Maia Reficco Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | August 21, 2022

Maia Reficco Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Maia Reficco Viqueira was born on July 14th, 2000 is a well-known American-Argentine singer and actress. Reficco rose to prominence by playing the role of Kally Ponce in the Nickelodeon original series, Kally’s Mashup. 

Besides her outstanding voice and acting talents, she also has a magnificent body figure that surely grabs everyone’s attention. She maintains her curvy body image so well that her fans always praise it. Here we are writing down the gorgeous singer Maia Reficco workout routine and Maia Reficco diet plan precisely. 


Maia Refico Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Maia Reficco Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Maia Reficco Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height 5 ft. 7 inches 
Weight 62 Kg 
Age 22 years 
Chest  32 inches 
Waist  24 inches 
Hips  33 inches 

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Maia Reficco Workout Routine 

Maia Refico at the age of 22, has a huge crowd of fan fam from diverse corners of the world. Maia has around 1.5 million people following her on Instagram and a 42.6 K fan base on her Twitter handle. Well, here we are going to present Maia Reficco workout routine in detail. Keep reading! 

Maia has an eye-catching body figure that surely takes their breath away for seconds. Maia practices tons of workouts or exercises to maintain a fit and toned body image. Maia Reficco workout routine is based mainly on balancing exercises, flexibility exercises, strength gaining workouts, etc. All these workouts together help her to gain stamina, flexibility, and a fit body posture. Maia goes to the gym 6 days a week for 40 minutes at least. 

That female individuals who are fitness zealots or her fans, we are writing down Maia Reficco workout routine for you people. Take some insight and pick out the workouts to start your fitness regime. Without further ado, let’s start


Maia Refico Workout Routine 

Maia Refico Workout Routine


Maia Reficco workout routine includes: 

Workout Training

A warm-up or stretching exercise of at least 15 to 20 minutes is a must-do task for everyone before starting the real workout session. 


Stretching exercises


  • Standing Hamstring Stretch 
  • Lunge with spinal twist 
  • Figure four stretch 
  • Seated shoulder squeeze 
  • Side bend stretch 
  • Lunging hip flexor stretch 
  • Lying pectoral stretch 
  • Knee to chest stretch 


Yoga workouts


  • Intense Child’s pose 
  • Extended shoulder rolls
  • Upward facing bow full wheel
  • Balancing on 1 leg forward bend 
  • Downward facing dog pose 
  • Little baby cobra pose 
  • Warrior || pose 
  • Triangle pose 


Maia Refico Workout Routine 

Maia Reficco Workout Routine


Strength exercises


Upper body 

No.of sets – 4 to 5 

No.of reps – 10 to 12 

  • Incline Dumbbell presses 
  • Horizontal rowing 
  • Up and over shoulder press 
  • Assisted pull-ups and dips 
  • Lat pulldown
  • Military presses 
  • DB pullover and strict press 
  • Bear crawl and hang clean 



Lower body 

No.of sets – 4 to 5 

No.of reps – 10 to 12 

  • Hip hinging motion 
  • Bulgarian split squats 
  • Plank jacks burpees 
  • Heavy sled push 
  • Mini band kickback 
  • Crossover punches in sumo squats 
  • Squat glute stretch 
  • Leg bridges 


Cardio workouts


Reps count – 5 to 7

  • Posterior swings 
  • Squat hold 
  • Crossover lunge 
  • Upright wall sits 
  • Plank jacks 
  • Power mountain climbers 
  • Pike ups 
  • Rotator cuff stretch 


Core exercises 


Sets no. – 4 to 6

Reps count – 7 to 8 

  • Sit-ups with a towel 
  • Stability ball stir the pot 
  • Stability ball rollout 
  • Kettlebell dead bug pullover
  • Glute bridge march 
  • Hollow body hold 
  • Single-arm floor press dead bug 
  • Vertical leg crunch

That’s an end. We have not down all the information that we have collected related to the Maia Reficco workout routine. To maintain an outstanding body image, she practices these various exercises in the gym. So, if you look up to her as your fitness idol then the best thing you can do is begin doing some simple exercises daily and move to a higher level gradually or join a gym. 

This is all about Maia Reficco workout routine.

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Maia Reficco Diet Plan 

Maia Reficco diet plan is based on two mixed varieties of food as per her choice & origin place. Well, she has a clean, aptly balanced, and healthy food routine. Her diet part has a large proportion of proteins, fibers, minerals, and vital nutrients. She keeps taking a sip of water in a few hours so that she can stay hydrated. Maia stays away from unhealthy or processed meals, high fats & sugar-containing foodstuff & drinks, etc to maintain her sizzling and toned body figure.

Let’s see how the famous Kally fame singer Maia Reficco diet plan helps her to maintain a fit and healthy body image. 


Maia Refico Diet Plan 

Maia Reficco Diet Plan


Is Maia Reficco a Vegan? 

No, Maia Refico is not a vegan.


Maia Reficco diet plan includes:  


  • Empanadas 
  • Choripán 
  • Revuelto de Gramajo 



  • Milanesa 
  • Dorada a la parrilla 
  • A small cup of brown rice 



  • Humita en chala 
  • Pastelitos Criollos



  • Metambre arrollado 
  • Celery Victor 
  • Carbonada Criolla 

This is all about the pretty actress Maia Reficco diet plan that she used to follow for a well-toned and curvy body image. She keeps a nice balance between her healthy food routine and workout regime to maintain this physique. So, here we will advise to focus on your diet plan too while you are doing exercises to attain a fit body image. 

This is alla bout Maia Reficco diet plan.

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