Nikita Dutta diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets

By | June 24, 2019
Nikita Dutta diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets

Hello, We are going to discuss Nikita Dutta diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets, before that, let’s know about her.

Nikita Dutta was born on 13-11-1990 in Delhi, India. She is an Indian film actress, television actress, and model. Nikita Dutta was born in Delhi, but she moved to various cities in her childhood because her father was from the background of defense. After completing her school level education, she went to Mumbai and enrolled at the famous St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and got a bachelor’s degree in economics from there.


Nikita Dutta diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets

Nikita Dutta diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets


Nikita Dutta is a very famous person in the Indian television industry and has also made some Bollywood films. Nikita is one of the rights and very rare combinations of beauty and knowledge.

Nikita Dutta has been the target of becoming a model and actress since her early days. When she was pursuing her school and college days, she never missed modeling and fashion show held around and around her. The success behind her was her passion and dedication to her career.

As well as being a body activist and a fitness freak, Body Transformation of Nikita Dutta, and always tried to change the perception of a fit body. There is a thin line between plus size and thickness. Whether or not there are too many muscle or fat layers in your body.

Here are a detailed diet plan and exercise routine of Nikita Dutta, Nikita Dutta is using in her best manner to maintain a toned supermodel shape. Check out the workout routine and diet plans of Nikita Dutta.¬†Here in this article Nikita Dutta beauty secrets, Nikita Dutta fitness regime, Nikita Dutta gym routine, Nikita Dutta’s daily life routine also explained.


Nikita Dutta Beauty Secrets

The beautiful actress with flushed cheeks, we love Nikita Dutta, she spreads her magic on the screen. Bubbly and flirtatious, she never fails to impress us with her stunning look. Sit down and tell yourself about the secrets of her beauty, because Nikita Dutta has shared her skincare regime and the beauty secrets.


Nikita Dutta beauty secrets and tips

Nikita Dutta beauty secrets and tips


Nikita Dutta believes in keeping her skin moist and this is a very important step. She is hardly going to a spa and salon. For her, along good warm bath solves everything. Drinking water is an all-time favorite spell. Nikita Dutta does not have any diet, she also believes that if she eats right and she is happy with what she is doing, then she will be fit and fine!

As far as home remedies are concerned, her mother says that Aloe Vera solves everything, which she carefully observes. Nikita Dutta ensures that she washes her hair a lot and ensures that she uses heat protectors to protect her hair from harm. When she is not in front of the camera, she does not use make-up at all. However, during the shoot, she always opposes Mac products.

The product Nikita Dutta uses daily on her face: “MAC lipsticks and mascara, Cetaphil face cream, Carolina Herrera 212-VIP, Vaseline lip balm, Perfumes- Narciso Rodriguez, and Armani”.

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Nikita Dutta Diet Plan

Now its time to share diet plan of beauty queen Nikita Dutta. She does not believe in adhering to any extreme diet and likes a balanced and healthy diet. “Nikita Dutta’s diet plan” includes: –

  • Nikita Dutta eats only organic foods and believes that it keeps her healthy and helps in losing weight.
  • She keeps changing her food and does not eat the same thing every day
Nikita Dutta diet plan

Nikita Dutta diet plan


Nikita Dutta breakfast Includes:

  • Boiled eggs with avocado and rye toast
  • Muscley and fresh fruit salad with yogurt

Her Snacks Includes:

  • Green tea or lemonade with almonds, walnuts, and pecans
  • Her lunch included spicy crunchy dishes with fresh salad
  • Nikita Dutta takes a healthy dinner with fish or salad with fish or salad.
  • She drinks about 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day.
  • Nikita Dutta also likes to drink unsafe fresh juices because it provides important minerals and vitamins.
  • Her lunch and dinner are prepared using olive oil and contains eggs, fish, and red meat with lots of fiber-rich vegetables.
  • She also likes fresh fruits and avocado meals


Nikita Dutta Workout Routine

Nikita Dutta is blessed with a slim sexy figure. She does not easily put weight, so she does not need to do too much work on her body. But Nikita Dutta is very passionate to stay fit and workout for four hours a week. She is not going to the gym regularly, but she never misses her workout. Nikita Dutta’s workout routine includes the following:


Nikita Dutta Yoga HD Photo

Nikita Dutta Yoga HD Photo

  • Nikita Dutta’s workout sessions include 5-10 minutes of warm-up exercises, 15 minutes stretching, 30 minutes working on your long legs, and 30 minutes working on her balance and arms.
  • Her gym starts with a workout treadmill running for 15 minutes
  • Then Nikita Dutta does push-ups, after which the reverse lungs
  • She jumps 20-25 benches and crashes 20-25 reverse
  • Nikita Dutta also makes 60 seconds Planck hold and 20-25 biceps curl with lightweight
  • She gives priority to resistance training on weight training
  • When the gym is not going, she runs and spins
  • Nikita Dutta also takes yoga and sworn oaths to keep physical and mental fitness.

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