Milly Alcock Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 18, 2022

Milly Alcock Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Amelia May Alcock is an Australian actress of 22 years. Born on the 11th of April, 2000 Alcock received recognition and fame for illustrating a youthful Rhaenyra Targaryen in the HBO TV series House of the Dragon released in the year 2022. 

She has also come up in several notable films and TV series. Besides her good acting skills, Alcock spread her charm through her fascinating and well-toned body figure. The way she has maintained her courageous body image is incredible. So, here we will know in-depth about the Milly Alcock workout routine and Milly Alcock diet plan precisely. 


Milly Alcock Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Milly Alcock Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Milly Alcock Body Stats 

Body Stats    Units 
Height 5 ft. 6 inches or 1.67 m 
Weight 50 Kg 
Age 22 years 
Chest 31 inches
Waist 24 inches
Hips  33 inches 

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Milly Alcock Workout Routine 

Milly has latched the attention and love of several people from all corners of the globe. House of the Dragon fame popular actress Milly has achieved a fan following of around 332 K on her Instagram account and so much more. Maintain your curiosity as we are jotting down the Milly Alcock workout routine in detail.

Milly has a well-toned and sculpted body figure. She puts in a lot of effort practicing her workouts in the gym. Milly Alcock workout routine is a power package of various kinds of workouts from strength training to cardio and core workouts for overall strength, stamina, and fitness. At last, she performs Yogasana to relax the entire body muscles well. Milly used to go to the gym 6 days a week for at least 50 to 90 minutes. 

Keep your zeal high and your eyes gripped as we are putting down the Milly Alcock workout routine explicitly. Curate your workout schedule and start your fitness steps. What are you waiting for, let’s jump in: 


Milly Alcock Workout Routine 

Milly Alcock Workout Routine


Milly Alcock Workout Routine includes:

Workout Training 

A short but absolutely necessary stretching or warm-up session of 15 to 20 minutes should be performed by every participant of the actual workout training session. 


Strength Training 

Reps count – 8 to 12

No.of sets – 3 to 4 


  • Dumbbell shoulder press 
  • Lunges 
  • Military Pushups
  • Reverse Crunches 
  • Bulgarian split squats  
  • Close Grip biceps curls 
  • Side-to-side plank 
  • Stability ball leg curls 



  • Dumbbell triceps kickback 
  • Single leg deadlift 
  • Lateral squats on an incline bench 
  • Jump lunges 
  • Medicine ball Pushups 
  • Crunch Twist 
  • One–knee drop 
  • Oblique twists



  • Squats and overhead press 
  • Dumbbell lateral raise 
  • Dumbbell goblet squats 
  • Dumbbell row 
  • Reverse Dips 
  • Treadmill 
  • Bicycle crunches 
  • Reverse lunges 


Cardio Training 


Low-Impact Cardio Training 

Duration/Reps – 1 minute on each side 

  • Side knee with side kicks 
  • Low-impact jumping jacks 
  • Squat to jab 
  • Step touches on an alternate side 
  • Knee smashes 
  • Reverse lunge front kick 
  • Reach and crunch 
  • Star jump 


Core Training 


Reps count – 6 to 8 

Rest interval – 30 seconds 

  • L-Leg switches 
  • Side crunches 
  • Abs scissors 
  • Reverse T-circle 
  • Bird dog 
  • Scoop exercises 
  • Wide leg-ups
  • Spider Climber 


Milly Alcock Workout Routine

Milly Alcock Workout Routine


Yoga exercises 


  • Bridge pose 

Holding position time – 1 minute 

Muscles worked – spine and back


  • Butterfly pose 

Holding position time – 1 to 2 minutes 

Muscles worked – pelvis and legs 


  • Extended Triangle Pose 

Holding position time – 1 to 2 minutes 

Muscles worked – calves, hips, hamstrings spines & shoulders 


  • Downward dog pose 

Holding position time – 1 to 2 minutes 

Muscles involved – spines, arms & hamstrings 


  • Ragdoll pose 

Holding position time – 5 to 6 breaths 

Muscles involved – hamstrings, spine, and legs. 

So, finally, it’s the end! As we have not down properly all the details related to the Milly Alcock workout routine. You can notice how diverse kinds of workouts she performs rigorously to achieve a well-curved and fit body figure. If you are the one with high fitness desire, then must include workouts and exercises as a part of your everyday routine. Get fit and maintain it!

This is all about Milly Alcock Workout Routine.

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Milly Alcock Diet Plan 

Milly Alcock diet plan is curated by expert nutritionists to keep a keen check on every bit of calories. She intakes healthy meals full of lean protein & fiber to stay fit.  She strictly cuts off foodstuff with a great number of high carbs, fats, sugars, etc from her diet to take control of her calories. Milly focuses on drinking a great quantity of water to balance the water in her body well. 

Read out the actress Milly Alcock diet plan in depth below. Learn how she keeps her food habits healthy to maintain a fit body image. Scroll down below: 


Milly Alcock diet plan

Milly Alcock diet plan


Is Milly Alcock a Vegan? 

No, Milly Alcock is not a vegan. 


Milly Alcock diet plan includes:


  • Blueberry waffles 
  • A slice of toast 
  • Protein shake 


  • A slice of chicken breast 
  • Barbequed veggies 
  • A cup of brown rice


  • Trifle 
  • Greek yogurt parfaits 
  • Mixed berries 
  • Baked apple chips 


  • Broiled salmon 
  • Miso soup 
  • Steak and kidney pie 

It’s over here! The details collected regarding Milly Alcock diet plan are put up properly in the above lines. Now you can understand how to plan the right diet routine for achieving a healthy body image. So, add healthy and nutritious food items with low carbs & calories (obviously☺) to attain a fit and well-toned body figure.

This is all about Milly Alcock diet plan.

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