Missy Elliott Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Missy Elliott Weight loss: The first lady of hip hop, Missy Elliott, can never stop surprising us. Elliott, the queen of rap, is the queen of transformation. It doesn’t matter the industry. She keeps on transforming. Elliott’s debut rap album, supa dupa fly, is an all-time banger. Many female rapping legends have bowed in front of her to pave a path for women in the industry. Elliott has always been a fighter; until now, she speaks a lot about feminism and gender equality through her music.

She serves as a prime example for many of us female rappers. Her legacy is just inevitable. People label her as the “first lady of hip hop,” “queen of rap,” “queen of hip hop,” and many more Elliott is a natural talent when it comes to singing. She was a part of the choir in the church and that’s where it all started—practicing singing since her childhood made her path clear of doubts. She was always not being taken seriously as she says, “I was clown in my class” however, that clown has now inspired millions of people through her music.

To inspire you more, Health yogi has come up with the transformation of Missy Elliott, yes, I know many of us are surprised to see her shining again, and it’s all thanks to Missy Elliott weight loss workout routine and diet plan.

Missy Elliott Weight Loss

Missy Elliott Weight Loss

Missy Elliott Weight loss Body Stats

Height 5 feet 1
Weight 59 kgs
Age 51 years
Breast  36 
Waist  28
Hips  35

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Missy Elliott Weight loss Workout Routine

Missy Elliott is a well-known rapper in the industry, coming with 4 Grammy awards and 30 million selling albums. She has just bloomed over the world in the last three decades. Missy has been part of the billboard ranking. It’s unbelievable how she has managed to do all of this. Many famous rappers like cardi b and Lil Wayne are inspired by her good queen of rap for a reason; however, creating such a legacy wasn’t easy for her. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, known as Graves disease. Fortunately, she overcame it with proper rehab and was ready to rule the industry again. She is always in the sight of her fans, and her recent transformation has set the internet on fire but doesn’t worry, we have the extinguisher.

Graves disease made missy realize the necessity of workout. Well, hyperthyroidism could only be overcome by medication, proper diet, and workout missy has never learned to give up, and this attitude helped her lose 30 kgs at the age of 51, but how did she manage to do all of this? Have the answer to this question. It’s all because Missy Elliott diet plan and workout routine that helped her get back in shape. To know what workout regime missy followed, keep reading.

Missy Elliott Weight loss Workout Routine

Missy Elliott Weight loss Workout Routine

Missy Elliott weight loss workout routine includes,


Missy is a free soul, and dance is a daily part of her hip-hop routine; however, her thyroid was hard to suffer, so moving her body was very hard for her. Despite so much pain and hardships, she wasn’t even able to lift a pen. Missy convinced her to do some zumba in the start, missy was facing some problems, but over time due to her medications, diet, and workout, she could move freely. In the start, she focused more on flexible zumba techniques that later helped her do it fiercely. In a video, she was seen doing zumba.


Weight lifting

Missy’s fitness coach, Shanon t was very specific about her workout; it consisted of workouts that were less time-consuming and effective for missy, and out of them, weight lifting was also part of her regime; however, she doesn’t use to spend hours training in the gym instead she focused on muscle hypertrophy.


Spin bikes 

Spinning sessions were the most favorable for missy, as her major goal was weight loss. That’s why she laid a lot of emphasis on calorie-burning exercises, and guess what? It turned out pretty well for her. She used High-intensity interval spin bikes, training for 30 minutes daily.



Cardio is a must when you are on cutting, so the basic step is to increase activity level missy was pretty well in that she increased her workout levels and started going to walk.

That’s all for Missy Elliott weight loss workout routine.

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Missy Elliott Weight loss Diet Plan

Missy was a bit harsh on herself as she was eager to get in shape and deal with her disorder. Hyperthyroidism made her prone to many things. She was in the lowest phase of her life. She was very fed up, but instead of giving up, she opted for a change. The first step she did was to make changes in her diet missy eliminated bread, soda, and juice from her diet she started eating healthy and calorie-less food. After losing 30 kgs, she thought of giving herself a bit of a break, so she started having cupcakes once a week. It was all thanks to her diet plan and medications for defeating hypertension and living a healthy life again. So, if you are willing to lose weight, follow a diet that is less than your maintenance calorie. 

Missy Elliott Weight loss Diet Plan

Missy Elliott Weight loss Diet Plan

Is Missy Elliott a vegan?

No, Missy Elliott is not a vegan.

That’s all for Missy Elliott weight loss diet plan.

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