Nicole Kidman Weight Loss

By | August 17, 2023

Nicole Kidman Weight Loss: Nicole Kidman was featured in a recent edition of The Vogue magazine and the top Hollywood star kept the temperatures soaring. Nicole Kidman has been making headlines for her recent appearances, especially for her highly chiseled physique that seems to defy the laws of natural aging. Best known for her role in ‘Batman Forever, ‘Queen of the Desert’  and  ‘Paperboy’, the actress even won an Oscar for her role in ‘ The Hours’.

The Australian beauty is 56 and looks stunning. Her body carries a good amount of muscle mass and she looks noticeably fitter and healthier than any other 56-year-old. Recently the actress also seems to have lost weight and she looks even more toned and fitter now. People are genuinely curious about her fitness and workout schedule which helped her lose a good amount of weight recently.

So, in this post, we will be looking at the secrets of Nicole’s recent weight loss and her diet plan. We will also try to extract some health and fitness tips for our readers, especially concerning fitness at an advanced age.


Nicole Kidman Weight Loss

Nicole Kidman Weight Loss


Nicole Kidman Body Stats

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 57 kgs
Age 56 years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders 28 inches

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Nicole Kidman Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Nicole has been fit all her life. She was raised in Sydney and so her routine naturally included lots of running, walking, and hiking. The actress has been pretty fit throughout and she is reaping the benefits now. But she is not a fitness freak and rather focuses on keeping a good balance between enjoying life and being responsible for your body. 

Most nutritionists advocate for such a balanced approach towards health, which ensures you remain healthy in the long run, rather than focusing on just aesthetics. So, Nicole’s secret for fitness and recent weight loss is a balanced approach to health.


Nicole Kidman Weigt Loss Workout Routine 

Nicole Kidman Weigt Loss Workout Routine


Nicole Kidman Weight Loss Workout Routine includes: 

Gym Workouts 

The actress looked great. But her toned and strong biceps gathered the most attention. It seems she has been doing lots of upper-body gym workouts lately. Usually, an optimum set of Dumbbell Rows, Dumbbell flies, Plank Rows, and Push-ups would suffice for a good upper-body workout. Bicep curls and pull-ups can prove pretty beneficial if you are looking to get biceps like Nicole.


Long Distance Running 

The ‘ Big Little Lies’ actress loves working out in the open, rather than exhausting herself in the gym. Also, the actress has been a long-distance runner since her childhood which has made her pretty good with walking or hiking to burn those extra calories. The actress likes to work out in the morning and on most days, she likes to go for a run or hike or simply walk to get her cardio routine. Running and Walking is thus one of the staple exercises of Kidman. 

She also likes Hiking and Mountain Climbing. Evidently, the actress is into adventure sports. So, if you are looking to lose weight, or manage your health in the long run- Hiking, Walking or Running is a good way to start your journey.



Nicole doesn’t believe in making things boring for herself. She likes to keep herself challenged by regularly trying out new forms of workouts and mixing things up. Recently she has been quite active with her Pilates class too. And it seems, Pilates too had a role to play in the recent weight loss. Pilates is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight and yet have a good layer of muscular strength. So, if you like Pilates, it can definitely help you in losing weight fastly, like Nicole.



As mentioned, the actress is a pro in almost every form of modern workout. She likes to have one or two Yoga sessions per week too. And this has also helped her lose weight and get that chiseled figure that she is flaunting in her recent appearances. So, Yoga and breathing exercise, and Meditation has been vital.part of Nicole’s fitness journey to date.

Besides these, the actress loves Spinning, weight training, and outdoor sports too, which have also helped her remain fit and toned.


That’s all for Nicole Kidman’s Weight Loss Workout Routine.


Nicole Kidman Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Nicole is equally conscious of her diet too. But she doesn’t believe in outright denial of any food or dishes. She believes in balance. So, the actress follows the famous 80:20 rule where you eat healthy 80% of the time and give yourself the luxury to enjoy food 20% of the time. Sometimes she also jumps down to a 70% healthy diet intake. 


Nicole Kidman Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Nicole Kidman Weight Loss Diet Plan



Going in any of the extremes is a sure-shot recipe for health disasters. We need to ensure we are living at a rational balance of things that prove beneficial in the long run. The truth is, Balance is the true secret behind Nicole’s stunning health even at this age. And she is a true inspiration when it comes to respecting and treating our bodies right. So, balance in terms of workout and Diet is the most efficient way to ensure you remain healthy life long. 


Favorite Foods 

The actress likes Oat Milk Latte, Sydney rock oysters, tiger prawns, Mud Crabs, and Sausage Sizzles. She also likes bread and rice.


Is Nicole Kidman Vegan?

No, Nicole Kidman is not vegan.


That’s all for Nicole Kidman’s Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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