Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine: Train Like Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

By | April 16, 2021

Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine: Train Like Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika Kurta is a character of Hunter X Hunter. He is undoubtedly one of the main characters of the series and way too strong. However, Kurapika can’t use that strong ability on anyone other than Phantom Troupe, or else he will die.

I’m sure it’s a huge setback, but that’s the price he had to give to become the most powerful nen user and get his revenge against the Phantom Troupe. The last survivor of the Kurta Clan that are known for their incredible eyes. So if you also want to get strong like Kurapika and know the Kurapika Kurta workout routine, keep reading.

Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine: Train Like Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine: Train Like Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika Kurta Body Stats

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 57 kg
Age 19 years
Chest 39 inch
Waist 29 inch
Biceps 13.5 inch

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Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine

We all know Kurapika as a calm and straightforward character with a firm resolve that has led him to become the strongest nen user. He also possesses the ability to control all nen abilities and using them against the phantom troupe that killed and slaughtered his whole Kurta Clan just for some money. So how does he end up being so strong?

Well, even without nen, Kurapika was considered vital that’s why he was able to become a pro hunter. There are other factors of his strength like knowledge of martial arts, using his weapon, and even his eyes that give him powers. All of those factors together help Kurapika get so powerful.

I would say if we separate nen user Kurapika to the pro hunter Kurapika. He is the one character that you can achieve in real life with years of training. You might become Kurapika if you train, for starting his physical abilities are average in terms of the series. Kurapika’s abilities are martial arts, strength, and a peaceful mind. These all can get achieved if you try.

To get near the strength of Kurapika, you need to follow a routine of daily training of some type. The workout will involve different training methods for your inner and outer body that will also provide a balanced body structure. We will train three hours a day for a minimum. However, it won’t be super bad, and you won’t need to join a gym or do any weight training. So let’s get started:

Kurapika Kurta workout includes:

Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine

Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine


We need to build stamina and fitness for starters, which will get achieved by doing lots of cardio. So for the cardio routine, I will recommend doing a 5km to 10km run and keeping your pace at a moderate speed.

Make sure you maintain your pace, as it’s not about how fast you will finish; it’s about how long you can go. You can also do other cardio workouts like biking or even jumping rope to help you gain quite a lot of stamina. Make sure you do any of the cardio exercises you like, which can help you build stamina.



For mental health and controlling your body and mind, medication is reasonably necessary. As I have you told even in other articles, it’s one of the things that every character from this series does. As the concept of Nen and Ren is not just a theory made by some fiction novel writer.

It’s a reality achieved by many Shaolin monks, and even you can get a fraction of benefits from 30 minutes to 60 minutes of daily meditation. However, if you can’t meditate for so long, don’t worry, as it’s not easy, and not everyone can do that on the first try.

So take your time building up the concentration and habit of mediation and increase it slowly as you feel comfortable. It will help you keep your mind and body balanced and in a peaceful state, and who knows, maybe you might feel your life energy as well as you get better at meditation.


Martial Arts

The last thing that we need to do is learn martial arts. I would suggest doing three to five days of martial arts for two hours a day. You can join any dojo of any style you would love, but I would recommend learning either Chinese martial arts or Japanese arts for better results. So make sure you go and join one dojo to become as powerful as Kurapika.

That’s all for the Kurapika Kurta workout routine.

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