Nidhi Agarwal Diet Plan Workout Routine and Beauty Secrets

By | November 20, 2019

Nidhi Agarwal Diet Plan Workout Routine and Beauty Secrets

Hello, we are going to discuss Nidhi Agarwal Diet Plan Workout Routine and Beauty Secrets. Before going to discuss Nidhi Aggarwal Diet Plan, Nidhi Aggarwal Workout Routine and Nidhi Aggarwal Beauty Secrets, let’s know about her.  Nidhi Aggarwal is a very pretty, beautiful and young girl of 24 yrs old. She is an actress, model, and a trained dancer in many forms like ballet and Kathak.

Nidhi also a beauty pageant and Yamaha Fascino miss diva finalist in 2014. She began her acting career in 2017 and made debut in a lead role of a  Bollywood film ” Munna Michael” along with Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


Nidhi Agarwal Diet Plan Workout Routine and Beauty Secrets

Nidhi Agarwal Diet Plan Workout Routine and Beauty Secrets


Nidhi Aggarwal also plays a lead role in many films of Tollywood Industry like Savyasachi and Mr. Majnu. She is one of the finest fitness enthusiasts that inspires millions of people for being fit, active, and healthy.

Every girl wants to look beautiful and pretty like Nidhi Aggarwal and if you are the one who also wants to look attractive but doesn’t know where to start.

Then, read this post thoroughly In this postNidhi Agarwal Diet Plan, Workout Routine and Beauty Secrets”  I am going to tell you her beauty secrets and workout routine that she used to remain beautiful and healthy.


Nidhi Aggarwal Workout Routine

Actresses have a tough job in the industry they have to maintain their fitness and also have to do many works. Not much has been revealed about the workout routine of Nidhi Aggarwal, but one thing that she prefers more is to do more pull-ups and weightlifting in the gym.

She prefers squats over another leg exercise as according to her squats are not for only toning legs and thighs but squats also help a person to increase his/her overall body strength.

According to Nidhi pulls ups are best for women to start training and obviously, she also focuses on weight training as other female actresses do likewise, for her debut film in Bollywood “Munna Michael” she went under vigorous exercise and strict diet plan. Her transformations were terrific in the Movie. This is all about the workout routine of Nidhi Aggarwal.


NIdhi Agarwal going to Gym HD Photo

Nidhi Agarwal going to Gym HD Photo

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Diet plan of Nidhi Aggarwal

Like the most actress, Nidhi Aggarwal also follows a diet plan. Nidhi Aggarwal’s Diet Plan is as below,

Nidhi Agarwal diet plan

Nidhi Agarwal diet plan

  • Breakfast –

First advice by her on the first meal of the day is “ Do not skip breakfast” as most people do. She likes to have some medium calorie food in the morning like oats.

  • Lunch

In her lunch, she would love to eat rice/chapati along with some vegetables and shredded chicken.

  • Dinner

On dinner, she prefers not to eat a very heavy meal at dinner as it will create a digestion problem. So, she would like to eat sauteed vegetables with grilled fish. This is all about the diet plan of Nidhi Aggarwal.


Nidhi Agarwal Beauty Secrets

Now, here is the good news for fans of Nidhi Aggarwal. We are going to share the secrets that Nidhi Aggarwal use for making her skin more adorable and vibrant.

According to Nidhi Aggarwal Makeup is an essential thing for the actress but to remove makeup is even more critical as it will keep your skin looks attractive for a long time. For removing makeup exercising, intake of water and fruits can help very much. However, for lifting heavy makeup from our face, we have to use some remedies like ice therapy, which really relaxes our skin and keep ourselves feel fresh. She added you could also use natural things like coconut oil and rose water.

Beautiful NIdhi Agarwal Hot HD Photo

Beautiful Nidhi Agarwal Hot HD Photo

Beauty Remedies and Face Pack that Nidhi Aggarwal uses.

  • Yogurt

She uses a simple Yoghurt face pack, i.e. honey, lemon, and yogurt. This face pack not only help in making her skin glowing and vibrant but also cleanse her body thoroughly, making her skin brighter and smooth.

  • Lemons

We also tell in our previous posts fruits are the secrets of beauty as they have many nutrients and minerals that benefit our body. Nidhi Aggarwal also believes in the same rule.

She prefers to drink lemon juice all over the day as it removes toxic substance from your body.

  • Ice Therapy

According to Nidhi Aggarwal as she is a model and actress she has to do heavy make -up for her shows and films .this gets her skin irritated and rough by time for this she uses the ice therapy.

It’s effortless just put some ice cubes in a towel and lightly press that towel against your face .this will help your skin to feel fresh and also decreases puffiness of your eyes.

  • Tomato for tanning

Nidhi Aggarwal uses an essential tomato therapy for keeping her skin Tan free. She applies tomato cut pieces on her leg, body, and hand for at least 5-10 min this will help her to keep her skin young and free from sun tan.

Nidhi Agarwal Beauty secrets

Nidhi Agarwal Beauty secrets


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