Kira Stokes Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | April 22, 2020
Kira Stokes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kira Stokes Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Kira Stokes is a certified fitness trainer that has trained many celebrities. She has always been in tremendous body shape. When Kira Stokes is teaching so many clients every day, it gets tough to take time for her workout.

Still, she stays fit with her fantastic workout routine. I’m sure even you want to know what precisely the Kira Stokes workout contains and also what Kira Stokes’ diet plan looks likes. So don’t worry, I will discuss everything about Kira Stokes’s exercise and diet in this article.

Kira Stokes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kira Stokes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kira Stokes Body Stats

Kira Stokes Height Under review
Kira Stokes Weight Under review
Kira Stokes Age 45 Years

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Kira Stokes Workout routine

Like we know, Kira Stokes is a fitness trainer, so she is always dealing with her clients every day. In that whole time, she gets like 20 minutes to 30 minutes rest before another client comes.

So Kira Stokes does her workout at that time only. So there is a lot of cardio, warm-up, and full-body workout that is involved in her daily routine. As she does a mixture of exercises that make sure her whole body is getting worked out, it makes it super active.

Before we head into the workout, you should know that this workout will consist of doing some lightweight exercise. So if you all want to try it, make sure you have some medium weight or lightweight with you that you can use. She does this routine like six times in her whole day, and that helps her to burn more than 1k calories. So yeah, you can say that this is going to be super intense.

Kira Stokes workout routine doesn’t involve rest time at all. So it will be like moving from one set to another without having a rest. You will be working out for 20 minutes without having any rest, and this is what keeps her energetic.

Kira Stokes, in one of her interviews, also said that she has 20 to 30 minutes before a client arrives. At that time, instead of using her phone and relaxing, she likes to do a high-intensity workout so she can feel energized before another client comes.

Kira Stokes’s workout most focus on posture chain exercises. The posture chain involves muscles like upper back, hips, core, thighs. She also doesn’t like to sit and relax throughout the day, especially when she is working with her clients. So now, let’s start with her workout routine.

Kira Stokes Workout routine

Kira Stokes Workout routine


Kira Stokes warm-up workout consists of doing a five minutes circuit of sprint or jump rope.

This workout is just to start your blood flow in your body. So the body will be warmed up. She likes to do jump rope and sprint, but you can do any other cardio machines like water rover or even air biking. They both good to get your heart rate up. Don’t go way too hard as this is not the real workout; it’s just a warm-up.



Sometimes Kira Stokes just likes to do a cardio routine where she will be doing a high interval training in cardio as that is also an excellent way to get your calories burned and get your heart rate up.

Just make sure you sprint for 30 seconds and walk on an incline for 30 seconds. With every successful round and increase the speed as well as the incline level to get more effective results.


Kira Stokes Full-Body Workout

The full-body workout routine is the most critical routine of her workout. It works like a circuit training where she won’t be taking any rest in between exercises. If she wants to take a rest, it will be for 30 seconds to 60 seconds max, after she completed the whole set. So Kira Stokes does almost three sets in each circuit routine and performs 5 circuit routines every day.


First session Kira Stokes workout

Exercise: circuit training

Set: 3

Rest: 30 seconds after every set

Reps: 20 reps

  • Globe Squats
  • Jumping Squats
  • Butt kick
  • Push-ups to knee tuck in


Session two Kira Stokes Workout

Exercise: circuit training

Set: 3

Rest: 30 seconds after every set

Reps: 20 reps

  • Renegade row
  • Tricep kickback
  • Push-up
  • Burpees
  • Ball slam
  • Plank saw

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Session three Kira Stokes Workout

Exercise: circuit training

Set: 3

Rest: 30 seconds after every set

Reps: 20 reps

  • Deadlift to barbell bicep curls
  • Overhead press
  • Tricep extension
  • Russian twist ball toss


Session four Kira Stokes Workout

Exercise: cardio routine

Set: 3

Rest: 30 seconds after every set

Reps: 30 seconds to 50 seconds

  • Forward hop to Burpees to backward hop to squat jump
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jump rope


Session five Kira Stokes Workout

Exercise: glutes

Set: 5

Rest: 30 seconds after every set

Reps: 20 reps

  • Resistance band glute bridge
  • Resistance band Knee bridge



For cooling down, Kira Stokes just likes to do some handstand walks. This exercise is where her daily routine ends.

So like you saw in this article, we covered all the Kira Stokes basic workout. So if you want to try these exercises, you can quickly start doing all these, and you can also go to the Kira Stokes fitness app where you can find a lot of other workouts that will work for you.

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Kira Stokes Diet Plan

Kira Stokes eats a very healthy diet. Her diet consists of light and easy to digest food with a lot of protein. She will be eating a total of 7 meals every day. All those meals are divided by Kira Stokes in a way that can provide the right amount of nutrition to her body.

Kira Stokes Diet Plan

Kira Stokes Diet Plan

Kira Stokes also drinks a lot of water throughout the day, but remember when you don’t drink water with your meal, and it’s not good for your health. Also, make sure that you have no cheat meal, or you have them very rarely. Kira Stokes tries to eat as few cheat meals as she can.

Kira Stokes Diet Includes:-

Kira Stokes Breakfast Meal

  • Coffee
  • Oatmeal
  • Almonds
  • Eggs



  • Quinoa
  • Vegetables
  • Chicken


Kira Stokes Pre-lunch Meal

  • Sushi
  • Protein bar


Kira Stokes Lunch Meal

  • Kale salad
  • Veggies
  • Chicken


Kira Stokes Post-lunch Meal

  • Granny smith apple


Kira Stokes Pre-dinner Meal

  • Protein smoothie


Kira Stokes Dinner Meal

  • Egg white omelet
  • Veggies

This is all about Kira Stokes diet plan.

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