Nikkie de Jager Diet Plan and Workout Routine 

By | February 21, 2022
Nikkie de Jager Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Nikkie de Jager Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Nikkie de Jager more popularly recognized by her YouTube channel inscription Nikkie Tutorials is a great Dutch beauty blogger and makeup artist. She earned huge fame and glory after her YouTube video titled “The Power of Makeup” in 2015 which received immense popularity and inspired a colossal of people to flaunt their true selves even without doing any sort of makeup. 

She has collaborated with several famous beauty brands such as Maybelline and so on. For the content that she posts on her channel and other social media handles, she has received plenty of prestigious acclamation and awards. Her weight loss and transformation journey are quite commendable & inspiring for many. So, here we are bringing up the other side of the hard work that she put in to lose weight means Nikkie de Jager workout routine and Nikkie De Jager diet plan in detail. 

Nikkie de Jager Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Nikkie de Jager Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Nikkie de Jager Body Stats 

Body stats Units
Height 1.9 m or 5 ft. 11 inches 
Weight 80 Kg 
Age 27 years
Chest 42 inches
Waist 32 inches 
Hips  44 inches 

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Nikkie de Jager Workout Routine 

Nikkie Tutorials has got immense fame once she started her social media journey. She has influenced a lot of people lives through her content on social media handles. She has a YouTube channel with 13.9 million subscribers, 15.3 million people follow her on Instagram, 2.2 million are connected through her Twitter account and much more. So, what’s say should we start the amazing beauty blogger Nikkie de Jager workout routine. 

Nikkie de Jager has gone through an amazing bodyweight transformation journey. She has worked very hard on her body to attain a well-toned & curvy body figure. Nikkie de Jager workout routine consists of intense strength, cardio etc. training sessions to get a healthy body. She performs workouts for 45-75 minutes five days a week without any misses with an expert-curated diet plan.

Check out the detailed glimpse of the stunning YouTuber Nikkie de Jager workout routine explained in a detailed manner. It’s a perfect fit inspiration for all those who want to show their true self to the world & are proud of whatever they are. Here it goes

Nikkie de Jager Workout Routine 

Nikkie de Jager Workout Routine

Strength Training

Reps. Count –5 to 12 

No.of sets – 3-4 

Rest interval -60 seconds or 1 minute


Nikkie de Jager Workout Routine includes:


  • Plank
  • Squats 
  • Ball rollout 
  • Lateral lunge 
  • Push-ups 
  • Tailbone angle 


  1. Reverse lunge
  2. Goblet squats 
  3. KB swing 
  4. Dumbbell raises 
  5. Cheerleader arm circle 
  6. Inverted row 



  • Wall-pressed dead bug 
  • Split squats 
  • Cable crossovers 
  • Walking lunges 
  • Elevated glute bridges 
  • Side leg sweep 



  • Curtsy lunge 
  • L-fly 
  • Plank 
  • Barbell deadlift 
  • Sumo squats 
  • Hold chest press 



Cardio Workout 

Rest duration – 30-45 seconds 

  • High knees 

Reps. count – 20 on alternating sides 


  • Kettlebell swing 

Reps. Count – 10 


  • Pencil jump 

Reps. Count – as many feasible in 45 seconds 


  • Plank Get-up 

Reps. Count – 10 on alternating arms 


  • Butt Kicks 

Reps. Count – as many doable in 30 seconds 


Core Training 


No.of reps – 5-8 


  • Side bend preparation 

Muscles involved – shoulder girdle stabilisers, and oblique’s. 


  • One leg circle 

Muscles involved – hip flexors, hamstrings, hip abductors, and abdominals. 


  • Side Kick 

Reps – 8 to 10 on both sides 

Muscles involved – hip extensors, flexors and abdominals. 


  • Swan Dive 

Muscles involved – back extensors, hip extensions, abdominals. 


  • Leg pull front prep (hovers) 

Muscles involved – pelvic floors, arms and abdominals. 


That’s all we uncover about the Nikkie De Jager workout routine which follows to upkeep her physique and lovable personality. She sets an incredible illustration for all the females to groom & glow independently. If you are motivated by her temperament and build, then make sure you start performing these workouts and keep the spirit of fitness alive. 

This is all about Nikkie De Jager workout routine.

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Nikkie de Jager Diet Plan 

Nikkie de Jager diet plan is curated by expert nutrition to keep a keen check on every bit of calories. She intakes healthy meals full of lean protein & fibres to stay fit.  She strictly cuts off high carbs, fats, sugars etc from her diet to take control of her calories. She drinks a lot of water throughout the day to remain hydrated. 

Let’s look into the healthy eating dishes that are a part of the Nikkie De Jager diet plan that she sticks to. 

Jeffree Star Diet Plan

Jeffree Star Diet Plan

Is Nikkie de Jager a vegan?

No, Nikkie de Jager isn’t a vegan.


Jeffree Star Diet Plan includes:


  • Egg whites b
  • Blueberry smoothies 
  • Avocado toast 
  • Fresh juice 



  • Grilled tuna 
  • A cup of brown rice 
  • Broiled veggie curry 



  • Fresh fruits 
  • Nuts & seeds 


  • Barbequed salmon 
  • Mixed green salads 

This is all about the popular Dutch beauty & make-up blogger Nikkie de Jager diet plan that she sticks to, for keeping her body healthy. She focuses more on consuming nutritious and fibrous foods that adequately conveys the essential elements to the body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body so she tries to eat nutritious foods. So, try to include these amazing thoughts & healthy eating habits as a component of your daily indulgence.  

This is all about Jeffree Star Diet Plan.

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