Missy Elliott Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 22, 2023

Missy Elliott Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Missy Elliott is set to present at RIAA Honors: Pioneers of Hip Hop Event along with Dr. Dre. She also posted a video in association with the event where she shed light on her journey of breaking the glass ceiling and attaining success.

Talking about her struggle, she believes that being authentically true to oneself and not worrying about fitting in goes a long way. In this post, we will tell you ways that the  Rapper adopts in order to be healthy in her 40s and her secret to maintaining the physical energy levels that are required of an artist that is supposed to tour and travel for days at a stretch.

Missy Elliott Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Missy Elliott Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Missy Elliott Body Stats

Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 59 kgs
Age 46 years
Shoulders 36 inches
Waist 34 inches

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Missy Elliott Workout Routine

Missy Elliott is in her 40s and with age, Metabolism decreases and we need to employ better methods to achieve our desired results. Also, the body starts to degenerate after the 30s, and so we need to manage bone health and the overall strength of our bodies.

Missy takes good care of her body and went through a weight loss transformation in 2020 which was appreciated by her fans.

Missy Elliott Workout Routine

Missy Elliott Workout Routine

FOCUST25 Workouts

FOCUS T25 workouts are making rounds in the fitness industry for quite some time now and it is known especially for being time efficient.

Missy Elliott workout has been created by celebrity trainer Shaun T. Missy loves the fact that this is a quick workout that doesn’t demand a lot of time. Further, it targets every major muscle of the body on a day-to-day basis and lasts for only 25 minutes every day.

Shaun remarks that this workout doesn’t overwhelm you as it focuses on only one area of the body in a single day, which also helps with consistency.


Cardio and Strength Training

Cardio and strength training is a major part of the FOCUST25 routine and revolves around building muscles and adding stamina to the body.



Missy likes dancing and most of her tracks compel you to groove. She is a rapper and conducts lots of stage shows, which require her to choreograph and present dance on the stage. So this is another tool that helps her maintain a good shape, improves flexibility, and increases their heart rate. You can also add a Dancing session to your workout Routine.

There are many YouTube content creators that curate fat-burning dance routines on Missy’s Tracks which will help you in your journey towards fitness.


Negative Thoughts

In an Instagram post about her fitness journey, Missy advised that one must get rid of any negative energy or thoughts even if it feels difficult to let go of a person or a feeling.

Further, she said that we must only surround ourselves with people that wish us well and lift 

us up.

Thus the Rapper clearly highlighted the core role that mental health plays in our fitness journeys. This has been backed by science and several researchers have concluded that having a positive mindset and environment brings better results and promotes overall fitness. 

This is all about Missy Elliott Workout Routine.

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Missy Elliott Diet Plan

Missy has gone through a lot of changes in her diet over time, partly because of changes in her body and partly because she needed to change her habits.

Missy Elliott Diet Plan

Missy Elliott Diet Plan

Water intake

In an Instagram post, the Rapper marked 4 months of consuming only water and no juices and pops. She said that being somebody who struggled with meeting daily requirements of water, this required her conscious efforts.

And the result was glowing skin, reduced toxins, and breakouts, and boosted energy levels.

The rapper also categorically mentioned that increased water intake saved her from feeling sluggish and increased overall endurance and energy levels.


Struggle with Junk Food

There is a difference between junk food and fast food. All fast foods may not be junk. And so we can make choices that are convenient as well as healthy. The rapper mentioned that she wants to cut out junk food completely and is working on this goal in the same Instagram post.

Junk foods are injurious not just to the body but also to the mind. One must avoid fried and frozen foods as much as possible otherwise the body ends up becoming a junkyard of diseases over time. So conscious efforts are required and the rapper now aims to cut down on junk as soon as possible.


Low Carb Diet 

In an interview about her 2020 transformation, the rapper said that she went for a low-carb diet that enhanced her weight loss.

And completely avoided fried food, sugar products of any kind, and bread.

She also dedicated her glowing skin to the soda-free diet and revealed that only liquid as water is a big factor behind her overall weight loss and health.


Here’s a Diet plan you can follow


  • Chia seed pudding
  • Jaggery 
  • Eggs



  • Chicken
  • No sugar brown bread/ Brown Rice
  • Vegetable salad


  • Soups
  • Portion-controlled dessert in maple syrup.

This is all about Missy Elliott Diet Plan.

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