Mariah Carey Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2020

By | March 12, 2020
Mariah Carey Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Mariah Carey Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Mariah Carey one of the best singers and songwriters ever. She has many hit songs on the billboard and other award functions as well.  She has done quite good in her singing career, if you look at her now she looks super stunning and young.

Mariah Carey Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Mariah Carey Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Mariah Carey has done tremendous work on her body to make it well-shaped and toned. She gained a lot of weight when she gave birth to her twin babies in 2011, but if you see her now she is in her best shape ever. Which has made her fans wanting to know what her secret is for that transformation? So let’s see what exactly does Mariah Carey workout contains and also what she eats to stay fit ie Mariah Carey diet plan.

Mariah Carey Body Measurements

Height 5 Ft 7 Inch
Weight 65 Kg
Age 49 Years
Breast 39 Inch
Waist 28 Inch
Hips 36 Inch

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Mariah Carey Workout Routine

So the workout routine of Mariah Carey is not really revealed, she did say some things about her workout like how she loves to do aerobics and resistance training.

Mariah Carey said that she just works out 3 times a week and her workout consists of lots of swimming and pool exercises. She workout for 90 minutes and that is what keeps her body as it is right now. She also said in her interview that she loves to workout in the swimming pool and for cardio, she just does swimming only.

Mariah Carey Workout Routine

Mariah Carey Workout Routine

She stated that when you are swimming or working out in a pool it gives you a resistance that helps you work your muscle twice as much as you would in the ground. let’s check out Mariah Carey Excercise routine in detail.

Mariah Carey Workout Includes

Water Aerobics Exercise

One of the reasons behind her amazing shape is her water workout in which she does aerobics exercises. That gets her body in shape, gives her more stamina and makes her muscles stronger as well. So if you have a pool you can also follow this routine by just searching up an aerobic routine on YouTube, that you would like to do and jump into your swimming pool.


Mariah Carey Chest Workout

Yep she does work her chest in a swimming pool only, did you know?  when you do breaststroke, In a way, you are exercising your shoulders and chest a lot. The deeper you go in the pool and perform the breast the better result you will get. So she does lots of laps by doing just breaststrokes and working her chest and shoulders.


Legs Workout

When you are swimming your legs are automatically working while you stroke them. You can make your legs work more by doing squats inside the pool while trying to be very stable. You can also go on the shallow side and do squats jumps as well as calf raises, everything you do in water gets you better results.

Mariah Carey Fitness Regime

Mariah Carey Fitness Regime

Mariah Carey Weight Training 

Mariah Carey does train with weights as well but very little only. Most of her weight training is just for working her butt and thighs, only other than that she gets great results by her swimming and water aerobics.

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Mariah Carey Diet Plan

Mariah Carey diet plan is the secret behind her body, as she consumes only 1500 calories in a whole day. She eats like protein food, fruits, and vegetables most of the time and tries to eat as fewer carbs as she can. She drinks a lot of water in her whole day.

Mariah Carey Diet Plan

Mariah Carey Diet Plan

Mariah Carey Diet Includes –

Mariah Carey Breakfast Meal

For breakfast, Mariah Carey just goes to get some bread and omelet with her favorite fruit.



At lunch, Mariah Carey likes to have protein food like fish or chicken. She loves salmon and chicken breast.



Mariah Carey usually eats fruits or boiled veggies, she tries to make it as light as she can.


Mariah Carey Dinner Meal

Swordfish and green veggies like spinach.

Mariah Carey tries to consume no more than 1500 calories a day, her diet plan doesn’t have much to reveal. So just drink a lot of water, eat 1500 calories and workout 90 minutes in your swimming pool, and you as well will be able to get a body like Mariah Carey.

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