Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | July 16, 2021

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Lily-Rose Depp is an actress and model; she is the daughter of the famous Johnny Depp. Lily has played roles in movies like the king, yoga hoser, the dancer, etc.

Lily is also very well known for her amazing body that you may have seen many times in Vogue fashion magazine. So if you also want a body like Lily-Rose Depp, then look no further, as, in this article, we are going to talk all about the Lily-Rose Depp Workout and diet.

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Lily-Rose Depp Body Stats

Height 5 Ft 3 Inch
Weight 47 Kg
Age 20 Years
Breast 31 Inch
Waist 23 Inch
Hips 32 Inch

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Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine

Lily-Rose Depp got asked many times how she maintains her beauty and her incredibly slim body shape. All that time, Lily-Rose Depp has answered that she uses a daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine for her skin.

As well as for her workout routine, she said that she doesn’t exercise much, Lily would like to, but it’s just not what she does. Without doing much exercise, Lily-Rose Depp has maintained an incredible body shape over the years.

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine

Lily-Rose Depp Exercise Includes:-


Even though Lily-Rose Depp doesn’t exercise that much, she still tries to stay as much action as she can during her daily routine. Most of the time, Lily-Rose Depp is busy with her photoshoots, fashion shows, and other things as well.

Lily-Rose Depp also likes to travel with her friends and enjoy the time off from work. All these activities and daily work routine help her burn a lot of calories. Celebrities like Ariana Grande also follow the same method to stay fit by staying as much action as they can.



One of the ways that you can achieve the body just like Lily-Rose Depp is by doing daily cardio workouts. You can choose any cardio machine or simply can go for a job or a long walk in the park. Make sure that you burn at least 200 calories to 300 calories by doing an hour of cardio. You can also do a high-intensity cardio exercise workout routine for about 30 minutes to burn calories faster.


Yoga and Pilates

Another thing that you can try is doing yoga and Pilates four to five times a week for better body shape. As we have seen, Lily-Rose Depp has a slim fit body, which you can achieve by doing yoga and Pilates exercises. So feel free to join a yoga or pilates class and go at least four times a week.

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Lily-Rose Depp Diet Plan

Lily-Rose Depp Diet Plan

Lily-Rose Depp Diet Plan

In the interview with Vogue magazine, Lily-Rose Depp told them that she doesn’t eat healthily and loves eating a lot of junk food. Although Lily-Rose Depp does eat a healthy diet as well, it’s just that she tries to balance the number of calories that she consumes.

Lily-Rose Depp loves eating fruits and vegetables, and for snacks, she does prefer to eat fruits only. Lily also drinks a lot of water throughout the day to keep her body fit and hydrated.

That’s all that we know about Lily-Rose Depp’s diet plan and workout. So if you stay active and try to follow the routine, you can also get a body like Lily-Rose Depp.

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