Mike Pouncey Weight Loss

By | March 11, 2023

Mike Pouncey Weight Loss: Mike Pouncey just signed the 1-day contract to retire as a Dolphin. But his weight loss journey is more of the news now. Mike Pouncey is an American Football center, who played for Miami Dolphins and then had a short two-year association with the LA chargers before retiring in 2021. The star footballer started his career in 2010 along with his twin brother Maurkice Pouncey and retired on the same day. Both play as a lineman and were on this weight-loss journey together. 

The brothers have both lost 70 pounds each and news headlines claim they look unrecognizable in their last appearance. So in this post we will chart out the weight loss journey of the famous Pouncey Brothers and why we can learn about fitness from their journeys. In this post, we will specifically focus on Mike Pouncey’s journey, but Maurkice’s weight loss isn’t much different either.


Mike Pouncey Weight Loss

Mike Pouncey Weight Loss


Mike Pouncey Body Stats

Height  5 feet 5 inches
Weight 100 kgs
Age  33 years
Shoulders 38 inches
Biceps 16 inches

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Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Workout Routine

Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Workout Routine


Mike did not reveal some specific exercises for weight loss and one can’t expect a professional football player to give tips for fitness to common people, since the physical requirements are much more rigorous for a professional stature. But anyway we have a list of exercises you can try for weight loss.  These are very common exercises and Mike would have definitely done them during his schedule.


Mike Pouncey weight loss workout routine includes: 

Combine Cardio and Weight Training 

One of the most debated questions is the choice between cardio and weight training for weight loss. For long-term growth and consistency, as well as healthier weight loss, most holistic coaches suggest combining both Weight training and cardio sessions. It helps with the avoiding sagging of skin and also gives you a more toned appearance by replacing the fat layer with a layer of muscles.

HIIT is an excellent example. You can also resort to treadmills, kettlebell training, and regular gym training for better results. Running and practice sessions would have definitely been a part of Mike Pouncey’s weight loss exercise routine.

That’s all for Mike Pouncey weight loss workout routine.

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Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mike Pouncey is one of the most physically imposing offensive linemen and this position requires him to keep the weight at extremes. Many players in Lineman positions have gone through drastic weight loss. Joe Thomas, Marshall Yanda, Jeff Saturday, and David Pollock to name a few. Mike Pouncey weight loss revolved more around diet change.


Is Mike Pouncey Vegan?

No, Mike Pouncey is not vegan.


Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Diet Plan


Some of the Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Diet Plan change includes

Diet Control

Being a lineman has certain requirements, especially in terms of flooding habits. For instance, Thomas had once pointed out the daily diet of a lineman, and it’s pretty large meals. Thomas shared that a day has at least 6-7 meals and mostly it has kinds of pasta meatballs, steaks, eggs, sausages, bacon, salads, pizza, cooking, and ice creams. These meals have a variety as well as large portions. We are focusing on this aspect more because, Mike too revealed that the weight loss is the result of getting off the lineman diet, coupled with some regular exercise and a little restraint.Most other retired players vouch for the same.


No Carbs 

Avoiding carbs is one of the biggest and most commonly thrown advice for weight loss. The advice works for some like Mike Pouncey who gets his proteins as a primary source of energy. In the same interview, Mike told us that he got off carbs too during his weight journey. Time Magazine claims, getting off carbs may lead to stronger muscles, and flatter bellies I.e weight loss, and fat burn. One must try to replace regular carbs with more proteins, healthy fats, and healthier carbs like Brown Rice, Quinoa, and whole grains. Further, a carb-restricted diet reduces your chances of diabetes. Thus you can also try to limit your carbs intake if it suits you. But always remember to listen to your body and follow healthier alternatives for long-term health.


Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mike Pouncey Weight Loss Diet Plan


Eating like a Rabbit 

Mike Pouncey summed up his weight loss journey of losing 70 pounds in a single sentence- ‘ he started eating like a rabbit, whereas he earlier used to eat like a pig during his days on the field’ It’s the basic math of calorie restriction. Mike also shared that the pivot of his weight loss journey was to stop eating a lineman diet and he feels really good after shedding all the weight. For example, he said, The twin brothers stopped having 7-8 meals a day and started restricting it to close to three meals a day. David Carter also lost weight after his retirement and he did so by becoming vegan, which essentially puts less burden on your digestive system and has fewer calories. What Mike means by eating like a rabbit is also introducing a more varied meal in terms of grains and fruits and vegetables, which essentially helps in strengthening the system.

That’s all for Mike Pouncey weight loss diet plan.

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