Logan Paul Workout Routine and Diet Plan [Updated ]

By | September 9, 2023

Logan Paul Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Few people have tasted success like Logan Paul. Immense fan following across the globe has made him one of the most successful YouTubers of his time. Starting from short video content in 2013, to being one of the biggest YouTube stars in 2023, Logan has come a long way. He is in videos, selling businesses, investing in them, and fighting in the ring. 

Logan made a significant shift with his venture into WWE in recent times. He has been signed by WWE where he participates part-time. His recent beef with Dillon Danis and the match scheduled between the two is already gaining a crazy amount of attention, turning into an ugly fight with lots of misogyny and toxicity. 

The match is scheduled to be fought in Manchester Arena, England on 14 October 2023. People are curious about how Logan is actually training for the fight, and what his workout schedule looks like for this fight. We’ll also dive deep into his recent workout routines, apart from preparing for this fight. So if you’re curious about Logan Paul’s latest workout routine, this is the article for you. Keep scrolling. We’ll cover all significant aspects of Logan’s training schedule and combine them with some valuable tips from our side. 


Logan Paul Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Logan Paul Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Logan Paul Body Stats

Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 81 kgs
Age 28 years
Waist 32 inches
Shoulders  34 inches
Biceps 14 inches

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Logan Paul  Workout Routine

Logan has always been a fit guy. He was into sportsmanship in his childhood as well as adolescence. This gives him the benefit of having a healthy and agile body all his life. He carries a very toned physique, even when he is not working out specifically for a match. Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul has been a great influence in Jake’s life as far as fitness is concerned. Logan was into playing football and track events, when younger, and has carried the game into his adulthood, and this gives him a strong and toned body, even when he is not actually working out.


Logan Paul  Workout Routine

Logan Paul  Workout Routine


Logan Paul Workout Routine includes: 

Warm Up

Logan starts his workout routine with a warm-up session which usually includes stretching and light cardio. Warm-ups are important to protect the system from injury and help the muscles to fully contract and relax during workouts. So, warm-ups must be the first step in your workout sessions, especially if you’re into combat sports like Logan.



The next part of his training schedule is a cardio workout. Logan works out 4-6 times per week and all these sessions are pretty intense, often lasting for hours on stretch. So, Cardio is always a priority for Logan, to build endurance to sustain in the fight with a high amount of energy. Endurance in the fight is one of the most crucial pillars of a fighter’s training schedule, so cardio workouts are a big part of Logan Paul workout routine. Incline treadmills, or outdoor runs are commonly used by Logan to get the desired results.


Gym Workouts

Logan’s Workout routine involves working out specific muscle groups every day. So his gym sessions are quite exhaustive, as he is training different muscle groups every day. His usual gym workouts consist of lots of Dumbbell Presses, Dumbbell Flys, Incline Bench presses, Cross Grip Bench presses, Machine Chest presses, Squats, Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Cable Crossovers, and Dips. Logan works out with a trainer and takes necessary precautions to avoid injuries.



Logan Paul is a professional wrestler. He has been into Mixed Martial Arts Training for quite some time now, and this has resulted in him being quite a skilled wrestler. When preparing for a fight, Logan trains for 3 hours in wrestling.

Wrestling is a great sport if you’re looking into getting fit while also gaining a skill, wrestling can be the answer for you. So, wrestling is a great sport for someone who enjoys combat sports, and Logan has also managed to make money from it. So, Good Luck.



The perfect shredded physique is no small affair. The aesthetics seem to be almost artificial. In an interview, Logan said- I might not be a full-time athlete, but I am a boxer. 

Boxing is the favorite part of Logan Paul’s Workout routine, which usually lasts for 2-3 hours every day. Each session includes Sparring, Agility Drills, Shadow Boxing, and footwork training. He works on his core training intensely. He uses a medicine ball and trains by throwing the medicine ball on the midsection. 


Other Exercises

Logan Paul’s Workout sessions are usually about cardio, weight training, and shadowboxing. Boxing is always the priority for Logan and all his workout routines are wholesome and build endurance and strength.

That’s all for Logan Paul Workout Routine.

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Logan Paul Diet Plan

Logan Paul works out for 6-7 days a week. So adequate fuelling and recovery is the most crucial priority for Logan to ensure sustained gains. So Logan Paul keeps a good tab on his eating habits. He focuses on consuming ample protein and minimal junk. He is almost always eating healthy. His usual diet consists of a high amount of protein, high-quality carbs, and good fats. His diet is also full of veggies, and all forms of essential amino acids and he also takes supplements when needed.

His diet has brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, eggs, chicken, and avocados. Nuts and Pistachios, including Walnuts, are consumed for good fats. Lunch is the largest meal of the day, which is high in protein, consuming lots of chicken, salmon, and meats.

For snacks, Logan relies on a protein bar. 


Logan Paul Diet Plan

Logan Paul Diet Plan


 Is Logan Paul vegan?

No, Logan Paul is not vegan.


That’s all for Logan Paul Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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