Park Shin-hye Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | May 3, 2021

Park Shin-hye Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Park Shin-hye is an actress and singer known for her movies and Tv shows like The Heirs, Pinocchio, Doctors; He is Beautiful, Heartstrings, My Cute Guys, Stairway to Heaven, Call, #Alive, etc.

Park Shin-hye is one of the best actresses; I was her fan when I first saw the Heirs series. It was just so good, but did you know she was not always slim like we see her now? So if you also want to know the Park Shin-hye workout and the Park Shin-hye diet plan, keep reading.

Park Shin-hye Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Park Shin-hye Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Park Shin-hye Body Stats

Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 50 kg
Age 31 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

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Park Shin-hye Workout Routine

Shin-hye is one of the most beautiful actresses for sure globally; call me bias if you want, haha. I love how Park Shin-hye carries herself in the Korean industry. She does also maintain a beautiful body shape over all these years by keeping herself fit and active. So how does Shin-hye keep herself in that shape?

There are two phases of her workout routine first phase is the old phase, where the diet and workout were different. Like this article form, Koreaboo explains her old phase. That Park Shin-hye used to stay active throughout the day and go for hikes and do sports a lot. That was her thing, and it was working well for her. However, it’s not something that she does now.

The second phase is more like a celebrity workout that you would expect from Korean actresses. It’s not surprising that she changed the way she was training. As Shin-hye has crossed her 30’s and when you do that, your metabolism is not that good, and there are other problems. So Park Shin-hye had to take a step forward. I found out that she has been into dancing and Pilates now. Also, I saw a post where she was in the gym, but I don’t think she does that regularly.¬†

Looking at her Instagram photos, I found Park Shin-hye going Pilates and posting it frequently like this post. Then there is the dance routine also that she started; Shin-hye posted a video around six weeks ago that shows her choreography with her trainer. So these are two workouts that you will mostly see the Korean singers do to keep them in shape.

So now as we know what the things that are Park Shin-hye do to stay fit, let’s turn it into a routine that even you can follow along. We will do two hours of workout a day for six days a week, and it will be not too intense but not too easy either. The one rest day will be an active rest day where you can indulge in different activities.

Park Shin-hye workout includes:

Park Shin-hye Workout Routine

Park Shin-hye Workout Routine


In the morning, we will do an hour of Pilates training, for which you might want to join a Pilates gym, as it will be hard to get fit through floor Pilates exercises. You will need the Pilates machine and that you can get in the Pilates gym. It will help your body get lean and slender while keeping your waistline slim and giving you a well-shaped booty. It’s an excellent workout for people that wants a good booty.


Evening Routine

In the evening routine, you will be doing an hour of dance practice; again, it will be for an hour. It will help you get that flexibility, and you will burn many calories in that hour. It’s one of the best workouts that work for every K-pop singer, so for you also, it can work and give you toned abs. It will also help your muscles to get stronger.

That’s all for the Park Shin-hye workout routine.

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Park Shin-hye Diet Plan

Now the article of Koreaboo tells us the diet where she would eat a cucumber and milk in the breakfast, rice and cabbage in lunch, and dinner is cucumber and two cabbage leaves. It’s not good to eat food like that, primarily since you work out that much.

However, I think she eats more now, as I have seen lots of food pics and posts on her Instagram. So, with her new diet still being unknown, I will give you a diet plan that will help you get a body like Shin-hye, and it will be good for you.

Park Shin-hye diet includes:

Park Shin-hye Diet Plan

Park Shin-hye Diet Plan


  • Avocado toast
  • Eggs
  • Juice



  • Chicken
  • A small bowl of rice
  • Veggies



  • Fish or chicken
  • Veggies
  • Soup

That’s all for the Park Shin-hye diet plan.

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