Mrunal Thakur Diet Plan and Workout Routine | Beauty Secrets 2019

By | July 26, 2019

Mrunal Thakur Diet Plan and Workout Routine | Beauty Secrets  2019

     Hello, we are going to discuss Mrunal Thakur diet Plan, workout routine and beauty secrets. Before going to discuss beauty secrets, diet and workout plan of Mrunal Thakur, let’s know about her. Mrunal Thakur was born on August 1, 1992. Her birthplace is in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. After completing her high school, went to Kishinchand Chellaram College in Mumbai to earn a degree in Journalism (Bachelor of Mass Media).

Mrunal Thakur has so much interest in acting from her childhood. To fulfill her dream of entering the world of glamor, she always had the support of her parents. The good-looking actress is from the Indian Marathi family.

Details of her family’s such as her father and mother are not available on the Internet. Mrunal Thakur has an older sister, Lochan Thakur and a younger brother. She is currently unmarried. But she is in a relationship with Sharad Tripathi, who is a writer.

Mrunal Thakur Diet Plan and Workout Routine | Beauty Secrets | Body Stats 2019

Mrunal Thakur Diet Plan and Workout Routine | Beauty Secrets | Body Stats 2019

Mrunal Thakur is a model, Indian TV actress, and Bollywood actress. She appears in Bollywood and also Marathi films and Indian television serials. Mrunal is popular for the role of Bulbul in the serial Kumkum Bhagya. She has played the lead role in David Womark and Tabrez Noorani’s 2018 film Love Sonia.

Mrunal Thakur is famous for playing the role of bulbul in the TV soap opera Kumkum Bhagya, Mrunal Thakur has worked in many TV series and earned popularity with commercial success. She had done work with Superstar Hrithik Roshan in her recent movie “super 30”.

Mrunal Thakur instagram photo

Mrunal Thakur Instagram photo

Mrunal Thakur is making her mark on television, Bollywood and the global stage. She is the city’s newest actress. Mrunal has a fabulous body, she is so beautiful. Her fans can think that she only eats fruits and spends hours in the gym, but this is not true at all.

Mrunal loves her food and she likes to taste new dishes. But surely, Mrunal can not eat much, after all the good looks, she is part of her professional commitment. So here’s what Mrunal does to stay slim without leaving her favorite foods. Here is a “meal plan of Mrunal Thakur”.

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Mrunal Thakur Diet Plan –

diet plan of Mrunal Thakur includes:

  • Breakfast: Fruit salad (She loves various fruits and eats it)
  • Lunch: Grilled fish and grilled vegetables.
  • Snacks: protein shakes and fruits.
  • Dinner: Vegetables and Brown Bread.
  • Water: Take 6-8 glass boiled water every day.
Mrunal Thakur figure HD Photo

Mrunal Thakur figure HD Photo

Mrunal Thakur likes to take food every three hours to make it active and energized throughout the day. Nuts and soy milk are also part of her diet. She likes sugar and ghee but in moderate amounts. She stays away from rice but can not resist cheese.

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Mrunal Thakur Beauty Secrets and Workout Routine –

Beauty secrets of Mrunal Thakur

Beauty secrets of Mrunal Thakur

Here are all the details about the beauty secrets of Mrunal Thakur. Mrunal Thakur always adheres three things to maintain her beauty – diet, exercise, and diet. She always tries to drink plenty of boiled and clean water.

She takes her diet according to her physical activity or dietician. Mrunal loves to use sunglasses while going out in the sun.

Mrunal Thakur says that “The balanced diet is the real spell of healthy living”. She takes healthy snacks between her meals. She always tries to use less makeup and this is the reason for her glowing face. She uses a face pack mask for fairness, tanning, and glowing skin.

The beauty secret of her hair is to massage, the head massage regularly with the combination of almonds, coconut and olive oil.

Mrunal Thakur Fitness regime

Mrunal Thakur Fitness regime


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Mrunal Thakur Workout Routine and Video:


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