Matthew Perry Workout Routine And Diet Plan

By | January 3, 2022

Matthew Perry Workout Routine And Diet Plan: Chandler’s character and screen presence has left a spot in our heart for sure. His cheeky replies, romance with Monica, and charming personality. Every FRIENDS fan has a sweet spot reserved only for Chandler. Matthew Perry is a Canadian American actor who rose to fame and is best known for his role as Chandler in FRIENDS. But his life has been a cakewalk.

Although he had been having lots of fame and recognition on screens, he was leading a battle within. In today’s post, we will throw some light on the fitness journey of Matthew Perry and his lifestyle habits that helped him in being where he is today.

Matthew Perry Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Matthew Perry Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Here’s a look at his body stats:

Matthew Perry Body stats 

Height 6 feets
Weight 82kgs
Age 52 years
Chest 46 inches
Waist 36 inches

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Matthew Perry Workout Routine

Till now, perhaps each of us knows about the struggles Matthew Perry faced in his life be it with nasty scandals, or Drug Abuse or Extreme weight loss, or his medical conditions that could have proved lethal. If you are also somebody feeling trapped in a little dark space and things seem too overwhelming to continue; then perhaps the fitness journey of Matthew Perry will give some sense that perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Matthew Perry Workout Includes: 

Yogic Sciences

We at health yogi always strive to tell you that your body has an intelligence of its own. Mattew Perry suffered from extreme weight loss and several hospitalization sessions. He says that most of it was due to a poor routine. Yoga is not a sense of posture, but a sense of lifestyle.

If you too have been wondering how to tackle these deep dark spirals that seem endless, then start with a good morning routine. You can incorporate many yoga asanas in your lifestyle to achieve good body weight and a better sense of mental health for yourself.


Weight Training

The primary reason behind all forms of addictions and drug abuse is a lack of self-control. First, you must stop feeling too guilty about your unhealthy habits; it paralyzed any improvement. Look at it as a problem or a game that you need to win.

Weight training has proved to be working wonders in such cases. Start with smaller weights and slowly increase your capacity. As you push yourself more, your self control-your will become stronger subconsciously. So you must add some form of strength training to your daily habits and lifestyle.


Morning Runs and Walks

The Sun is the source of all the energy in this world. And Mornings is the most beautiful time of the day; it not just gives you physical benefits of strong bones and vitamin retention but, also has many mental effects. Further, you should add some sun gazing to your morning routines, which have proved to be of help in strengthening your mental capacity.

Mental capacity is very important in getting out of the cycles of dependency on drugs or alcohol. Moreover, to reap multiple benefits try morning shoreline runs or walks. Walking is the most efficient form of exercise with little exhaustion and tremendous benefits. So you should definitely try to add some active morning workouts in the sun for your routines.

This is all about Matthew Perry workout routine.

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Matthew Perry Diet Plan

We all know of his struggles with pancreatitis and other digestive issues; probably due to extreme dependence on drugs and alcohol. In this section, we will try to analyze what a good diet looks like for a person battling such issues that may prove fatal.

Matthew Perry Diet Plan

Matthew Perry Diet Plan

Matthew Perry Diet Includes:

Is Matthew Perry vegan?

No, Matthew Perry is not vegan.


Eat High Pranic Food

Yogic Sciences divides food into three categories – Tamsik, Rajsik, and Satvic according to its pranic value. Pranic value is the extent of nutrition and capacity that the food carries to nourish a living creature. The higher the pranic value, the higher is its benefits for the body, and the more acceptable it is to the system.

Pranic foods are basically lots of sprouts, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and salads, Coconut, and other major natural foods that are available in nature in ready-to-eat forms. So you should keep a good look at your plate of veggies and make more space for them in your meals.


Ditch Alcohol and Additives

So this one is the most talked-about aspect of the modern world. You are boozed in the evening, pass out in the night and then waste the whole next day in regret and guilt. Then again follow the same process.



Here are some suggestions from our end to make sure you maintain your sobriety and find good health and happiness; just as Matthew Perry did.

  • Applaud yourself for small wins. If you have been sober for today, applaud yourself for that.
  • Don’t feel too guilty and ashamed to take the required steps

You should strive to not be too harsh on yourself. Because it reinforces the cycle. Treat this as a problem that you have to tackle with patience and trust. These are some of our ideas on helping you in your fitness journey with a sense of inspiration from Matthew Perry’s struggles and falls. Try to inculcate them and see if that suits you.

This is all about Matthew Perry diet plan.

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