NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | January 31, 2024

NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The popularity of K Pop celebs is at unprecedented heights. It’s a road to unwavering loyalty and ever-increasing reach. The latest band to ride on the bandwagon of huge success in a short time is JYP Entertainment-backed girl group NMIXX. Starting less than two years ago, the group is riding on soaring popularity. Each of the members is appreciated for their contribution to the group, but each one of them carries a unique charm. 

One of the most loved members of this group is Haewon, known for her unbelievable vocals and impressive stage presence. Many people think she carries one of the finest bodies too. And we certainly are curious to bring out some secrets behind the spectacular physique of this Korean Idol, to give some good fitness tips to our readers. So, in this post, we will be diving deep into the workout routine and diet plan of NMIXX Haewon, and extract out some good suggestions for our readers. 

We at Health Yogi always promote a healthy approach to fitness, which is rooted in self-love so you must only follow routines that work for you.

NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

NMIXX Haewon Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight 52 Kgs
Age 20 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 28 Inches

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NMIXX Haewon Workout Routine

Being a KPop idol is no small feat. it requires years of intensive training, followed by an extremely immense commitment to professionalism and work. NMIXX Haewon is a product of JYP Entertainment, and as such, she has been in intensive training as a trainee. This includes a very disciplined life, without mobile phones or dating, and extensive physical training. Haewon and other members have brought this sense of commitment to the stage, and this shows in their vocals and the way they move.

NMIXX Haewon Workout Routine

NMIXX Haewon Workout Routine

NMIXX Haewon Workout Routine includes: 

Gym Sessions

The day for NMIXX members starts with a challenging gym session early morning. This session usually requires every member of the band and Haewon too starts her day with an intense gym training session. This includes a mix of cardio, weight training, and mobility training. Gym Training sessions for Haewon are usually focused on building lean muscles and stamina, as opposed to bulking up. Squats, Front Squats, Pull-ups, Bench presses, Lateral raises, and Bicep curls are some staple exercises that Haewon performs in these sessions. 


Weight Training

Weight Training for women is one of the best ways to maintain long-term health, including bone health. Some women are not quite comfortable with the fear of bulking up. But several researches suggest that it’s not true. Bulking up requires high levels of testosterone, which is not present in women, so only lean muscles are formed, like Haewon. So, if you want to get a toned and strong body like Haewon, sufficient weight training is the way to go about it.



Dancing is one of the most fundamental parts of training for KPOP celebs. And with the growing popularity of KPop, it’s quickly taking over as an effective workout. A typical training day can include up to 4 hours of dance training per day, which only increases later on. This seems to be the secret behind those perfect dance moves of Haewon on stage. Haewon also goes through dance practice sessions, which are usually solo, besides the training routines. 

Dancing is one of the most joyful ways to maintain good health. It lightens up your mood, releases stress, and builds stronger bones and muscles. Dancing is also a great cardiovascular exercise and it doesn’t require any equipment. So, Dancing is a major part of the NMIXX Haewon workout routine, and if you also intend to get fitter, like Haewon, you can dance your way to that fitter version of yourself.



Cardio workout sessions for NMIXX Haewon include lots of Running, Rope Skipping or simply walking. She also seems to like an elliptical training session in the gym. Cardio training is important to get to complete fitness. It improves blood circulation, and cardiovascular health and is one of the most effective antidepressants. Cardio workout sessions put you in a good mood instantly and they also burn a lot of calories.

Besides being one of the most effective ways to lose weight, cardiovascular exercises like running also promote muscle growth. Haewon incorporates vocal training into these cardio sessions, to prevent her voice from shaking on stage while performing a difficult dance move. So, getting enough cardio workouts is also a priority for NMIXX Haewon.

That’s all for the NMIXX Haewon Workout Routine.

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NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan 

As far as Diet is concerned, it’s regulated with the help of the entertainment industry as well. Haewon seems to have a sweet tooth and loves candies and pastries. Haewon also likes to keep herself well-regulated by having food in small portions several times a day to maintain glucose levels and prevent bloating or heavy feelings. 

Some of her favorite dishes include Korean staples like Red bean Bungeoppang and spicy naengmyeon. A nice cup of Americano too is her favourite. 

NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan 

NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan

NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan includes: 


  • Oats 
  • Boiled Eggs 
  • Fruit Bowl 


  • Brown Rice
  • Kimbap 
  • Sushi 
  • Chicken 


  • Protein Bar 
  • Nuts 


  • Soup 
  • Noodles with vegetables 
  • Some dessert 


Is NMIXX Haewon Vegan?

No, HaeWon is not Vegan.

That’s all for the NMIXX Haewon Diet Plan.

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