Lemon Benefits For Skin | Lemon On Face For Acne

By | July 11, 2019
Lemon Benefits For Skin | Lemon On Face For Acne

Lemon Benefits For Skin | Lemon On Face For Acne

Hello, We are going to discuss Lemon Benefits For Skin. Lemon On Face For Acne? Everyone knows lemons are delightful fruit and makes our summer drinks fabulous. Lemons also play a vital role in beauty products. You might have seen many of your skin care products like soap, face wash, etc. contains fruit as crucial ingredients.

Lemon Benefits For Skin | Lemon On Face For Acne

Lemon Benefits For Skin | Lemon On Face For Acne

Benefits of lemons are infinite; you can simply start your day by drinking a lemonade glass. This will make your body slim and fit. If you are suffering from obesity I strongly advise you to start drinking lemon juice at the beginning of the day. Lemon has acidic properties, which reduces your inner fat and making your body slim.

Lemons have significant benefits for our Skin also. It can remove the dead cell from our body and regenerate the new battery in the place of the dead cell. This citrus world fruit contains alpha hydroxy acid that is found in many skin care products.

Lemons can detoxify the harmful substance present in your body and also can act as a hydrator, stimulant, anti-oxidant, etc. for our Skin and thus, makes our Skin beautiful and more vibrant. Lemon juice is the product that is advised by doctors in many diseases.

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Here are listed a few benefits of lemon for Skin

Lemon Benefits For Skin

  • Dull Skin: Lemon Benefits For Skin

Lemon has vitamin c as an anti-oxidant, which helps our Skin to remove dead cells with the new one. Thus, lemon helps to make our Skin more vibrant.

If you want to get rid of dry Skin in real quick time, then you should follow this remedy of lemon.

Lemon, when mix with honey is an excellent mixture to get rid of dry Skin and make our Skin more vibrant instead of becoming it dull.

Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, lemon juice, powdered milk and few drops of oil in a bowl, then apply that mixture to your face for 25 min at least and then clear your face thoroughly with normal water.  This is Lemon benefits for dull skin.

  • Brighten and Lighten Skin: Lemon Benefits For Skin

Do you want your Skin to brighten and lighten?

If you have a little greasy complexion or your Skin is tan due to sun then you can apply lemon drops on the face with the help of cotton buds and then wipe out your face to get a lighten and oil free skin.

If this method doesn’t work for, then you can try this method also.

Just mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice and 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder. Mix all the ingredients making a light sandalwood powder. Apply for at least 25 min to get better results. Wash your face with lukewarm water.


  • Exfoliator: Lemon Benefits For Skin

Lemon is a citrus fruit; thus due to its acidic properties, lemon works best as an exfoliator and provides us an oil-free skin. Lemon promotes the growth of collagen in our body. This collagen is responsible for reducing the signs of premature aging.

To take maximum benefits from lemons bleaching property, you should apply this remedy to your face. Take 1tablespoon lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 egg white. Apply the mixture to your face. Just give the mixture 5-10 minutes to settle down into your Skin. After the rinse your face thoroughly.

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Lemon on the face for acne

Acne causes in our body due to excessive sebum (waste material ) production by our skin. Lemons have the excellent power that can control the production of sebum and get us an oil-free skin.

Lemon On Face For Acne

Lemon On Face For Acne

Lemons have these acne controlling power due to the effects of citric acid and antiseptic properties present in fruits.

You can simply rub a lemon slightly against your Skin and keep your Skin in that state for 10 min. Afterward, you can wash your face to get a clean and vibrant skin.

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