Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss

By | March 16, 2023

Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss: Michelle Rodriguez is no new name in showbiz. She has already made her mark in the entertainment industry with her magnetic presence and unparalleled personality.  Recently her next project titled ‘ Dungeons & Dragons: Honor the Thieves’ dropped its trailer and is set to release in film theaters on 31st March 2023.

And Michelle is looking better than ever in the promising trailer. With several acclaimed projects already to her credit, Michelle is now a global star. But her journey wasn’t smooth, having a variety of identities, with having lived in Texas, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, the actress carries a self-assured depth in herself and her abilities.

Michelle started her career with ‘ Girl Fight’ and proceeded to feature in several well-successful ventures like- ‘ Resident Evil ‘ SWAT’  and the popular ‘Fast and Furious franchise. ‘ Avatar ‘ is her other popular project.

One thing that’s common in all of these projects, is Michelle’s drop-dead gorgeous physique, which radiates strength and power. It seems she trains a lot for each of her physically sound roles, even though she doesn’t ever go out of shape. 

So, in this post, we will chart out Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Workout and Diet Plan.


Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss

Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss

Michelle Rodriguez Body Stats

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 kgs
Age 44 years
Shoulders 34 inches
Waist 25 inches

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Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Workout Routine

As already mentioned the actress is quite conscious about how her body feels and believes in taking good care of her body. Her weight loss workout regime to is focused on things that she can enjoy, which is a sustainable approach to take. Michelle is somebody who loves the Gym and she does 45-minute workout sessions at least 5 days per week. For making it enjoyable, she likes to switch her workouts and mixes several workouts. 


Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Workout Routine

Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Workout Routine


Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Workout Routine includes:

Weight Training

Weight Training is an essential part of the Workout Schedule of almost every celebrity trying to lose weight, or gain muscles for a role. Weight Training not only burns calories but also helps you with replacing the layer of fat with a layer of muscles. 

So, Michelle also does weight training which includes bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, squats, lunges, and plank, and equipment-based exercises like Bench presses and shoulder presses.



Cardio also forms a good part of Michelle Rodriguez’s Workout Routine for weight loss. Running is one of her favorite exercises and she doesn’t shy away from getting her adequate dose of cardio by Jogging or Walking even on vacations. 

Several websites report that Michelle likes to remain active during her Vacations too when most people are already slouching over their fitness routines. On a recent vacation, for instance, she hopped on a paddleboard and got her Cardio workout for the day.



Aerobics seems to be one of Michelle’s favorite workout sessions. She enjoys group activities and Aerobics is one of those. She also likes her Zumba classes as a fun group activity. Michelle funds it efficiently to tweak her workout routines and this is a good way to achieve that. 

So, you can also work on your fitness by taking a sustainable approach which will allow you to be consistent for a long time. And as we have mentioned, consistency and discipline are the base of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Cycling is one such Aerobic Exercise that Michelle loves.

And Group Activities also help you by smoothening your way, making it fun, and invoking team spirit.


Yoga / Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are getting very popular among the celebrity culture and slowly masses are experiencing their mental and physical benefits. Both of these exercises help you with longevity and work on bringing a sense of balance to your mental and physical environment.

It’s especially beneficial for joint health and builds strength and stability over a period of time. Both of these exercises are also beneficial for mindfulness practices like meditation and Breathing exercises.

Michelle is also a big fan of Yoga and Pilates.



For fitting into a particular shape in less amount of time, especially if it requires physical prowess in terms of fighting, Michelle sticks to Boxing sessions. She revealed that Boxing is one of her favorite activities and enjoys it thoroughly. The actress also shared she likes Beach Surfing which gives her a good sense of adventure.

Especially for her role in ‘ Dungeon &Dragons ‘, the actress seems to have worked really hard on her physique.

That’s all for Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Workout Routine.

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Michelle Rodriguez Weight Loss Diet Plan

In an Interview, Michelle shared that whenever she has to fit into a dress or wants to get into a glamorous dress, she sticks to the rule of no Sodium and no White carbs. The actress wasn’t much conscious of her eating habits in her younger days, but once she discovered the benefits of eating clean, she brought it to her personality.


Michelle Rodriguez Weight Loss Diet Plan

Michelle Rodriguez Weight Loss Diet Plan


Is Michelle Rodriguez Vegan?

No, she is not vegan. 

Michelle loves to eat a high-protein meal, typically of chicken and fish. She avoids white carbs, which she claims makes us look bloated. Michelle also revealed she likes Broccoli, Beets, and Spinach when it comes to vegetables. 

For smaller meals, she sticks to raw foods like salads and fruits which keep us feeling satiated for longer and reduces cravings. The actress further shared that, she is done with Master Cleanse – i.e fruit juice fasts. And she would much rather prefer detoxifying recipes which are beneficial for weight loss.

That’s all for Michelle Rodriguez Weight loss Diet Plan.

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