Okinawa Diet Plan: Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Longevity

By | February 28, 2021
Okinawa Diet Plan: Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Longevity

Okinawa Diet Plan: Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Longevity: Okinawa is a beautiful Island and one of Japan’s largest islands; it’s also known for being Japan’s Hawaii. The people who live there are very healthy in general, do you know that they are also the ones who get known for being the longest living humans.

The people that live 100 years or over that come mostly from that region. Now all of that is possible because of the diet that they have. Food is the key to a long and healthy life. So if you also want to know about the Okinawa diet plan, then keep reading.

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Okinawa Diet Plan: Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Longevity

Okinawa Diet Plan: Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Longevity

Okinawa Diet

As I said, their diet is undoubtedly the best diet you could ask for if you want to stay healthy and eat lots of food. The diet follows a straightforward way of eating in which they don’t eat most meat products, animal products, processed foods, sugar, etc. In short, most unhealthy foods are not allowed at all; the diet has various Soya products like Tofu, natto, miso soup, etc.

However, the diet has evolved now in modern days; the traditional diet was like this:

  • Around 86 percent of carbs
  • 6 to 8 percent of protein
  • 4 to 6 percent of fats

Now the modern diet has decreased carbs intake and increased protein and fats. So the new diet would be something like this:

  • 58 percent of carbs
  • 15 percent of protein
  • 28 percent of fats

Also, just like Indians, their food includes herbal spices that have incredible health benefits. One of the most common herbs that Okinawa shares with Indians is Turmeric. However, to keep it all balanced, there is a lot more in their diet. It is about the overall balance between healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

They spend a lot of time indulging in various activities that help them stay healthy and let the diet show its results. That’s why people in Okinawa are so slim and muscular because of this combination of physical work and conscious eating habits. 

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Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Okinawa Diet Plan for Weight Loss

What types of foods can you and can’t eat in the Okinawa Diet?

Undoubtedly, the foods you can undoubtedly eat are veggies and soya products; then there is rice, noodles, wheat, etc. That works as a staple food, and the meat is mostly the fish and white meat, and then lastly, they can also have tea, alcohol, broth, etc. They eat a very balanced food in low quantity, but more varieties are there on the table. It’s filled with a side dish, main dish, staple food, soup, etc.

The food you should not eat in the Okinawa diet is your meat products like steak, pork, bacon, sausage, hot dog, etc. Then a traditional diet also doesn’t include having eggs and dairy products. The diet also excludes oils, processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and foods, etc. Even some seeds, nuts, and fruits get banned from the traditional diet.


Okinawa Diet for Weight Loss

Okinawa diet also gets known for being good for weight loss. You can see as they have meager calories and very healthy foods in the diet. So there is no doubt that if you follow their diet and indulge in your daily activity with time, you will see the results.

As the diet removes all the processed and most animal products, it helps your body get more healthy and looks better. So yeah, in brief, it will surely help you lose weight if you follow it correctly and keep yourself active.

Okinawa Diet Plan for Longevity

Okinawa Diet Plan for Longevity

Okinawa diet for Longevity

Okinawa diet does help you stay young for a more extended period and also keep your body healthier for a more extended period. That itself helps you live a longer life. However, there is no proven research done on this fact; people often say it’s because of the genes and the atmosphere they share.

That’s all for the Okinawa Diet Plan.

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