Kylie Jenner Skincare and Beauty Secrets 2020

By | March 3, 2020

Kylie Jenner is known for amazing beauty and style. She has launched her own beauty and fashion line. She does get lots of support from her family and sisters. The Kardashian are really the most famous family right now. we are going to discuss Kylie Jenner Skincare and Beauty Secrets.

While Kylie is mostly busy taking care of her shoot and lots of other things like her fashion line looking for new ideas. She still manages to take care of her skin and stay beautiful, she told how she does that and gives a lot of beauty tips so let’s see the what is Kylie Jenner beauty routine for her amazing skin.

Kylie Jenner Skincare and Beauty Secrets

While Kylie Jenner is really a beautiful celebrity with flawless skin, she doesn’t really use super expensive makeup and her routine doesn’t really take too much of her time and you can do it too. Other than eating healthy and drinking lots of water she has a full made routine that she follows for her skin.

Kylie Jenner Skincare and Beauty Secrets

Kylie Jenner Skincare and Beauty Secrets


Kylie Jenner Beauty Secrets and Skin Care Includes –

Morning routine

Face wash: Kylie Jenner said that it’s really important that she washes her face when she wakes up as she likes to feel fresh in the morning. Many times there is leftover mascara that she wants to wash. So yeah when you wake up you need to wash your face first.


NIP + FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix: Once she has done washing her face she really likes to use the Dragon Fix. It’s good for her skin that helps it to get moisturized and feel better.


Sunblock or sunscreen: Kylie Jenner never goes out without using her sunscreen as she lives in a place with hot temperature and always traveling it’s important to use sunscreen while traveling to places. So yeah, it’s her everyday thing for sure, she has lots of brands that she likes to use in sunscreen. She said that one thing Kendall Jenner did though her is that never go out without sunscreen it can damage your skin.


Lip gloss and Lipstick: This is another that Kylie Jenner never forgets to use as you gotta take care of your lips for sure. She really loves to use her own Kylie brand lipstick, not just cuz it’s her own line but cuz it’s really good.

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Evening routine

Kylie Jenner Beauty Secrets

Kylie Jenner Beauty Secrets

NIP + FAB Glycolic pads: Kylie Jenner loves to use these as it’s really good and simple. Kylie said she doesn’t always want to use her hands and the pads really make it easy for her.


Eye cream: Kylie Jenner than later uses eye cream, she said that she has lots of eye cream so she doesn’t really use one type of eye cream.


Face masks: She loves to use a face mask, as it really moisturizes her skin and gives her a fresh feel and takes off all the dirt and impurities from her face.


EyeLashes: Kylie Jenner usually gets her lashes done when she’s going somewhere like for a shoot or something. But if she’s going for just some family gathering or hanging out with friends she doesn’t really put much effort on getting her eyelashes done.


Mascara: She loves to use rodeo Mascara and blonder as it’s her favorite brand for those things. She really loves that for now, maybe it will change sooner or later but yeah, for now, that is what Kylie Jenner uses.


When Kylie Jenner does her own makeup for hanging out with friends and going to a family gathering. She doesn’t really do heavy makeup. She likes to do light make up like ust using mascara and blonder, with sunscreen and lipstick.


Kylie Jenner tips on a wig

When Kylie Jenner is using a wig, she really likes to get other people’s help, because she wants it to look as real as it could and doesn’t really want to stick out too much while wearing it.

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