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By | April 18, 2019

Hello, Here we are going to discuss the “Milind Soman workout routine” and “Milind Soman diet plan“. Speak his name, Milind Soman, and you are immediately taken back in the ’90s. On the tune of Alisha China’s ‘Made in India’, a music video with a long, dark and beautiful man’s chiseled torso came out of the box. This man had the power to make head-heels falling in love with women. A leading model, actor and a fitness enthusiast, Milind was in the news to successfully complete the most difficult triathlon ever.

In the Ironman Triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland on July 19, 2015, Milind finished the work in only 15 hours and 19 minutes, giving himself the title of ‘Ironman’.

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Milind Soman Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Regime

Need to mention, this man has a fitness regime to die. Therefore, we bring his workout routine and diet plan inspired by Ironman. It would be great to pay attention to their advice because their fitness spells do not show them under the age of 20 when they are actually 50 years old! Let’s start with his workout routine.


Milind Soman Hairstyle look


Milind Soman Workout Routine

     The secret of his unseen body? Actually, Milind Soman does not go to the gym. Yes, you read that right; And when he claimed to drink with the fountain of eternal youth in his backyard, it would be easy to believe, Milind Soman says that gym does not just work for them. Since the gym workout focuses on isolating individual muscle groups, Milind Soman thinks that by exercising within one of the four walls of anyone you can only feel it because you are unable to work on the whole body. If you are still skeptical about his claims, then you should know that he left the gym at the age of 38.

Milind Soman Running HD Photo

Milind Soman Workout Program

It is not that Milind Soman’s body is the gift of God. Like everything else, he also needs work. He runs at least 3-4 times a week. And what you are seeing, in fact, is a body that is ready for perfection around 15 years. Milind Soman told in an interview that on the days that he is not running, he does nothing. It is known that Milind Soman does not believe in any kind of ritual or routine or anything like this. What he believes is that you need to be active all the time. This is about the Milind Soman workout routine.

The workout routine of Milind Soman

And he started quickly. He was a national level swim champion at the age of nine and continued to practice sports till 23. Although he was not actively involved in any other physical activity to maintain his fitness level, he says that between the age of 23 to 38 years – a period where he said that he did not do anything “his weight remained the same. Let’s know about Milind Soman Diet Plan.

Milind Soman Body HD Photo

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Milind Soman Diet Plan

Talking about Milind Soman Diet Plan, Milind Soman does not consume any form of refined sugar, and when he engaged in sweet, it has to be made with honey or jaggery. Nothing will leave him just chemicals In addition, he does not eat “over-processed” or “canned foods”. Soman has clearly acquired the taste of a monk.

Not only he has no desire for any of your favorite foods, but he also accepts that he has eaten insects and if he is easily available then do it again for his protein content. Dismissing any discomfort you are feeling, he suggested that “60 percent of the world’s population eats insects.” We will take your word for it. This is all about the Milind Soman diet plan.


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