Niall Horan Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | May 2, 2020
Niall Horan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Niall Horan Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Niall Horan is a singer, songwriter, and former member of the British boyband One Direction 1D. Niall has always been the cutest guy in the whole 1D, and now that he has left the band and doing his shows, Niall Horan has become one of the sexiest men alive. So today, in this article, we going to talk about the Niall Horan workout routine and also take a look at his diet plan.

Niall Horan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Niall Horan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Niall Horan Body Stats

Niall Horan Height 5 Ft 8 Inch
Niall Horan Weight 73 Kg
Age 26 Years
Biceps 14 Inch approx
Others Under review

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Niall Horan Workout Routine

The workout routine of Niall Horan has taken a huge step forward since he started. At first, in 1D, Niall Horan was more of a full-body workout guy. He used to do a lot of full body workout exercises and cardio. Currently, Niall Horan does a lot of cardio and weight training. Niall Horan still does some of the full-body workouts, and he recently even shared some of his exercises on his Instagram story.

Niall Horan Workout

Niall Horan Workout

Niall Horan Exercise Includes:-


One of the things that keep Niall Horan fit is his live shows and shoots. Once you go there and perform for an hour or two, you start becoming tired. Even though he doesn’t involve much dancing in his performance, Niall Horan still moves a lot. That’s why performing makes sure that Niall Horan gets tired and burns a lot of calories.



One of the things that Niall Horan loves to do is cardio. In cardio workout, Niall does a lot of different cardio exercises depending on his mood. You may have already seen on Instagram when he posted him working out on an elliptical machine and burning a lot of calories while doing that.

Now, as he cannot go to the gym during the quarantine, he replaces the gym cardio routine with outdoor running for about 5 km. Niall Horan does that almost every single day since the lockdown began, he even shared this on his Instagram story with his millions of fans.


Weight Training of Niall Horan

Niall Horan started taking weight training seriously after he left the boy band 1D. Niall Horan, just like all the other members of the group, he took the weight training routine very seriously. Most of the time, you can even see him posting stories about him being in the gym and working out. There was a video of Niall a couple of years back that showed Niall Horan that started gaining muscle through weight training.

At that time, he was doing exercises like; dumbbell curls, side lateral raise, dumbbell shoulder press, back lat push-ups, etc. Now, his workout has changed a lot, but sadly we don’t know his workout routine or what he does in his weight training sessions.


Niall Horan Home Workout

Niall Horan was always a fan of full-body workout since the time he started his career. That love for full-body exercise got shown in his story when he tried to share the workout routine on his Instagram story. Niall Horan after showing his 5 Km run shared that he does exercises like;

  • One minute of star jumps
  • Kettlebell swings, 15 reps
  • Burpees, 12 reps
  • Side raises, 12 reps
  • Squats, 12 reps
  • Push-up, 20 reps
  • Tricep Dips, 20 reps

This is all about “Niall Horan workout routine”.

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Niall Horan Diet Plan

Niall Horan Diet Plan

Niall Horan Diet Plan

Niall Horan has always been a food lover since the time of 1D, although nowadays, it’s a different story. The month of February in 2019, Niall Horan posted a tweet saying that now my diet has completely changed, and now I do not have any dairy products.

He’s a fan of coffee and burgers, one of the things that Niall can’t live without is his coffee. Just like his former teammate Harry Styles, Niall is also a fan of bullet coffee and enjoys it almost every day.

Niall Horan also started eating healthier food like Vegetables, salad, chicken breast, salmon, steak, etc. Nial is even drinking a whole lot of water throughout the day to keep himself hydrated and healthy. This is all about Niall Horan Diet Plan.

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