Lakeyah Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 15, 2022

Lakeyah Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Lakeyah Danaee Robinson was born on 28th February 2001 recognized popularly as Lakeyah and is a notable American rapper.  In 2021, Lakeyah was named in the XXL magazine to the Freshman Class. She was the first rapper to be listed in the XXL freshman from Milwaukee. 

Her recent raps in 2022 are Mind Yo Business which received massive fame and praise. Apart from doing amazing rap she has a spectacular body figure. So, here we thought to jot down the popular rapper Lakeyah workout routine and Lakeyah diet plan in a great depth. 


Lakeyah Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lakeyah Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Lakeyah Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height 5 ft. 5 inches or 1.65 m 
Weight 52 Kg 
Age 21 years 
Chest 34 inches 
Waist 26 inches 
Hips  34 inches 

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Lakeyah Workout Routine 

Lakeyah has gained love and respect from huge masses around the diverse corner of the world. Lakeyah has a self-named YouTube channel with around 455 K subscribers and so much more on other social media platforms . Well, we are going to disclose the American brunette Lakeyah workout routine explicitly. 

Lakeyah is very focused on her body figure so she constantly keep a check on her workouts and diet. Lakeyah has included a strict and well-curated workout regime in her daily life. Lakeyah workout routine consists of various kinds of workout to keep her body toned. She manages to visit the gym six days a week and practice these rigorous workout under the expert guidance for at least 45 to 80 minutes. 

For all the fan followers and female fitness enthusiasts, get ready to read out the amazing star Lakeyah workout routine. Make sure to go through the entire routine properly to curate your personal workout regime as per your comfort. Let’s take a glance: 


Lakeyah Workout Routine 

Lakeyah Workout Routine


Lakeyah Workout Routine includes:

Workout Training  

Mainly 10 to 15 minutes should be allowed in the beginning for a short warm-up or stretching session at first before moving on to the actual workout session. 



stretching exercises 

  • Move on to a bent arm wall stretch 
  • Lying quad stretch 
  • Trunk twist 
  • Seated glute stretch 
  • Hip flexor stretch 
  • Standing toe lift 
  • Rotator cuff stretch 
  • Piriformis stretch 


Yoga workouts 

  • Low plank 
  • Three-legged dog 
  • Cat cow pose 
  • Reverse lizard 
  • Intense child’s pose 
  • Extended shoulder rolls 
  • Hip width forward bend 
  • Eagle pose 

Core Workouts


Sets no. – 3 to 4

Reps count – 6 to 8

  • Single arm press 
  • Glute bridge march 
  • Single arm floor press deadbug 
  • Kettlebell bridge pullover 
  • KB deadbug pullover 
  • Stability ball deadbug 
  • Unilateral DB March 
  • Stability ball stir the pot


Cardio workouts 

Reps count – 5 to 7

  • Posterior swings 
  • Squat hold 
  • Crossover lunge 
  • Upright wall sits 
  • Plank jacks 
  • Power mountain climbers 
  • Pike ups 
  • Rotator cuff stretch 

Lakeyah Workout Routine

Lakeyah Workout Routine


Strength Workouts 


Arms, Chest & Shoulder 

Reps count – 6 to 8 

Sets no. – 3 to 5

  • Inclined bent over row 
  • Incline chest press 
  • Supine eventual raise 
  • Side pull over 
  • Renegade row 
  • Alternating curl 
  • Single arm snatch 
  • Military push-ups 


Lower back & leg 

Sets no. – 3 to 4 

Reps no. – 7 to 9 

  • Single leg bridge 
  • DB split squats 
  • Barefoot standing calf raise 
  • DB walking lunges 
  • Sled push 
  • Hamstring rotations 
  • Gluteal squeeze 
  • Transverse abdominal march 

That’s it! We have provided all the details we gathered regarding eminent rap star Lakeyah workout routine that she follows up in her everyday life to stay in shape. The American rapper has an amazing body figure and curves which any woman would dream to possess. So, if you are one of those females who wish to attain a well-toned body image follow these aforementioned workout schedules properly. 

This is all about Lakeyah workout routine.

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Lakeyah Diet Plan

Lakeyah diet plan has very amazing and simple habits which is entirely well-balanced and rich in all essential elements. Lakeyah follow a proper eating routine that has a large proportion of dietary proteins, fibres, nutrients and minerals. To maintain the hydration level of the body in a good state, she keep drinking a lot of water. Also, she strictly doesn’t allow any kind of dairy products, high fats and sugar containing food items, alcohol etc in her everyday diet plan. 

Have you checked out the famous rapper Lakeyah diet plan to know in-depth about her healthy eating habits? 


Lakeyah Diet Plan

Lakeyah Diet Plan


Is Lakeyah a Vegan? 

No, Lakeyah is not a vegan. 


Lakeyah Diet Plan includes:


  • Blueberry oatmeal waffles 
  • Tofu omelettes 
  • Fresh fruit smoothie 
  • Pearrific green smoothie 


  • A bowl of brown rice 
  • Miso soup 
  • Broiled salmon 
  • Mixed green salads 


  • Baked kale & apple chips 
  • Trifle 
  • Fried Mars bar
  • Fresh fruits and nuts. 


  • Haggis, Neeps and Tatties 
  • Steak and Kidney Pie 
  • Beef Wellington 
  • Mixed green leafy salads 

That’s all we know related to the Lakeyah diet plan that she implements in her everyday eating routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a well-toned body image. Being very focused on your food habits can only help you in achieving a fit body figure and living a healthy well-balanced life. So, eat the right food in a proper quantity to get all vital elements required in the body. 

This is all about Lakeyah Diet Plan.

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