Oscar Isaac Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Training for star wars the rise of skywalker

By | July 17, 2022
Oscar Isaac Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Oscar Isaac Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Oscar Isaac Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Training for star wars the rise of skywalker: Oscar Isaac was born on March 9, 1979, in  Guatemala City and he is an American Actor who played lead roles in many superhit Hollywood films.

Oscar Isaac appeared in films in 1996 crime drama Littown and later in 2002 he appeared in a  short role in All About Benjamins. Initially, he did some of the crime drama type movies and basically series. He was awarded the best  supporting actor for his role in Babilo 

He played a lead role in the crime drama – A  Most Violent Year in 2014 and the science fiction film -Ex Machina in 2014. He also received a golden globe award nomination for the lead role in A Most Violent Year which is a big thing for even many superstars. If we talk about modern-day era then three fans favorite franchise which comes into our mind is Marvel, DC, and Star-wars 

Oscar Isaac has done work with the two most popular franchises of 2019. Yes! Oscar Isaac has done work with the Marvel  – played the role in an X-men Apocalypse and in star war played the role of x- wing pilot Poe Dameron. Issac has been the best dang actor of this century by Vanity Fair.

Here In this article, we focused on Oscar Isaac workout routine, Oscar Isaac diet plan, Oscar Isaac fitness star wars the rise of skywalker, Oscar Isaac exercise star wars the rise of skywalker, Oscar Isaac gym routine, Oscar Isaac height, Oscar Isaac age and, Oscar Isaac body stats.

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Oscar Isaac Body Measurements

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac

Age 40years 
Height 5 feet  8 inches (173cm approx..)
Weight 159 pounds( 72  kg approx..)
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Chest 38 inches (110 cm )
Biceps Size 15  inches (30 cm )
Waist size 30 inches (45  cm )
Net Worth $10 million

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Oscar Isaac Workout Routine and Oscar Isaac Diet Plan

Oscar Isaac Exercise Routine

Oscar Isaac Workout Routine

Oscar Isaac on Workout Routine and  diet plan | Fitness Training for star wars the rise of skywalker

  • On his workout routine for Star War, he said that he worked with the trainer named Josh Holland and also mentions that he actually met him at the time of the shooting of the film Madonna which is directed by the WE.
  • Oscar Mentions that they try to touch the regime of cardio, weight training with some sort of boxing and martial arts to make a balance in your body.
  • Oscar Isaac also added that he basically more focus on a diet plan and there were some simple rules that he follows during those days.
  • Everyone in the star wars cast was ordered to eat fresh and clean food with green veggies at a  meal.
  • In Oscar Isaac diet plan, He also said that he tries to eat more calories than he intakes on normal days.
  • Oscar Isaac added that it was important for me to look a stocky and rude person who is full of aggression and is always ready for the fight that‘s why we mainly focus on my boxing and martial techniques to actually prevent any injury on the set and I love to do practice with the punching bag. This is all about Oscar Isaac workout routine and Oscar Isaac diet plan.
Oscar Isaac Meal Plan

Oscar Isaac Diet Plan

Oscar Isaac Workout on Normal Days:-

On normal days Issac mainly workout with 3 days freehand bodybuilding workout and rest 3 days in the gym.

His favorite exercises are :

  • Air -Squats: 4×10
  • Abs Crunches:3×12
  • Leg Lifts: 3×10
  • Push-ups:4×10

Other Exercises-

  • Side bends:

 Get that perfect love handles with the side bend. Stand together with your feet apart, and knees slightly bent. Place one hand on your hip and therefore the other straight downward. Bend at one side, allowing the hand to succeed in toward the side of your leg (do not move the hips). Do about 20 reps and switch hands.

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Oscar Isaac Instagram Photo

Oscar Isaac Instagram Photo


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