Lionel Messi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 19, 2019

Hello, We are going to discuss Lionel Messi Workout Routine And Diet Plan. Before going to discuss the workout routine and diet plan of Lionel Messi, Let’s know about him. Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987, in a working-class family in Rosario, Argentina. Lionel Messi’s father was a factory steel worker. And the mother was a cleaner.

Lionel Messi Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Lionel Messi started playing at a young age, and his talent became clear soon. However, at the age of 11, He was diagnosed with a lack of growth hormone (GHD). It was a situation which had stopped development and needed expensive medical treatment, including the use of human development hormones in medicine.

His local club was interested in signing the River Plate Messi but he did not want to pay for his medical treatment. However, Messi was given a test with Barcelona, ​​and coach Carlos Rexach was impressed – offering Messi a contract (written on a paper napkin), in which the payment of Messi’s treatment in Spain included. Messi moved with his father to Barcelona. In some time, he became a part of the prestigious FC Barcelona Youth Academy.

In an interview, Lionel Messi said – “I sacrificed a lot to leave Argentina, leave my family and start a new life, but whatever I did, I did it for football to get my dream, so I did not leave the party, Or many other things do not work”

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Lionel Messi Diet Plan

Diet plan of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi likes to balance various elements in his diet so that the body gets nutrition and strength. He includes many things in it. Here is all list of Lionel Messi diet plan.

  • Pasta with a detachment of tuna for midnight dinner
  • His soup intake is good and soup contains chili, turmeric, and ginger, all of which help to dilute the blood.
  • The diet includes many green vegetables besides brown rice and beans.
  • Carbohydrate in the diet is most essential in the diet. It repairs the muscles and body efforts to get the maximum benefit of limited blood sugar in it.
  • Fresh cut fruits are very important, especially banana.
  • Messi has a very strict diet plan and he is sure to stick to it.
  • Green vegetables and fruits are the most important sources of nutrients for the body.
  • In addition to the usual diet of days, there should be a separate plan for the game before, during and after time.

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Lionel Messi Workout Routine

Lionel Messi’s different style of workout is discussed below:

Lionel Messi Body HD Photo

The workout I (Linear Speed)


  • Pillar Bridge-front of 30 seconds reps 2 sets
  • Knee hug lunge of 4 reps each side 1 set
  • Inverted hamstring stretch of 4 reps each side 1 set
  • Pillar skip – linear of 15 yards reps 1 set
  • Rapid response 2-foot – linear of 5 seconds reps 2 sets


  • Hurdle hop of 5 hurdles each reps 2-3 sets
  • Split squat jump of 4 each side 2-3 sets

Movement Skills

  • Acceleration wall drill of 5 2 sets
  • Acceleration wall drill – single exchange of 5 2 sets
  • Acceleration wall drill – triple exchange of  5 2 sets
  • Acceleration – split stance 10 yards 3-5 sets
  • Acceleration to the base of 10 yards 3-5 sets

More about the workout routine of Lionel Messi is given below.



  • Pillar bridge – lateral of 30 seconds 2 sets
  • Lateral lunge of 4 each side 1 set
  • Rotational lunge stretch of 4 each side 1 set
  • Pillar skip – lateral of 10 yards each side 1 set


  • Hurdle hop – lateral of 5 hurdles each 2 sets
  • Lateral bound of 4 each side 2 sets

Movement Skills

  • Lateral shuffle cut of 4 each side 2-3 sets
  • 3-hurdle drill – stabilization 2 sets
  • 3-hurdle drill – continuous 2 sets
  • 3-hurdle drill to drop step of 3 each side 2 sets
  • Mirror drill of 5-10 seconds 3-4 sets

This all about the latest “workout program of Lionel Messi”.