Lorde Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | August 29, 2021

Lorde Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Lorde is a singer and songwriter known for her music albums and brings her style to the pop music industry. Lorde always got a little different from the other pop singers; many say her pop songs sound like rock music.

Maybe they do because Lorde does like many artists. Other than that, Lorde is also quite well known for her beautiful body shape and looks. So if you also want the Lorde workout routine and the Lorde diet plan, then keep reading.

Lorde Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lorde Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Lorde Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 52-54 kg
Age 24 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 25-27 inch
Hips 33 inch

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Lorde Workout Routine

Lorde is quite well known for her singing and vocal ranges. Also, her unique songwriting style gives her different recognition in the game. However, other than that, many Lorde fans also admire Lorde’s beauty and the lean body shape that she has, and we see that she has gotten even more toned in her recent album and on the live performances that Lorde does do on many shows.

So how does Lorde keep herself fit, and what is the Lorde workout routine look like on a regular and busy day? Well, don’t worry, as I was able to find all about her workout through an article from Women’s Health where they talk to Lorde’s trainer “Kimmel” and ask about the routine. Kimmel told Women’s Health that most of the time, Lorde’s workout is only 30-40 minutes long as she is busy with the tour.

On tour, they try to get in the workout whenever they can, and that’s why you also see Lorde pics of doing running and some kettlebell workout before the tour on google. However, when they don’t have a tour, Kimmel makes Lorde work out for a good hour and a half. So that’s where they would be doing a mixture of various workouts.

Lorde workout includes:

Cardio & Warm-up

When they are on tour and busy, Kimmel makes Lorde do a 30 minutes workout consisting of jogging and some yoga workouts. However, when they are not on your, Lorde’s workout starts with a 15 minutes cardio routine in which Lorde usually does a 15-minute jog, but you can do any cardio workout. After that, Lorde will be doing 15-20 minutes of yoga-based warm-up.


Full-body Circuit Routine

Once Lorde gets done with that, Kimmel makes Lorde do workouts that include standard weight training and include a little bit of Pilates and Barre moves and exercises. In the article of Women’s Health, Kimmel shares two workouts that she has made Lorde do in the gym, and these two workouts are:


Routine 1

  • Long jump burpees
  • Kneeling single-arm overhead press x 10 on each side
  • Forearm plank x 45 seconds
  • Get-ups
  • Reverse crunches x 20
  • Single-leg bridges x 10 on each side
  • Slow Pilates roll-ups x 12 reps


Routine 2

  • Side lunge into a curtsy squat x 12 on each side
  • High side plank with an elevated top leg x 30 seconds on each side
  • Front leg swings into a backward lunge x 12 on each side
  • Deadlifts x 12
  • Triceps extension
  • High knees x 45 seconds
  • Second position knee bend x 12, hold the last bend for 45 seconds

That’s all for the Lorde workout routine.

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Lorde Diet Plan

Lorde’s diet plan is still unknown, and I couldn’t find a trusted report on her daily diet or her favorite foods. I do know that Lorde mostly eats vegetarian foods and also eats healthy most of the time. However, as long as the diet itself goes, I can’t tell you much about Lorde’s diet plan. So, I think I will be giving you a diet that would help you get a lean body like Lorde with the help of her workout routine.

Lorde diet includes:

Lorde Diet Plan

Lorde Diet Plan

Is Lorde a Vegan?

Lorde loves eating vegetarian foods, and I do think that’s how she maintains her body shape. However, there hasn’t been a confirmation on if Lorde is a dedicated vegan/vegetarian or if Lorde does consume meat, even if it’s once in a while. So if you know about it, do let us know in the comment section!



  • Oatmeal and blueberry pancake



  • Fruit salad
  • Detox tea



  • Chicken breast
  • Brown rice
  • Veggies



  • Whole-grain pasta or salmon salad

That’s all for the Lorde diet plan.

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