NCT Yangyang Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 25, 2021

NCT Yangyang Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Yangyang is a singer and a member of the Kpop group NCT, NCT U, and WayV. He’s pretty young and just a couple of years ago started his journey with the group and to go for many more years.

Yangyang gets recognized by his fans for his vocal skills and good looks. While learning vocals may not be that easy, fans still try to look like him. So if you also want to know the NCT Yangyang workout routine and the NCT Yangyang diet plan, keep reading.

NCT Yangyang Workout Routine and Diet Plan

NCT Yangyang Workout Routine and Diet Plan

NCT Yangyang Body Stats

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 62 kg
Age 20 years
Chest 40 inch
Waist 30 inch
Biceps 14 inch

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NCT Yangyang Workout Routine

Yangyang is an active member of Kpop groups whether we talk about the NCT, NCT U, or WayV group. So being in shape is quite essential for Yangyang to keep up with the choreography and other things. So what are the workouts that Yangyang must be doing to get in his lean shape? Don’t worry; I will discuss whatever I know about Yangyang.

Yangyang didn’t give any interview or talked about his workout openly in any discussion or V-Live chat. However, there are things that Yangyang does for sure, like dancing. We all have known that all Kpop artists have to practice dance almost every day to keep their dance skills sharp and learn the new choreography.

Yangyang is also the same when it comes to dancing; he does need to practice almost five days a week and do two hours of average dance practice. There are other things as well that get involved, like stretching and specific exercises. I also found an interview of the WayV group where Kun, a group member, has talked about a few things about which even Yangyang has supported.

You can watch the interview right here where Kun addresses a fan that asked how to lose weight and get a body like them. Kun stated that it’s simple and you don’t need to follow a strict diet. He started saying that you can start by staying active and going for an 8km brisk walk in the morning and night before you sleep. Keep your heart rate consistently high, so more calories get burned while you workout.

Let me provide you with a routine that will help you get in shape like Yangyang. In the plan, we will train for about six days and every day. Each day we will focus more on cardio routine and staying active while modifying some things to get you a better workout.

NCT Yangyang workout includes:

NCT Yangyang Workout Routine

NCT Yangyang Workout Routine


In the cardio routine, we will train for an hour to two hours. I would recommend doing a dance routine and joining a dance class for a similar pattern as Yangyang. However, you can do it on your own and even replace the workout with one hour of dance practice with 5km of running to get that calorie burned.

That’s why I would recommend sticking to a dance routine as it will be fun, and you will burn many calories according to your weight, height, and fitness level. Also, make sure you do enough stretching of full-body before doing this workout.


Toning Workout

In the toning workout, I would suggest doing boxing and doing some core and free-body exercises. Forty minutes of boxing workout will give you a very intense cardio routine while working all your core, lower, and upper body.

After you get done with boxing, you can do a workout that will include exercises like push-ups, crunches, leg raises, planks, etc.

That’s all for the NCT Yangyang workout routine.

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NCT Yangyang Diet Plan

Sadly there was no specific diet involved, but in that same video, an interview with WayV. Kun mentioned that you don’t need any diet plan; all you need to do is lessen the quantity of the food you regularly eat.

That is not wrong, and it will surely help you lose weight because of the calorie deficient. However, you can still start living a healthy lifestyle by changing some of your food and adopting healthy habits. I will be giving you a straightforward meal to follow that will surely help you get results if you follow the workout.

NCT Yangyang diet includes:

NCT Yangyang Diet Plan

NCT Yangyang Diet Plan


  • Oatmeal
  • Juice



  • Green smoothie (spinach, broccoli, kale, and asparagus)



  • Chicken breast
  • A small bowl of rice
  • A small bowl of soup
  • Salad



  • Sweet potato

That’s all for the NCT Yangyang diet plan.

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