ENHYPEN Singer Ni-Ki Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | December 21, 2020
ENHYPEN Singer Ni-Ki Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ENHYPEN Singer Ni-Ki Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Ni-Ki is a young singer and dancer known for being part of the new K-pop group ENHYPEN. Ni-Ki is the Maknae and the leading dancer of the group, also the youngest members in the whole group.

It’s quite impressive how early Ni-Ki is on the world stage with many other artists that he admires. However, other than that, many people ask about how does Ni-Ki maintains his slim look? Well, if you are also wondering about that and want to know more about the Ni-Ki workout routine and Ni-Ki diet plan, keep on reading.

ENHYPEN Singer Ni-Ki Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ENHYPEN Singer Ni-Ki Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Ni-Ki Body Stats

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 55 to 58 kg approx
Age 15 years old
Chest 38 inch
Waist 30 inch
Biceps 14 inch

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Ni-Ki Workout Routine

Ni-Ki is quite an idol at such a young age that it’s almost inspiring to see him on that k-pop stage. The Japanese guy Ni-ki did entirely rigid training with other ENHYPEN members for years. Now you all may have already seen the training camp video on their YouTube channel; if you haven’t, then you should right now!¬†

However, now is the point where they all, including Ni-Ki, have to keep their body in shape and maintain the boyish look to get famous. It’s what a K-pop artist has to do, so the fans always love them and admire their eyes. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s just the truth and reality of K-pop. So let’s see the things that Ni-Ki does to stay fit and in shape.

Ni-Ki workout includes:-


Like every other idol or artist from K-pop, Ni-Ki and all the other ENHYPEN members have to attend a regular dancing lesson for their videos and performances. The dance practice goes on for 2 hours at least, and I can be even longer before a video shoot or tremendous live performances. Plus, Ni-Ki has to put in extra effort because of being the lead dancer of the group.

If he wants to stay as a lead dancer, he needs to work harder than any other dancing member. So all of that dance practice burns white a lot of calories and helps Ni-Ki stay in shape, and gives him an excellent cardio routine. So if you also want to get a body looking like Ni-Ki, make sure to do all those hours of dancing or burn the same amount of calories through the cardio routine.

That’s all for the Ni-Ki workout routine.

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Ni-Ki Diet Plan

Ni-Ki is just 15 years old, so he isn’t following a strict diet of veggies, chicken breast, and stuff only. He does have to follow instructions from the production trainer about what to avoid eating and how much in one sitting he should eat. However, other than that, there are not so many things that he does have to follow.

Ni-Ki is an age where his metabolism rate is already super-fast, and with the work, he put in every day, the chances of him getting fat is close to none. However, if you want to have a body like Ni-Ki, make sure to drink a lot of water and eat less than 1.8k calories a day while working out the exact amount as we discussed earlier.

That’s all for the Ni-Ki diet plan.

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