Melissa Barrera Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 23, 2022

Melissa Barrera Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Melissa Barrera, a Mexican-born talented actress, has shocked the internet with her beauty and tremendous acting skills. Melissa is a young actress who has conquered many people’s hearts with her acting in scream 5. Her fans would love to see her in scream 6 too. Melissa’s hot and stunning looks have a massive impact on her fans. Her fans are mad over her slim and toned physique. 

Melissa updates her fans by posting her workout videos. She is a renowned actor in Mexico and has also appeared in many Mexican movies; however, she has managed to handle fame very smoothly at this age. Melissa’s looks are always a hot topic over the internet, and she never neglects the importance of her beauty, so she pays close attention to her diet plan and workout routine. Why wouldn’t she? Look at the cute outfits she likes to wear. It goes so well with her slim and toned physique. Many of you also wonder about having a physique like Melissa Barrera, but don’t worry, we here at health yogi would like to share the awesome secret workout and diet plan that has helped melissa Barrera maintain such a physique. 


Melissa Barrera Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Melissa Barrera Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Melissa Barrera Body Stats

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 60 kg
Age 32 years
Breast  35 inches
Waist 25 inches
Hips 35 inches

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Melissa Barrera Workout Routine

Melissa has played many roles, and in her recent role in scream 5, she played the role of Sam carpenter and has outdone herself. She portrayed the character so well that her fans started demanding her appearance in scream 6. It’s unbelievable how melissa has managed to show such a remarkable performance. Melissa was also a part of the Netflix series club de cuervos. Melissa looks so young and tender that many people cannot judge her proper age and consider her a teenager; however, this happens because of the workout plan that melissa has followed for the last 5 years. It’s unbelievable how her body still looks the same as she was 5 years ago. 

Melissa is enthusiastic and has even posted some videos of her trying core training workouts. While talking about her workout videos, let me also give you a snippet of Melissa Barrera workout routine. Melissa has a diversified workout plan as she is a big fan of working out. She never likes missing the gym; even on Sundays, she likes to play basketball. Now, let us take a look at her workout plan. 


Melissa Barrera workout routine

Melissa Barrera workout routine


Melissa Barrera workout routine includes:


Melissa, from her childhood, was an enthusiastic person. She also said that she had tried many fitness classes, and one thing that melissa was very thankful for was her mother, who supported her in trying various classes. Even at this age, her enthusiasm is still at its peak melissa loves martial arts. Even at her younger age, she tried karate for some time. 

Melissa loves sweating; it feels like therapy to her. Her week starts with an intense boxing session that helps her sweat and stabilizes her mind. Punching on the bean bag helps her strengthen herself and reduce anxiety melissa is a famous persona. Stress is a common problem, so she likes busting her stress with a quirky boxing session every Monday. 


Bang Ball 

Bang ball is a new workout technique that some guy in melissas gym invented. Melissa has fallen in with this technique and tried a variety of exercises on it. She says she can even do abs and arms using this bang ball in an article. This bang ball is nothing, just a normal weighted ball that you can use for training the core and giving the body a precise shape. Bang ball is very effective and can be done by someone at home melissa dislikes sedentary. If you are one of the people who have a sedentary lifestyle, you can try this technique at home melissa, in some of her videos, has shared the way she manages to do this exercise. 


Melissa Barrera workout routine

Melissa Barrera workout routine


Cardio and core

Whether it’s a long hour of working on the shoots or running 5 miles, melissa never gets tired, and this is because of her absolute core and cardio training melissa does a lot of cardio and core workouts to improve her stamina, her cardio training includes running on a treadmill, walking on stairs and doing some hill climbing. In contrast, her core training includes planks, crunches, pushups, situps, Russian twists, and some bang-ball training.

That’s all for melissa Barrera workout routine.

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Melissa Barrera Diet Plan

Melissa eats 80 percent clean and 20 percent whatever she likes; however, sometimes her 20 percent exceeds her usual daily limits, but this doesn’t affect her body because of her healthy and active lifestyle melissa, in a show named Vida, played a role of a vegan character that has also impacted her in her personal life now melissa has terminated some of her animal-based foods. Now, let’s set our eyes on what melissa eats daily.


Melissa Barrera Diet Plan

Melissa Barrera Diet Plan


Is Melissa Barrera a vegan?

No, Melissa Barrera is not a vegan.


Melissa Barrera Diet Plan includes:


  • fruits.
  • Almonds.
  • Whey protein.



  • Grilled salmon fish.
  • Veggie roll.



  • Lettuce, avocado, tomato, bell pepper.
  • Brown rice and black bean.


That’s all for melissa Barrera diet plan.

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