise. The rapid movements increase the heart rate and make for a good cardio workout.

These movements also target the muscles on your hands, feet, and waist; making them stronger and increasing circulation. You can also add a Hip-hop dance class to your routine, twice or thrice a week.



Weights are important for a lean muscular structure like that of Kim Yugyeom. Weights help in muscle building, and muscle makes the body burn calories even during rest. Thus weights not only help in toning up the body but also enhance fat loss.

So, you must add weights into your workout regime and slowly increase your lifting capacity and repetitions. In fact, you can just use your body weight through exercises like squats and pull-ups for muscle building.



This is another exercise that Yugyeom prefers on a daily basis. Pull-ups build incredible overall strength in the body and strengthen your arms and shoulders. Pull-ups also assist weight training by improving your grip strength that allowing optimum benefits of weight training.

Pull-ups should be included in your workout routine at least thrice a week and you should start by building strength in your arms and slowly move to the standard version of pull-ups.


Standing Cable Rows

Cable Row is one of the most common gym equipment. Yugyeom prefers standing Cable rows – which seem to be the secret to his well-defined upper body, back, and shoulders. Standing Cable Rows is an excellent exercise for the back and it also improves posture. So you must try to add it to your routine, you must adjust the intensity as per your comfort and eventually build on it.

This is all about Kim Yugyeom Workout Routine.

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Kim Yugyeom Diet Plan

Kim Yugyeom has an Instagram following of close to 12 million. People absolutely adore him and want to know every little detail about him. We got you a good insight into his Diet Plan and rules that have worked in his favor for maintaining that lean body. Don’t skip meals. One fitness tip that Yugyeom swears by is to not skip meals.

In a world full of fad diets and instant quick fixes that leave long-term side effects, we must trust the wisdom of our ancestors. Skipping meals makes us actually gain weight by reducing metabolism, making us feel sluggish and weak. Additionally, it makes the body store food as fats when we finally eat, which increases the fat level of our body. So, you must not skip meals unless you are intentionally fasting and you must listen to your body in such matters.


Kim Yugyeom Diet Plan

Kim Yugyeom Diet Plan


Is Kim Yugyeom Vegan?

No, Kim Yugyeom is not Vegan.


Kim Yugyeom Diet Plan includes:


Yugyeom likes to keep his breakfast satiating and protein-rich. This means that he likes to have eggs, bacon, and bread along with veggies.



Lunch is mostly meat-based with a side of sushi. Yugyeom likes pork barbeque, Kimbap (Sushi), and a good marinated Korean style Beef in his Lunch.



The dinner includes fried Chicken and Korean-style grilled pork, which serves as an adequate protein source for the body. If you want to get into your best shape then the following advice from Yugyeom will come in handy- “Practice makes perfect, so let’s practice till the end”. This means that you should continuously practice eating healthy and exercise consistently until it becomes your lifestyle.

That’s all for Kim Yugyeom Diet Plan.

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