Lily Collins Weight Loss

By | February 12, 2023
Lily Collins Weight Loss

Lily Collins Weight Loss: Lily Collins is an actress known for her roles in movies and TV shows like Stuck In Love, Love, Rosie, Comedy Rules, Emily In Paris, To The Bone, and many others! Her current most popular series that has kept her in talk since 2020 is Emily In Paris. While Lily has incredible acting skills, she is also dedicated to overcoming many challenges.

The proof was her body change in the movie To The Bone. Lily portrays a story of a 20-year-old anorexic girl in that movie. That was something that Lily could relate to as well, as in many interviews Lily has mentioned going through an eating disorder herself. So if you also want to learn more about Lily Collins’s weight loss journey, keep reading!

Lily Collins Weight Loss

Lily Collins Weight Loss

Lily Collins Weight Loss Body Stats:

Height  5 feet 4 inches
Weight 51 kg
Age 33 years
Breast 32-33
Waist  24
Hips 33-34

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Lily Collins Weight Loss Workout Routine

Lily Collins didn’t put herself through a rigorous diet or leave food to lose weight. If everyone was thinking that’s what Lily did, then no. During that period Lily was following her nutritionist’s advice and was working out just enough to a point where she automatically started losing weight. Now, what exactly does her exercise routine contain that helped Lily lose all that weight and get back in shape?

Lily Collins Weight Loss Workout Routine Consists of:

Morning Stretch

Lily didn’t change her routine much. Lily has followed the same routine throughout all these years to maintain a great body shape. I searched her Instagram and found this post where Lily’s husband was stretching in the morning, and we can surely say that Lily probably also loves doing some stretching in the morning.

Lily Collins Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Lily Collins Weight Loss Workout Routine

Staying active

Besides stretching, I found some articles from reliable sources like Women’s Health. In Where WH mentions Lily’s workout which includes Lily staying active throughout the day by doing some type of activity. You can surely tell that Lily’s an outgoing person by glimpsing her Instagram. 


Body by Simone 

Besides that, Lily has also mentioned ‘Body By Simone’ which is an excellent program to get yourself in shape. Lily focuses on the routine given by the trainers of Body By Simone. The routine consists of isometric and ballet moves. So isometric and ballet movements involve using your body muscles and contracting to gain strength and lose weight.

The workout can consist of Wall-Sits, Plank Hold, Side Plank, V-Ups, deep squats, etc. You can find many of these workouts on YouTube to get yourself started. So as long as you keep yourself indulged with daily activities, stretches, and 4-6 days of moderate exercises, you will be able to maintain a physique like Lily.

That’s all for the Lily Collins Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Lily Collins Weight Loss Diet Plan

Now, if you see the diet plan, the last update on her diet was in Shape Magazine. Lily mentioned how she went to eat little portions of things that her nutritionist told her during her weight loss for the movie. However, her regular diet that Lily Collins follows consists of eating much healthier and better food.

Lily Collins Weight Loss Diet Plan

Lily Collins Weight Loss Diet Plan

Lily Collins Weight Loss Diet Plan Consists of:

Is Lily Collins a Vegan?

No, Lily Collins is not a Vegan or vegetarian.

Lily stays away from Red Meat 

Lily talks about avoiding red meats and eating chicken, fish, vegetables, and grains like Quinoa.


No processed foods 

Lily also mentioned that she is a farm-to-table type of person. She wants her food to come directly from the land without getting processed or packed with chemicals. Lily has grown up in the countryside. So she always has eaten that way while growing up. It’s a way of her life.


She does treat herself sometimes

Lily doesn’t force herself to deny some treats every once in a while. Lily has mentioned how she enjoys baking and eating ice cream whenever she goes out. She also lets herself drink some of her favorite Tequila whenever she doesn’t have much going on in her professional life. 

That’s all for Lily Collins’s Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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