Lee Young Ji Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | July 13, 2024

Lee Young Ji Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The KPOP industry is soaring to new heights every day, especially in the last few years. Consequently, many new faces are getting international attention. One such example is Le Young Ji, who has soared to fame quite quickly and consistently. Lee Young Ji is a South Korean rapper and singer, best known for her energetic performance and perfect notes. She is one of the most successful young faces rising in the K Pop sphere. 

Lee Young Ji started her career in 2018 by winning the reality singing competition ‘High School Rapper’ and went on to release super successful albums like ’Compromise’ and ‘ Smoke ’. Recently the celebrity has been in the limelight for a slightly different reason. It’s her magical bodily transformation over the last few months. In a world where obesity is increasing, her transformation has gathered lots of curiosity around her process and diet routine. 

In this post, We will help put your curiosity to rest. E will dive deep into Lee Young Ji approach to fitness, workout, and health to give our readers an accurate picture of her journey to a fitter body and mind.

Lee Young Ji Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lee Young Ji Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lee Young Ji Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 52 Kgs
Age 21 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 28 Inches

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Lee Young Jee Workout Routine 

As most of her fans would already know, Lee Young Ji carries a very strong personality. All her stage performances show her confidence in her craft and herself. So, her approach to fitness and lifestyle is also motivated by self-love and self-care, rather than from any negative view around fitness and body. That’s why Lee Young Ji didn’t go for a crash diet but spanned her weight loss over several months so that she could do it the right and healthy way. This is one of the most crucial lessons that our readers must take from Lee Young Ji, to respect their bodies and say no to crash diets and unhealthy weight loss regimes.

Lee Young Jee Workout Routine 

Lee Young Jee Workout Routine

Lee Young Jee Workout Routine includes: 


In a recent Instagram update, Lee Young Ji shared practical tips to lose weight. She shared that when she is low on motivation to work, she goes for a long soothing walk. She said when you feel weak, go on a walk and keep walking. 

So, walking seems to be a big part of her wellness routine, especially for her transformation where she lost 12 Kg weight and looked shockingly gorgeous and different. Walking is one exercise that she enjoys. That’s why she often posts pictures of herself taking a good walk.

Walking is one of the simplest yet effective ways to maintain health. It’s a very crucial exercise for people of almost every age. It burns calories, tones up the body, builds strength, and promotes good mood. Walking is also great for cardiovascular health and keeps you active throughout the day. It must be added to your routine, as it is the most convenient way to take care of your health.


The next exercise that Lee Young Jee actively does, almost regularly, is Pilates.

And that has been one of the biggest catalysts behind her magical transformation. Pilates has a big role in keeping your body lean and toned, and yet strong and muscular. Pilates has been popular among the KPOP stars for precisely this reason. It works majorly on core muscles, bringing stability and toning to the body. Pilates also activates every small muscle of the body, which improves metabolism and makes you lose weight faster.

Pilates practice also improves posture and flexibility, as well as cardiovascular fitness. So, Pilates formed one of the basic tenets of Lee Young Ji exercise routine.

Weight Training

Weight Training is another important part of her workout routine. Lee Young Ji majorly focused on core exercises to bring overall stability and posture. Many pieces of research show that the right posture is extremely important to maintain long-term health. Her weight training regime also consisted of intense exercises like Deadlifts and weighted squats. Other exercises like Shoulder Press, Lunges, and One leg Squats were a part of her routine as well. She tried to focus on weighted versions of these exercises

Adequate weight training is very important for sustained weight loss, as it replaces the fat mass of your body with muscle mass. And muscles burn calories even at rest. So, you must maintain a routine of enough weight training to lose weight effectively, besides gaining strength.


Workout Routine of a K-Pop star is incomplete without a mention of her dance practices. And Lee Young Ji is a solo rapper. So most of her days go into preparing for energetic performances or making new music. So, she is involved in dancing and practicing stage moves almost every day. So, her lifestyle has a significant amount of dancing as well. 

If you are someone who enjoys dancing, an hour of practice every day is more than enough to make you healthier and happier. So, dancing is a huge part of Lee Young Ji routine as well.

That’s all for Lee Young Ji Workout Routine.

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Lee Young Ji Diet Plan

As far as her diet plan is concerned, Lee Young Ji has shown real strength of will in this department. According to some sources she had to cut her junk food intake hugely, which might have been a bit of a struggle for her. But Lee shared a practical dieting tip as well.

She said one must not eat a snack when hungry but prefer a small nutritious meal. This healthily curbs hunger and makes you feel satiated for longer. Also, the rapper is not a fan of crash diets, though she believes in a calorie deficit. So, her mantra was to burn more calories than she consumes and not get on unhealthy fad diets.

That’s why her weight loss of 12 Kg spanned over a year rather than just a week or two months.

Lee Young Ji kept her food intake simple, with lots of nuts, omega, and micronutrients through fruits and vegetables. She also ate a considerable portion of dessert and junk food of her choice every once in a while. If you’re moving and need reliable transport services, consider using
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Lee Young Ji Diet Plan

Lee Young Ji Diet Plan

Is Lee Young Ji Vegan?

No, she is not vegan.

That’s all for Lee Young Ji Diet Plan.

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