Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 13, 2022

Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Ma Tian Yu is a famous Chinese singer and actor known as ray ma. Ray is a renowned c-pop singer who loves to write love songs. Apart from his singing, the ray is a spectacular actor. Ray has done several shows. Ray has earned a name for himself in the Chinese music and acting industry. His growing fame has never affected his attitude.

He seems to be an amicable and kind person. Ray is fond of playing with children. He even says he would like to go to a playground on his first date with his girlfriend. However, Ray is a generous guy who has never boasted about his fantastic physique. Ray looks so excellent and stunning that many people over the globe like to see him.

Ray is also famous among the girls for his gentlemanly behavior and hot looks. It is unknown how he maintains himself excellently; many of his fans wonder what kind of diet and workout ray takes to look so good. But, don’t worry, we here at health yogi are willing to tell you about his workout routine and diet plan.


Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Ma Tian Yu Body Stats

Height 5ft 10 inch
Weight 64 kgs
Age 36 yrs
Chest not available
Waist  not available
Hips not available

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Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine

Ma Tian Yu is a very generous actor. He did films like Young Sherlock and Swords of Legends. People are fans of his singing, and he has also been awarded for his super-skilled singing. Ray has also joined the Beijing film industry, where he learned about acting and stuff. Ray’s remarkable singing and acting are backed by his passion and looks; Ray is said to be one of the most handsome in china, and people worldwide are mad over his looks. 

Workout is crucial to maintain one’s physique and for the celebs like ma tian yu its of a big concern. Ray ma is a big fan of working out and never complains about doing it daily because he likes it. Ray wants to work out and gives his body food filled with nutrition ray is indeed a kind being to everybody, including himself. Ray has inspired much youth to pay attention to their physique and stay healthy. But, what type of workout Ma tianyu likes and prefers to do is unknown, so here we are going to tell you about Ma tian yus workout routine that includes training and cardio. To know more about it, keep reading.


Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine

Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine


Ma Tian Yu workout includes:

The gym is a fascinating topic regarding workouts and training the body, yes! Ray trains himself in the gym daily as he has a lean body, covers it with muscles, and does various compound and hypertrophy exercises.

As ray is a busy celeb, he usually does compound exercises that train multiple Muscles and helps improve mobility. Ray likes to do a lot of push and pull activities that cover the upper body. To the people who always wonder how ray has such a collar bone and perfect upper body, it’s primarily because of the push and pulls exercises he does in the gym. Ray focuses on strength improvement and staying healthy, so the type of workout he does in the gym are:


Crossfit is a perfect workout scheme that involves every muscle in the body. It targets mainly increasing stamina, and for a celebrity like a ray, it’s essential to increase energy as they stand for hours on the set, so rays prefer doing cross fits. If you are willing to improve stamina, add cross-fits to your routine. 


Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine

Ma Tian Yu Workout Routine


Ray Ma’s gym schedule is designed in a proper way where he does a variety of workouts for the muscles. His weight training schedule is divided into two splits for the first of the week. It includes


Chest shoulder and trice[ps exercise where he does four chest exercises and 2 for shoulder and triceps

total of 8 exercises 


Tuesday/ Fridays

he does back, and biceps, where he also does four sets of deadlifts accompanied by lat pull down seat and rowing bent over rows face pulls, and for biceps, he does alternative dumble curl and preacher curls. 


Wednesdays/ Saturdays

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, he does all lower body exercises that train the core and legs. He likes to do squats, crunches, etc.

That’s all Ma Tian Yu workout routine.

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Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan

Ma Tian Yu likes to try different foods and considers himself a foodie. So to learn about his diet plan, keep reading.


Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan

Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan

Is Ma Tian Yu a Vegan?

No, Ma Tian Yu is not a vegan.


Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan Includes


  • Egg whites and some protein shake



  • For lunch, nonveg foods like salmon, fish, and chicken breast are usually preferred.



  • Ma likes to try different food, so he goes to restaurants for dinner.

That’s all for Ma Tian Yu Diet Plan.

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